WPD Canada turns off wind turbine project

Congrats to all who fought and WON!

Bayshore Broadcasting, Kevin Bernard
A BIG WIN for opponents of Giant wind turbines in Ontario.

The appeal period has run out, and WPD Canada has decided it will NOT proceed with the Fairview Wind Project in Clearview township.

Last month, approval for the wind turbines was revoked, but the company had until September 16th to file an appeal.

The Environmental Review Tribunal revoked the previous Renewable Energy Approval, saying WPD Canada’s plans for 8 turbines just outside Stayner would pose serious harm to human health with the turbines in the flight path of two nearby airports.

When the ERT ruling came down in mid-August, Opponent Betty Schneider didn’t believe the company would go quietly into the night, so she wasn’t celebrating at that point.

Now, Schneider says she would like to fill up her old swimming pool with champagne and celebrate.

Schneider says she is numb, that the battle is finally over.

WPD Canada has been working on the plan for wind turbines in Clearview for roughly a decade.

Manager of Communications for WPD Canada, Kevin Surette tells Bayshore Broadcasting news in an email September 18th that the Board of Directors has decided not to proceed with the Fairview Project.

He declined to make any further comments.

9 thoughts on “WPD Canada turns off wind turbine project

  1. Hard to understand how this project was ever even thought to be in the range of common sense so close to two airports. Absolutely ridiculous. These wind turbine projects are never “Green” in my view. They blight on our landscape and a danger to living things nearby.

  2. Numb. The battle is finally over! and BULLY for all of you. The ##$&#$$*&* want to run over everybody and anything at any cost. It feels so good to see them get run over and left behind.

  3. As a dedicated opponent to IWT’s I congratulate you for your perseverance and your win.

  4. This is awesome news we need it. It is also unattractive to tourists and wrecking tourism in Southern Ontario

  5. Yes, stopping projects before they begin takes enormous effort and is extremely expensive to people who are simply trying to protect their community. These legal costs for people who are acting responsibly are absolutely unfair.
    We’ve all seen how difficult it is to seek protection from harm once turbines are turned on. The people in rural Ontario being harmed need the support of people who can exercise their birthright to act upon their free will to do what is morally right.

  6. Still waiting for Huron County Health Unit…

    An investigation into health impacts of wind turbines was initiated in March 2016. (Ontario’s HPPA, Health Protection and Promotion Act).

    Since then we have had one delay after another, and still no remedy for those living under turbines.

    As of Sept 19, 2017, Erica Clark informed me they have heard back from University of Waterloo ethics requesting “some final wording changes in the study materials”. Meanwhile I have been told that all communications of the ethics board, including the names an positions of the applicants, is confidential.

    I am asking for transparency, and for immediate action on this urgent health issue.

    For further details, including correspondence and my own research on Infra sound and wind turbines, please see my web page below.

    Richard Mann
    Associate Professor, Computer Science
    University of Waterloo

  7. Superhuman tenacity of rural Ontario and heroic allies like Richard Mann, impressive to everyone but the ideologues of “green”energy.

    Looking forward to the National Citizens Coalition next billboard intervention in Ontario ; they will “be unveiling Premier Wynne’s “Legacy of Shame” this December, to mark the six months remaining until provincial election day, and her final curtain call!

    “Legacy of Shame” will be making its debut in premier locations in Ontario, with plenty of surprises to follow! The more funds we raise the more billboards we can put up across the province.unveiling Premier Wynne’s “Legacy of Shame” billboard this December, to mark the six months remaining until provincial election day, and her final curtain call!…”

    Hopefully there will also be catcalls from the Justice system re the constitutionality of the GEA.


    is one of the advisories available for circulation, and may appeal to the lawyers and judges among us.

    The governments of Ontario and Canada are creating Liabilities that burden future generations. They are approving wind turbine projects that “will cause serious harm to human health”. And their aggressive denial of the Injuries caused to human beings including children that live (and die) proximate to these industrial wind energy facilities is hard to comprehend.

    The ongoing breaches of Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act duties to “Investigate” are appalling. Indentifiable individuals are intentionally breaking the law. And by the way our elected representative parliamentarians should be ashamed of this.

    The investments made by past generations in our civil structures like the Health Protection and Promotion Act, and the Radiation Emitting Devices Act, seem like a waste when dishonoured by public servants who are indifferent about whether the laws are followed or not.

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