Ontario Gothic

Wellington Times, Rick Conroy
Mary Shelley is said to have conceived the story of Frankenstein, a manmade monster let loose upon the countryside, while under the influence of opium in the cold summer of 1816. The gothic horror story, it turns out, was the work of a dark imagination fuelled by opioids.

It begs the question: what was Kathleen Wynne and her government smoking when they let loose their own man-made monsters across rural Ontario—in the form of industrial wind developers and speculators?

Even if you buy the sentiment that their motivations were well-intentioned, the undeniable outcome of the Green Energy Act is that Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty have spawned armies of amoral monstrous corporate creatures and have let them loose to roam unfettered across the province. To wreak havoc in rural communities. To despoil the environment. To slaughter endangered species. To make folks sick.

Worse, our government has paved the way, clearing hurdles and slashing regulations to enable these creatures to prey upon vulnerable communities, natural habitats and endangered species. Now they have lost control of their grotesque creations. Even Kathleen Wynne must know how this story ends.

Near Chatham, folks believe the wind developer working nearby has poisoned their wells—allowing toxins into their drinking supply. They have done the testing. They have spoken out. They have protested. Marched on Queen’s Park. Kathleen Wynne has ignored them.

Wynne, her government and her supporters comfort themselves believing the scourge they have unleashed—though ugly and abusive— is a necessary evil. That the greater good is being served. They ignore the folks holding up jars of black liquid, pleading with the province to test their water, drawn from wells that have become undrinkable since the wind developer began driving piles into the bedrock to secure its massive wind turbines. Even Chatham- Kent’s mayor has demanded Kathleen Wynne intervene to protect these residents. It has made no difference.

Left without the protection of the province—without the safeguards that would protect them from any other development— these folks took matters into their own hands. In August, they began blockading the construction site— neighbours joining together to form a line against the threat to their drinking water.

On Monday, in a cruel blow, the developers— a Korean conglomerate and its American partner—won a court injunction barring any further blockades of the project. The judge said he wasn’t trying to muzzle opponents, but to “prohibit unlawful acts”.

In Ontario’s perverse hunger for industrial wind turbines, it turns out Chatham-Kent residents must first prove they have been poisoned by the developer, before they may seek justice. By then, of course, the damage will have been done. Recourse will expensive and, for most, unattainable.

Four years ago, the giant American wind developer Next Era sued Esther Wrightman for defamation. On her website she had altered the company’s logo to NextError and Next Terror. They wanted the logos removed or they would litigate the mother of two young children into oblivion. All these years later, the legal action is still pending. Wrightman wakes up every morning with the weight of this action still weighing on her head. Read article

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  1. All readers need to view this newly released documentary: https://www.corbettreport.com/bigoil/ which puts into historical perspective how we got to this crisis in Ontario. I asked James Corbett to look into our situation here in rural Ontario and in his usual thorough and well researched style, he has put many of the pieces of the puzzle together. You’ll see industrial scale turbines throughout both parts of the documentary and a focus on the current energy agenda by the oil oligarchs in the last half of the second video. He names names with the accuracy of a journalist/detective. James promises to continue this work. This is truly exciting! Help get it out to all who are administrators of this energy agenda and to all government agents who are ushering it in without realizing the end goal.

  2. The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada on $31.3M settlement to men tortured in Syria | CBC

    “We have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees protections for Canadians. And when governments, regardless of which stripe, do not defend those Rights, Canadians have to pay.

    I hope people take notice of this. I hope people are angered that governments violated Canadians’ fundamental rights. And I hope people remember to demand of governments, this one, and all future governments, that nobody ever has their fundamental rights violated with, either through inaction or deliberate action by Canadian governments. This is a difficult lesson for us to learn but I think it’s an important one.”

  3. Some of the victims of industrial wind energy projects in Huron County, Ontario, chose to make a “Complaint” with the local board of health or medical officer of health, under Section 11 of the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act; these are “the Complainants”.

    Each Complainant is owed, legally, (“a duty of care”?) certain obligations by the local board of health, the medical officer of health and all the officers working on the Investigation under the Act, the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act. These are separate and in addition to all of the legal Rights that each Canadian has guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    The Huron County Board of Health, the health unit, the local medical officer of health, and in particular, Ms. Erica Clark, Ph.D., have chosen to interpret their legal responsibilities (ie – those for which they are paid) in a particular way that has unfolded over the last several years. They must account for this.
    Each Complainant has a right to have an opinion about whether he or she thinks the officials in Huron County are doing a good job of their HPPA, Section 11 responsibilities or not.

    Before having an opinion, you should be informed of the facts.

    • “Wind turbine study [sic] almost ready to start in Huron County”
      Credit:  By Bob Montgomery | Blackburn News | October 27, 2017

      ‘[excerpt] The Huron County Health Unit is inviting all Huron County residents living within ten kilometres of a wind turbine to participate in their survey on the impacts of living near a wind turbine.

      Huron County Epidemiologist Doctor Erica Clark opened last night’s information meeting in Clinton by explaining the goal of the study is not to determine whether wind turbines are detrimental to health.

      Dr. Clark says what they are hoping to do is establish a relationship between environmental conditions and the difficulties some people experience with wind turbines, and what conditions increase those difficulties.

      Clark also explained that only those living within five kilometres will receive a letter explaining the survey, and it’s a simple matter of economic – they don’t have the budget to send a letter to everyone within ten kilometres of a turbine. […]

      After the meeting, Carla Stachura of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh commented, “I’m hoping they can determine when the wind turbines are causing us problems and that they could maybe park the turbines under certain atmospheric conditions, when we’re having the problems.”

      Bluewater resident Patti Keller added, “I’ve been very discouraged of course by the length of time it’s taken to get things going but I think it does provide Huron County residents with an opportunity to ensure that some of the information at least gets out to the powers that be.”’

      Dr. Clark states the goal of the study is not to determine whether wind turbines are detrimental to health. Because it has already been determined that they are!

  4. Is the HPPA Complainant bound by any contracts, such as a mortgage on a property, that are predicated on the Complainant being physically on the property, ie – to live in a house (maybe with children), to work at a business located there, to do farmwork, & c?

    The Huron County, Ontario Board of Health purports to superintend and ensure the carrying out of an Investigation per Section 11 of the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act, which determined that the erection of wind turbine projects causes a “Health Hazard” which is expected to result in some persons being severely adversely affected.


    Wind turbines may interfere in the contracts of some HPPA Complainants.


    And the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms prohibits all persons in any Canadian governments and corporations operating here from violating the Rights of any Canadian including children.

    Be open-minded.

    Huron County’s alleged interpretation of their HPPA, Section 11 responsibilities to “Investigate” could be found to violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, too.

    This would be causing liabilities for Huron County and others.

    What are the names of the Insurance Companies that cover the actions and inactions of the officers at Huron County Health Unit and their associates?

    • Questions were asked at the meeting on October 26th, specific to this subject. The meeting was recorded and that recording will be made available soon.
      Your comments and questions are very real concerns to people who have an overview.
      This overview is lacking in people who are on the ground being harmed. They are under duress. They have done everything they can think of doing to get through to this government.

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