Fatal collision: van strikes wind turbine’s galvanized hydro pole on Kerwood Rd.

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The provincial government, Middlesex County and the wind developers NextEra and Suncor knew the likelihood of a tragic accident would increase because of this massive infrastructure placed too close to the roads. This is the second fatality from these new poles the wind developers installed in Middlesex County. That would be severe and irreversible harm.  We give our sincere condolences to the family for their loss.

Strathroy Today
Fatal collision Tuesday. Just before noon Tuesday, OPP, North Middlesex Fire Services, and the Middlesex-London Emergency Medical Services (EMS), responded to a fatal single motor vehicle crash on Kerwood Road, north of Elm Tree Drive. A van was travelling north on Kerwood Road when it left the road, struck a galvanized hydro pole on the east side of the road, and caught on fire. The driver was transported by ambulance to hospital with life threatening injuries. The passenger in the vehicle died at the scene. The identity of the deceased is being with-held pending notification of next-of-kin. As a result, Kerwood Road between Elm Tree Drive and Bornish Drive is closed. An update will be released when more information is available.

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16 thoughts on “Fatal collision: van strikes wind turbine’s galvanized hydro pole on Kerwood Rd.

  1. If those were big old trees, they would have been cut down long ago. The least they could do would be to install guard rails.

      • Have any public media photos of the accident scene been provided to the public or maybe no photos were taken by the public media?

  2. It was only a matter of time , we feel sorry for the family of this young man , and i will bet not a single thing will be done about these killers. Nextera could care less.

  3. These two fatal crashes are probably only the beginning of these kinds of tragic accidents.

    My condolences to the families of these victims!

    And brought to rural Ontario by those who don’t know the difference between right and wrong or don’t care.

    • Yes, this tragedy underlines the need for people to demand that the decisions being made with this industrial wind turbines development be declared downright dangerous. The photos make it obvious that very bad siting decisions were made. Now I see why you urge people to send photos, Barbara.

      • Don’t know what the speed limit is on this road but it shouldn’t be more than 50 km/hr ?

    • There is plenty of online information on “breakaway” utility poles and road-side signs.

      Sources include: Canada. U.S. and Australia.

    • Wow…two years later and nothing has been done by your local government to prevent another accident. Is this not ‘neglect of duty to protect’?

    • Use an internet search on:

      “guardrail utility pole safety issues”

      Plenty of online information.

      Also: ” utility pole distance from the road and safety issues”

  4. just like always with these money hungry idiots nobody else maters as long as they get their money , bs

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