The Green Job “Joke” in Ontario

“Green Jobs” have always been a bit of a joke. Although not a very funny one.

Back in 2010 McGuinty signed a deal with South Korean company Samsung, and promised Ontarians that all kinds of employment would flow from it.

The Liberal government ended months of speculation in September when it confirmed it was in talks with Samsung about a project that could create about 15,000 jobs.

Ontario’s manufacturing sector has shed hundreds of thousands of jobs in the recession. The deal with Samsung would likely be the linchpin in McGuinty’s push for renewable sources of energy and his plan to create 50,000 jobs. CBC, 2010

The numbers were highly inflated in that press release. Even Samsung’s website could only cough up minuscule (although inconsistent) numbers.

Thanks to Samsung’s Green Energy Investment Agreement with the Government of Ontario, we are creating 9,000 jobs, kick-starting a new industry in Ontario and generate 1,369 megawatts of clean energy. Samsung Renewable Energy

Samsung and Pattern Energy’s wind power projects in Ontario are creating more than 1,000 jobs Samsung Renewable Energy, 2014

Our investments will create 900 direct renewable energy manufacturing jobs and 9,000 high-skilled jobs in Ontario. Samsung Renewable Energy, 2014

Down down down the number fell! We went from a promised 15,000 Samsung jobs in 2010, to a possible 900 in 2014? So what is the real number? I suppose nobody is really counting anymore. The fact is the province blatantly lied to the people of Ontario just so this juicy deal could be pushed through without much fuss. One would think the opposition parities would do as much as they could to investigate WHY this deal had to be made…The jobs weren’t all that great either. CS Wind for instance:

The Korean company, which manufactures the towers used in wind turbines, is a partner in a consortium led by Samsung that promised to open factories to employ Canadians building wind turbines and solar panels. In exchange, the province agreed to buy nearly $10 billion worth of renewable energy from producers at above market-rates (later reduced to $6 billion after complaints it would drive up energy bills). CS Wind said it planned to hire as many as 500 local workers, many of them out-of-work welders, and build towers out of steel from Sault Ste. Marie. Macleans, 2014 

Instead they ended up hiring two dozen workers, not from Ontario, or Canada, but Vietnam.

An Ontario Labour Relations Board ruling released last month to determine which of CS Wind’s employees could form a prospective bargaining unit—as part of a union drive by the Iron Workers—noted the company had employed more than 30 workers from Vietnam in jobs that ranged from welding to assembly to quality control. Many worked more than 60 hours a week, compared to an average of 46 hours a week for Canadian counterparts. Three employees told the board they were being paid the equivalent of between $960- $1,600 a month in Vietnamese currency, while the company also gave them a retention bonus and covered their Canadian living expenses. The employees, who had come from the company’s Vietnamese factory, originally expected to stay between six months to a year to train Canadian workers. But the company extended their work permits because of “production and quality control issues” at the plant. Many have now been there more than two yearsMacleans, 2014

Yep, it was cheap labour.

Initially, says McNevin, the workers were paid roughly five times their Vietnamese salary, which ranged from $140-$421 a month, because they were expected to stay for only a few months. Macleans, 2014

They even claimed that they couldn’t train Canadians for the job.

Ultimately, McNevin says CS Wind hopes to transition to an entirely Canadian workforce, but the training process can take years. “This is not an employer attempting to avoid hiring local workers,” he says. “The bottom line is a lack of skilled workers in Canada and the need to improve apprenticeship programs.” Ray, of the Iron Workers, argues that two years is plenty of time to train a group of welders on how to learn a new type of welding. “We build cars, we build robots. We’re used to building stuff in this country, he says. “You can’t tell me that you can’t have your workforce trained in two years.” Macleans, 2014

Worse yet is how they treat the Vietnamese workers. This story deserves to be read and fumed about in it’s entirety:

Windsor Star, Anne Jarvis
A pregnant CS Wind employee who was told she would be fired if she worked less than 17 hours a day and was called a “stupid Vietnamese woman” was awarded almost $60,000 by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

CS Wind, which received $10 million in incentives from the city and whose parent Samsung has a contract with the province giving it more than $100 million in incentives, violated multiple sections of Ontario’s Human Rights Code, the tribunal ruled.

The company’s treatment of employee Tin Trinh was “vexatious, offensive and humiliating,” states the decision last month signed by tribunal vice-chairman Laurie Letheren. It was “so intolerable that it formed a poisoned environment … It had become a condition of her employment that she must endure discriminatory conduct and comments … she had no option but to resign to escape this environment.”

The company was also ordered to review its human rights policy, distribute copies of it to employees and provide training on employees’ rights.

“Naturally, we don’t agree with the decision,” said CS Wind human resources manager Donna Kinsman.  Read full article

She worked too long shifts, from 3 AM to 8PM. When she became pregnant her doctor said she would have to cut her time in half (you know, to normal hours). But she was told by the company she’d lose her job if she did that, so she continued to work 17 hours shifts – while pregnant!

Is this the kind of ‘job’ Ontarians wanted to see created, for “the good of the earth”?

She testified Kim asked her what the company could do to keep her. She said she was interested in a different, weekend job. That requires driving a forklift, she testified, he said.

You’re “too pretty to drive a forklift,” he said.

Kim told the hearing it was a funny comment. Actually, he said, she isn’t pretty.

I guess we can take heart in knowing these wind plants will shut down eventually, of course. All good scams must come to an end.

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    • UN/United Nations

      Archived press release: 20 October 2003


      ‘UNEP Launches New Initiative to Shift Investment to Sustainable Energy’

      This was a major United Nations/UNEP step towards financing renewable energy projects.

      This UN/UNEP involvement should be known all over North America.

      This involves shifting investments/money to renewable energy projects.

      • Everyone needs to do some research on Maurice Strong and the origins of UNEP and then ask themselves why PM Justin Trudeau spoke so highly of him?
        Essentially, Maurice Strong, activated unelected, non governmental organizations and operatives to infiltrate our governments and control our collective future using manipulated climate data, published by the IPCC and then repeated by the media(CBC) ad nauseam, in order to create intense fear, especially among young impressionable citizens. This is how Canadians were rendered so submissive.

      • And now there are UNEP FI Roadmaps for the future.

        U.S., Oct. 2016 launch

        ‘Fiduciary Duty In The 21st Century: Launch Of Canada Roadmap’, January 2017

        “The PRI, UNEP FI and the Generation Foundation have launched the Canada Roadmap for Fiduciary Duty.”

        Download the Canada map at:

        Ontario is involved in this project.

        Follow the link in this article for other country UNEP FI “roadmaps”.

        This should also be known all over North America.

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  2. And the Siemens Plant in Tillsonburg has shut down. All those jobs lost. How much of our money did the fiberals give away to them in grants and subsidies?????
    Hard to feel sorry for those people who lost their jobs when they were making “torture devices” for anyone that has to live near Siemen’s turbines.

    • Has anyone ever considered the Federal Statute that has been broken in Canada regarding the purchase and permission to install faulty manufactured equipment? In what other industry in this country would it be legal to use equipment that emits noise, low frequency noise modulations and infrasound radiation that harms people who are working or living in close proximity?

      • According to a lawyer who kindly did the research on Federal Statutes, the laws being contravened are:
        The Radiation Emitting Devices Act [REDA] is the federal law under which Health Canada’s approximately $2.2m research was conducted. The REDA specifically states that radiation is a form of acoustical waves.

        The REDA states:

        6. (1) Where a person who is the manufacturer or importer of a radiation emitting device becomes aware, after the device has left the person’s premises, of the fact that the device

        (a) does not comply with the standards, if any, prescribed under paragraph 13(1)(b) and applicable thereto, or

        (b) creates a risk to any person of genetic or personal injury, impairment of health or death from radiation by reason of the fact that it (i) does not perform according to the performance characteristics claimed for it, (ii) does not accomplish its claimed purpose, or (iii) emits radiation that is not necessary in order for it to accomplish its claimed purpose, the person shall forthwith notify the Minister. [14]

        The REDA states the device [wind turbine] must comply with the standards prescribed and that the Minister is to be notified of non-compliance or defect and may investigate. However according to Access to Information and Privacy [ATIP] requests of at least 10 wind projects, not one importer/proponent/operator or manufacturer has reported complaints to the Minister from the population as required by the REDA.

        Some reporting health complaints have been notified by the Minister of Health, Canada that there are presently no standards for wind turbines. This seems highly irregular considering the rising number of wind projects in the past 8 years and the ever increasing number of complaints.

        The Standards Council of Canada SCC the CAN/CSA-IEC 61400-11:13 Wind turbines — Part 11: Acoustic noise measurement techniques (IEC 61400-11:2012, IDT) claims:

        Through the collaborative efforts of Canadian standardization network members, standardization is helping to advance the social and economic well-being of Canada and to safeguard the health and safety of Canadians. The network’s efforts are overseen by SCC. The principal objectives of SCC are to foster and promote voluntary standardization as a means of advancing the national economy, supporting sustainable development, benefiting the health, safety and welfare of workers and the public, assisting and protecting the consumer, facilitating domestic and international trade, and furthering international cooperation in relation to standardization.

    • it was multi-billions that the liberals wasted….
      The deal
      In 2010, under a multibillion-dollar agreement with the province, Samsung announced four plants to supply the wind and solar energy market would be built in Ontario.
      — — —
      The plants:
      London: Solar modules, about 200 jobs originally expected, partnering with Canadian Solar.
      Windsor: Wind turbine towers, about 300 jobs, partnering with CS Wind.
      Tillsonburg: Wind turbine blades, about 300 jobs, partnering with Siemens.
      Toronto: Solar inverters, about 200 jobs, partnering with SMA.

    • I am surrounded by Siemens turbines. They are TONAL and torture devices for sure! Very hard to feel sorry for people making their living at the expense of other people’s health, property value and quality of life. When I look on the map, I don’t see any wind project surrounding Tillsonburg? Did they not want to trash their own backyards?

  3. Tragically Dirty Money?
    c/o Jay Wilgar & The Tragically Hip?


    1. a letter dated June 08, 2005 from Mr. James (Jay) Wilgar, AIM PowerGen Corporation, regarding “phase 2 Erie Shores wind power project”

    2. a newspaper article which appeared in the Simcoe Reformer, Wednesday, May 31, 2017, “Tragically Hip invests in medical marijuana company”


    Exhibit 1: a letter dated June 08, 2005 from Mr. James (Jay) Wilgar, AIM PowerGen Corporation, regarding “phase 2 Erie Shores wind power project”

    AIM PowerGen Corporation
    200 Consumers Road – Suite 604 – Toronto – Ontario – M2J 4R4

    Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    [recipients’ name and street address]
    Port Rowan, Ontario
    N0E 1M0

    Re: Wind turbine placement and restricted areas

    Dear [name],

    As per our discussion of June 7th, 2005, I am including a copy of AIM PowerGen Corporation’s latest planned design for our phase 2 Erie Shores wind power project which we revamped based on your concerns. It is my understanding that you and your family were worried that the wind turbine project would have negative effects on your overall quality of life, health issues, property value issues and issues relating to wildlife.

    Although recent scientific studies as well as historical operating records of wind generating facilities worldwide do not support your concerns, I have outlined the area where we have agreed not to build any wind turbine structures or related electrical equipment for at least the next 10 years (please see attached).

    It is then understood that if AIM PowerGen Corporation wishes to infringe on the outlined area for any reasons, that you will be reasonable in at minimum, discussing this possibility with the company.

    Please again note that this project has not yet been approved nor has a contract been granted, as such no construction dates have been set for phase 2.

    I trust that this letter and accompanying map (showing the restricted area) will adequately address your concerns.

    [signed in ink]
    James (Jay) Wilgar
    Vice-President, Field Operations
    AIM PowerGen Corporation

    cc: Ogilvy Renault LLP
    Mike Crawley, President/CEO

    • Exhibit 2: a newspaper article which appeared in the Simcoe Reformer, Wednesday, May 31, 2017

      “Tragically Hip invests in medical marijuana company”
      Vincent Ball | Brantford Expositor and Canadian Press

      ‘[excerpt] The Tragically Hip have become partners with a Brantford-based medical marijuana firm.

      Newstrike, which will begin trading on the TSX Venture Exchange on Thursday under the symbol HIP, said Tuesday that it “believes we are developing the brand that adult consumers who choose to use cannabis will turn to.”

      While fans were quick to dream up names for possible Hip-related marijuana products — some social media users suggested “Tragically Hemp” or “Chronically Hip,” or plays on song titles like “Budcaygeon” or “Weed Kings” — company CEO Jay Wilgar said that’s not the plan right now.

      “This partnership with the band is not a marketing partnership, this is a business partnership, the band are shareholders in the company,” Wilgar said.

      “So when we talk about creating strains and anything like that, right now we have absolutely no intention of creating strains or doing anything associated with the Tragically Hip.”

      The proposed law also prohibits “a testimonial or endorsement, however displayed or communicated” and “a depiction of a person, character or animal, whether real or fictional.”

      The band declined an interview request.

      In a release, the group said it would be “contributing creatively” to the company and called the government’s legalization plans “common-sense-policy” and “a change for the best.”

      The band said it likes Newstrike because “they’ve hired pre-eminent scientists and growers, developed large, well-structured sites and have the wherewithal and expertise to take this on.”
      Wilgar said members of the Hip are known as artists who have never wavered in their commitment to quality and integrity.

      “I am proud, humbled and honoured that they chose to partner with and invest in us,” he said.

      “As one of just 45 licensed producers of medical cannabis from Health Canada, Newstrike is uniquely positioned at a time of unprecedented opportunity.”

      Company officials began producing medical marijuana at its 14,200-square-foot facility in a Brantford industrial area earlier this year after receiving its license last December 2016.’

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