Dear NextEra, Destroy the eagle nest, just do it by Sunday. ~ Love, Ministry of Natural Resources

I’m still going through the NextEra eagle nest destruction FOI documents and will post them all as soon as I can. But so far I’d say this e-mail from the MNR to NextEra, on New Years Day (when we know everyone is at work, right?), delivering the permit to destroy the nest, says it all.

Oh, and how long do you think it took them to get this permit? Well, NextEra submitted a request on December 28th (Saturday afternoon…), and four days later they had it in their hot little hands. Now that’s service!!

15 thoughts on “Dear NextEra, Destroy the eagle nest, just do it by Sunday. ~ Love, Ministry of Natural Resources

  1. Thank you Esther. I hope this goes far and wide and wakes up more people to this absolute travesty. This Ministry and all others under this Liberal government should be absolutely embarrassed to be pulling a pay check.

  2. In the name of UN scam warming they are building bird and bat killing machines They are supposed to be Natural resources and looking after them instead of destroying them.five years from now they will be trying to revive these species that they have near brought to extinction Bats kill millions of mosquitoes and birds pollinate everything that lives (NATURAL RESOURCES in case you clowns forgot) so you are in fact endangering out food supply Hope dumb can you get. Dumber yet working fro our globalist Trudeau who wants this destruction to happen

    • The response from Catherine MacKenna needs to be seriously challenged by the children of Ontario.

  3. It’s pretty clear now the MNR had their spines surgically removed in preparation for the GEA. I wonder, was this because of a fallacious belief it was actually going to help the environment (could they have been that reality challenged?) or was it “if you value your job you will smile and make this happen ASAP” ?

  4. People who are paid to follow orders, even if those orders could do harm, have forfeited their birth right and freedom to act out of moral conscience.

  5. We should all be calling Joad Durst 905-562-1175 and let him know what we think of him!!!!!

  6. By the way, what is the status of the Huron County health investigation? They had a meeting on Dec 9th. They were supposed to begin a “survey” of some sort in the new year. Has anyone heard anything???

    • The H-C health inquiry should be open and transparent except when it involves private patient information/records.

  7. I just sent an Email to Erica Clark on Monday. She replied that they are working on something (a survey of some sort?) and it will be submitted to University of Waterloo for Ethics approval on March 2.
    Please note that calls for the Health investigation began with written complaints presented at a Health Board meeting in March, 2015.
    How much longer must we wait for a resolution to this problem?

    • That’s a great question, and thank you for asking it.
      Maybe ask UW’s Ethics department.
      And let us know if they are responsive,
      please & thank you.

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