Lawyer Alan Whiteley: Ontario’s electricity Ponzi scheme

Watch to the very end.

13 thoughts on “Lawyer Alan Whiteley: Ontario’s electricity Ponzi scheme

  1. To the very end…

    “It will be expensive. And it’ll be expensive when I win my suit in Ottawa because that will make all of the IWT’s illegal, they’ll all have to come down, and somebody’s going to have to pay the bill.”
    – Alan Whiteley re: Ontario’s “Fair Hydro Plan”

  2. Thank you for your time and continued effort Mr Whitely. Fair minded people will agree with you. I wish you every success. So sick and tired of Liberal BS over their obvious sacrifice of public interest in favour of gift giving and kick back generation. Know they will use every lever and $ available to spin this issue.

  3. It is so refreshing and inspiring to see this man give us his all to begin the shake up that will in my opinion grow and I believe we will see the pendulum swing the other way whereby the greed of a defunct industry and ignorance , greed and corruption of a defunct government will be seen for it’s nefarious nature and this saga of destruction in our province will begin to heal. We all must do our part to back this Mr. Whitely and bring to light the truth to the public. ESPECIALLY to Patrick Brown who has not been brave enough to make a stand and educate the public for the sake of truth alone. How hideous is it that the only party that can save Ontario does not attempt to learn the business savvy to break contracts that have not lived up to any of their contractual agreements!!! If a wind company sues our government for terminating a contract tell them loud and clear that the government will counter sue for Breech of contract on all fronts. Period. That will have the wind companies scurrying form Ontario like the rats that they are and this unprecedented global human folly will eventually fade into an embarrassing stain on our history that can be used to educate and to prevent future governments from collusion with an ideology without any true cost /benefit analysis . Governments purpose is to govern not pretend that they are experienced business people. Our job as citizens is to resist occupation by an enemy that would harm or exploit us. Our duty for future generations is to stand tall against tyranny and the dictatorship that was allowed to flourish under our watch. The whole mess renews the need for the message ” Lest we forget.”

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