Broken Wind Turbine In Chatham-Kent

Photo by Paul Pedro

Blackburn News
Terraform Power crews are investigating after a wind turbine that’s part of a wind energy project just south of Chatham broke in half.

The turbine is located at the corner of Drake Rd. and 16 Line.

Blackburn News has reached out to the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change, the municipality of Chatham-Kent, and officials with Terraform Power for more details.

Chatham-Kent’s fire chief is at the scene and says it is currently disconnected from the power grid.

Workers are currently putting up safety fencing around the broken turbine and Chatham-Kent police are also stationed there. Read article

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  1. Maybe this is a blessing of more to come? Wishful thinking but I ‘am sure the windees will just dish out the money and repair. Maybe there is warranty on the structure? How common is this? Will we ever know?

  2. It seems to have happened overnight, and locals said this morning around 8 AM the area was not cordoned off, no emergency vehicles were there and the wind techs were only just arriving! That lack of response is frightening.

  3. It seems this wind turbine was being held up by David Livingston’s testimony in the gas plant scandal trial.

  4. Kinda resembles the Ontario economic future.
    I fear for my kids future and if they can afford kids theirs also.

  5. ” for a criminal investigation to take place a reasonable expection that a crime has been committed is needed. What crime do you suspect? What evidence do you have that a crime may have been committed?
    * * * * * * * * * *
    Families including children are being harmed, threatened to be harmed, forced to leave their homes, properties stolen, contracts traded internationally on what is known to be false information, collateral damages ignored, Ontario’s and Canada’s licensing authorities with help from their legal counsellors recklessly declare, they don’t care! the Ontario Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change is “asleep at the wheel”, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is being dishonoured, and “the honourable” Dalton McGuinty’s emails were allegedly successfully deleted.
    * * * * * * * * * *
    “Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health told “Fess Up or delete””
    * * * * * * * * * *
    & the difference b/w
    direct health effects; indirect health effects

  6. Please see the following link from Engineers Journal (Ireland). This is the latest research on infra sound and industrial wind turbines.

    Please note the following published at the end of the above article. Why are Engineers Ireland pointing to a decision made by a government agency in Australia?

    “The opinions expressed in this article are the authors’ own and do not represent the views of Engineers Ireland. For details of the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal Decision into the effects, if any, of ILFN on human health, please read the following document (PDF): waubra-and-acnc-decision. The section of the Australian decision that deals with Prof Alves-Pereira’s testimony is on pages 123-124.”

  7. Ages ago our friend taught us that lawyers shouldn’t mess around in tax court. Because taxes pay judges’ salaries.

    Recently in Oz an administrative tribunal was tasked with judging weather the Waubra Foundation work constitutes Charity activities. Lots of evidence was reviewed.

    For the purposes of the administrators they were satisfied that the adverse effects of living in the environs of industrial wind turbines represent plausible pathways to myriad diseases. Maybe this seems like a no-brainer to you.

    Try going back in time. For example, to the year 2009, to the Ontario Legislative Assembly Committee hearings about the green energy and the green economy Act.

    Ms. Laurel Broten acting for the Crown apologized to some Ontario victims who’d been forced to leave their homes because of the development and operation of some industrial wind turbines. Specifically Ms. Broten observed “the grief” they had been caused.

    Acknowledging that grief hardly scratched the surface …

    # wind turbines cause harm

  8. Everyone needs to see the work of Charles Ortel in exposing the Canadian government’s involvement in massive financial fraud with the Clinton Foundation. This is shocking information and it is all in the public domain.

    At 2: 28:00 Charles Ortel concludes his investigation into the Canadian tax payer dollars that have been given by our government to the fraudulent Clinton Foundation. As much as 13 billion dollars was given to the Haiti Relief Fund.
    Is it possible that this level of corruption is also behind the green financing arrangements for Ontario’s industrial scale wind?

  9. @WCO

    Sommer posts:
    February 27, 2018 at 3:05 pm
    If anyone still thinks that reporting harm to the MOECC will lead to protection from harm, think again!
    No wonder people give up. The disillusionment and frustration becomes too much to cope with. People are told that if they stop reporting to the SPILL hotline, the MOECC will assume there’s no problem, but even if they do report the harm, they’re not effectively protected from further harm.

    Wind Concerns Ontario replies:
    February 27, 2018 at 4:48 pm
    You are 100% guaranteed nothing will be done if you stop filing reports. At this point, one needs to think ahead to a day when there may be a new Minister of Environment, who will need to be informed. No reports= no problem. It is irresponsible to advise others to stop filing reports.

  10. Mayor Rick Bonnette, Halton Hills, ON Canada
    Mayor Valérie Plante, Montreal, QC Canada
    Mayor Walter Sendzik, St Catharines, ON Canada
    Mayor John Tory, Toronto, ON Canada
    Mayor Gregor Robertson, Vancouver, BC Canada

  11. Here is my latest research on infra sound.
    Title Research Report on Infra Sound
    Author Richard Mann
    We have successfully produced infrasound, as a mirror of that produced by Industrial Wind Turbines, in a chamber capable of accommodating a human test subject. This will permit others, with appropriate medical training and ethical oversight, to research the effects of infrasound on humans.
    Date February 25, 2018; public release: March 2, 2018
    Report CS-2018-01 (PDF)

  12. Charles Ortel is planning to present his findings of financial irregularities regarding the Clinton Global Initiative Climate Change funds. Yesterday, he made connections to the WHO and the UN. He is planning to present his research soon.
    Listen to him announce this at 2:02 of this very long and excellently researched presentation:
    Stay current with information.
    We might finally find out what was behind this ‘green’ agenda which was based on the IPCC deception.

  13. Regarding the Delphi Method, the document you’ve linked , Barbara, states that,
    “Therefore, during the integration segment, it would be worthwhile to highlight the importance of integrating strategic foresight thinking into the national planning and policy process as an important policy innovation that would help in the implementation of the 2030 agenda.”
    Do people realize that the Delphi technique is a means of manipulating the public who attends meetings and consultations, thinking that they are doing so because they have an opportunity to voice their concerns and protect their community?
    This manipulation is being used so that the government agents who are running the meetings, can say they “consulted with the public’ before ramming their preplanned decisions on the public, despite opposition.

  14. Barbara, you have in the past posted research about the Tides Foundation.
    Are you aware of this information?

    It would be helpful to know who in Canada has received funding from the Tides Foundation and how this funding is related to the IPCC deception and industrial scale wind turbines.
    Also, financial investigator, Charles Ortel on ‘Crowdsource the Truth’ with Jason Goodman has connected the Tides Foundation to the illegal activities of the Clinton Charitable Tax Foundation.

  15. Stay on the leading edge with your research as information comes out through alternative media sources.
    Things are happening behind the scenes that are related to industrial scale wind turbines and the IPPC deception that was used to rationalize their intrusion into rural communities.

  16. @delphi @Wind Concerns Ontario Inc.

    “WCO expresses concern over CPP purchase of Ontario wind farms”

    In the Comments section:

    April 5, 2018 at 2:30 pm, John posts:
    “NextTerror [sic] is getting out before the whole system collapses and we as citizens, and supposedly “beneficiaries”, of CPP get to “pay the price again” to clean up the mess. We’ll get to compensate, with our tax dollars, those suffering ill effects from McGuinty’s boondoggle if and when the truth ever comes out. Meanwhile, NextTerror walks away with even more of our money! “Take the money and run” is their mantra!”

    Wind Concerns Ontario replies:
    April 5, 2018 at 5:50 pm
    “NextEra has made the best business deal for themselves, taking the maximum value out of the contracts while they can, getting their debt assumed by the CPPIB, and getting paid to manage their own projects. There is no sign that anything is collapsing; … ”

    Do you agree with “Wind Concerns Ontario” that “there is no sign that anything is collapsing”?

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