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  1. It is plain and obvious that the government has no respect for the people that elect them. Very sadly we keep electing these people who care NOTHING for us.
    These elected officials are real life monsters
    – what else can you call someone so willfully blind?
    – so willfully callous and morally corrupt?
    Who are the people that elect these real life monsters?
    Who are the people willing to be associated with these real life monsters?

    • Look at all of the IWT news items that are posted everyday on the right sidebar.

      There are those who still think nothing bad will happen to them. Or think everything can be mitigated.

    • And yet we’re told that ‘political will’ is the only way out of this outrageous human rights violation.

      • Nothing can be proven until something happens to prove otherwise.


        Health issues
        In Tornado Alley
        One of the lighting capitals of the world
        IWT icing & ice throws
        Weather radar interference
        Seismic activity
        Well water problems
        And more

        And residents concerns about IWTs have been ignored.

      • Ontario ” Spider Lightning”

        Also known as “anvil crawlers”

        Google has many Ontario photos of “spider lightning”

        The bright spots in the photos are named the “spider body” and the branches are named the “legs”

        More articles and images on the internet on this type of lightning.

      • Google Images

        Ontario “Anvil Crawler” Lightning

        Anvil Crawlers are horizontal, tree like, in-cloud lightning.

        More on the internet on Anvil Crawlers.

  2. This whole situation has been an opportunity to observe the malfeasance of this government. What a shock it’s been!

    • Shock indeed.
      Some consolation is the ZERO PROJECTED seats
      Years of Liberals have left a HUGE DEBT
      If the NDP get in our kids will inherit more than just Windmills

  3. According to an article posted on the right sidebar today, a Calif. wind project has an underground cable problem that has knocked the project off line for the past two weeks.

  4. “Ex-VW CEO Winterkorn Charged by U.S. in Diesel-Cheating Case”
    Bloomberg | May 3, 2018 | Tom Schoenberg
    With assistance from Ryan Beene and Christoph Rauwald

    Volkswagen AG’s former Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn was charged in a Michigan federal court with conspiracy and wire fraud in relation to a probe into the German automaker’s efforts to cheat U.S. diesel emissions testing, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

    Winterkorn, who stepped down from his role as CEO days after the scandal was revealed, is accused of conspiring to defraud the U.S. and violate the Clean Air Act. The carmaker didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. He is the highest-ranking person to be charged in the matter.

    VW admitted in September 2015 that it outfitted about 11 million diesel cars worldwide with a defeat device, embedded software that allowed the vehicles to recognize when they were being tested in laboratory conditions, and to reduce emissions to meet acceptable levels. According to the indictment, Winterkorn was briefed on both the emissions issue and how U.S. regulators were threatening to delay certifying 2016 cars for sale, at a July meeting in Wolfsburg, Germany, where the company is based.

    The carmaker pleaded guilty in January 2017 to using false statements to import cars into the U.S. and to obstructing investigations, and paid $4.3 billion in penalties. Two other employees have pleaded guilty over their role in the affair, and five other executives have been indicted by the U.S. and remain in Germany, avoiding arrest. They include executives who led engine development as well as the failed efforts to design a diesel engine that would meet the tougher emissions standards the U.S. adopted for 2007, as well as another liaison to U.S. regulators.

  5. UPDATE: Private Prosecution of Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
    Judge allows Crown another 60 days to review evidence of the last decade……

    Do you know what 60 days of sleep deprivation will do to “the average person” including children?

    • This is a stalling tactic used to get the government through to the election without having this story hit the headlines…so obvious how these stalling tactics are being used.
      This government does not care if people are harmed for another 60 days. There’s plenty more than loss of sleep.
      People need to go to the Waubra Foundation website to get the full list of symptoms.

    • On the topic of Stall Tactics:

      Don’t be fooled.

      The Huron County Health Unit Alleged “Investigation” of Wind Turbine Complaints is NOT a real “Investigation”.

    • Sleep disturbance and sleep deprivation are dead easy to understand.

      And Sommer is right: the harm caused by acute and chronic exposure to industrial wind turbine operations include many other very serious, debilitating health impacts.

      For example, at Clear Creek in Norfolk County, Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Officer Tim Webb, Badge #125 was on-site at victims’ homes in 2010, responding to complaints of harm being caused by the recently-constructed wind turbines.

      While in the wind turbine zone, Officer Webb had admitted to sensing some of the adverse effects. Following-up, the complainant asked Officer Webb to describe his experience.

      Here is that series of correspondence dating back to October 2010. Readers are encouraged to consider that Officer Webb’s exposure was very brief, accumulating, maybe, to a few hours — he was not attempting to live [die] there as most victims were.

      Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 2:36pm
      To: Webb, Tim (ENE); McConnochie, Martin (ENE)
      Subject: Vibration

      Hi Tim,
      Could you please describe, in your words the vibrations that you sensed at our house last week at Clear Creek. I was trying to describe those vibrations to friends last weekend in my words. The noise/vibration were not present last weekend.

      Subject: RE: Vibration
      Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 16:10
      From: Tim.Webb@ Ontario .ca
      CC: Martin.McConnochie@ Ontario .ca

      I would describe it as a sensation that was neither a discernable sound nor a detectable vibration, but somewhere between the two. Definitely more felt than heard. If I concentrated very hard, I could sense something below the hearing threshold, but above what can be felt as a vibration. I have to say, though, that it takes an unusual amount of concentration to even notice it.
      Tim Webb
      Provincial Officer #125
      Hamilton District Office
      Ontario Ministry of the Environment
      Tel: (905) 521-7727
      Fax: (905) 521-7806
      Spills/After-Hours: 1-800-268-6060

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