Largest wind project in Ontario, with tallest turbines, going up beside French River Provincial Park

Henvey Inlet Wind will use 87 Vestas 3.45 MW turbines right beside The French River Provincial Park.

The Sudbury Star
An international energy company has secured $1 billion in financing to build the largest wind project in Ontario on a reserve south of Sudbury.

Pattern Development revealed plans Tuesday to construct a 300-megawatt wind project located on Henvey Inlet First Nation Reserve No. 2 on the northeast shore of the Georgian Bay.

Pattern Development and Nigig Power Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Henvey Inlet First Nation, are joint venture partners in the project.

“This landmark project is a first on many fronts: largest wind project in Ontario, largest on-reserve wind installation in Canada, highest hub heights in North America, and the first to develop a First Nation Environmental Stewardship Regime under the First Nations Lands Management Act,” Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern Development, said in a release.

“We are proud to be partners with Henvey Inlet First Nation. Together we’re excited to kick off construction on this historic project that will harness the strong and steady winds blowing across the Georgian Bay to create hundreds of local jobs and provide a significant new source of revenue for Henvey Inlet First Nation.” Read article

24 thoughts on “Largest wind project in Ontario, with tallest turbines, going up beside French River Provincial Park

  1. Well here we go. Show me the money and the hell with everything else. First Nations protectors of the land? Not anymore! No one else is building but they can. No interference by Government or Environmental/ health agencies and anti wind protestors. After all the hassles and trouble that these caused, along comes this announcement! Shame on you!

    • If the First Nations go along with this, why would you stand in their way. The biggest objections seem to come from people who get headaches and sleep problems from the subsonic waves which travel a few kilometers.
      If the residents are willing to put up with this, then that should be their choice.

  2. jman – If you are going to write off or otherwise lump together all First Nations people on the basis of what one band – or perhaps more accurately, one band council has done – that comes down to racism.
    I’m not even willing to completely blame even the band council. The wind company will have had some very persuasive people in there with stories of all the easy money and rolling their eyes if anyone even brings up noise and health problems.

    We are all, to varying degrees, complicit in allowing our corrupt governments to do all the things they do to us.

    • I think it is a small percentage of the people who are adversely effected by the subsonic waves or the flicker. Most people do not hear them or see them.
      I agree that the ones who are adversely effected must be respected but the majority of our population benefits from green energy.
      We need to find a middle ground on this issue.
      I would be willing to help people with moving costs if they have medical documentation on adverse effects from wind turbines.
      We could not build highways if one person could refuse to sell their land and stop the project. Our laws must work toward the greater public good for society as a whole.

  3. What a horrible deed, putting giant, useless, money grabbing, health destroying, mega giant industrial wind turbines in this beautiful place. This Liberal government won’t quit destroying this province until they are the hell out of our pockets.

    • Wind power costs about 10 cents per kwh versus nuclear at 8 cents per kwh. I don’t think wind is a bad energy choice. If the people in the nearby areas are not objecting to the turbines, then I don’t see why people who like us who live hundreds of miles away should object.

    • Indeed it’s a great tragedy.

      Just be thankful it’s not happening
      @ Sandringham.

  4. And shame on this band for agreeing to go along with it. You will find out very soon that what you get will not be worth any sum of money rattling around in your pocket.

    • I agree Lorrie and other bands have also joined in to feed in the cash cow troth but watch it or Bob Lewis will call us racists.

  5. This is misleading. It may be the “largest” MW wind project in Ontario but, definitely not the “largest” in the number of turbines. This Pattern project will have 87 turbines and 300 MV. The Pattern “K2 Wind” project has 140 turbines and 270 MV. What is the deal with the Ontario government and Pattern? Why would the government/ MOECC want to do business w/ Pattern after CK water contamination and acknowledged noise noncompliance in the Pattern K2 Wind project. Very suspicious.

  6. Almost the entire eastern shore of Georgian Bay, an area known as the 30,000 Islands and classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is protected by being part of provincial parks, conservation reserves and undeveloped crown land.

    However, one of the few areas under the stewardship of private citizens is the Henvey Inlet First Nation Reserve where “stewardship” is not part of the plan.
    Instead, full-on greed under the BS guise of “saving the planet” is about to scar a pristine natural treasure. It’s too bad that Henvey Inlet didn’t take their cue from the clear thinking Mattawa First Nations who told prospective wind developers to get the hell out of town.

    With all the information out there now, there’s no excuse for not knowing the myriad of problems associated with wind turbines, but as implied by Bob Lewis, the poor residents of Henvey Inlet are “victims” of silver-tongued benevolent types bearing gifts. What nonsense.

    These monuments to stupidity will be in plain view of boaters, canoeists, hikers, cottagers and tourists pretty well anywhere on the Bay north of Parry Sound, but the proponents of this ecological disaster will be spared this sight by virtue of having been blinded by avarice.

    • As a displaced resident from the Parrysound 33 fire all I can say is that karma is a bitch, burning land and displaced people. Maybe there is a pissed off spirit that the protectors of the land have enraged.

  7. Seems the Parrysound 33 fire was caused by the money grabbers that are building these monstrosities, Do I hear class action lawsuit or will the government bury it for the band. Karma is at work here, and now your land is burning and your people displaced. Protectors of the land bs. I hope this will be the end of the project after the millions and millions of dollars liability this project has or will find it has incurred. A total disgrace.

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