Ontarians living too close to wind turbines experiencing cardiac instability

Sunday 28 October 2018
To: Christine Elliott, Minister of Health and Long Term Care
CC: Doug Ford, Premier, Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy

Dear Christine Elliott,

On October 7, 2018 I received an alarming letter from a citizen in rural Ontario. The title was: “Cardiac instability caused by infrasound radiation from industrial wind turbines”.
This letter was sent to Ontario government people, including yourself, with no response. I include an excerpt of the letter below with permission of the author.

I am writing to request an urgent meeting with you, Premier Ford, and Energy Minister Rickford to discuss known and documented health harm from Industrial Wind Turbines.

My background, research and correspondence on Wind Turbines is documented on my web page.

I have also posted documents, including the Oct 7th 2018 citizen letter, in the Comments section of the following articles.
Health Canada and Wind Turbines: Too little too late?
Ontario Wasted More Than $1 Billion Worth of Clean Energy in 2016

Richard Mann
University of Waterloo

Encl: Excerpt from letter of October 7, 2018

Subject: cardiac instability caused by infrasound radiation from industrial wind turbines…
To: doug.ford@pc.ola.org, rickford.Greg@pc.ola.org, colt.manson@ontario.ca, Nina.Chiarelli@ontario.ca, rod.phillips@pc.ola.org, christine.elliott@pc.ola.org
Cc: monte.mcnaughtonco@pc.ola.org, lisa.thompsonco@pc.ola.org, bill.walker@pc.ola.org


In the past two weeks, four people in Ontario have offered to provide their medical investigation records which rule out typical causative factors for traumatic cardiac instability episodes which they have been experiencing in their homes.

All four of these peoples’ homes have been surrounded by industrial wind turbines and in two of these cases, substations have been sited too close to their homes.

This situation is an emergency as well as a provable human rights violation.

It confirms the cumulative harm that Dr. Mariana Alves-Pereira has been studying for decades. She has recently presented her work in Slovenia to a group of professionals.

In this presentation and also in her most recent interview in Finland, she speaks about LFN and infrasound radiation and the damage to the nervous system as well as the heart. In the interview in Finland she states that, knowing what she knows, she would not live within 20 km of a wind turbine.

Can you imagine how rural residents in Ontario who did not consent to having their homes surrounded by wind turbines feel as their pleas for protection have not resulted in effective measures being taken by their government?

The four people who are willing to have their relevant health investigations used, to show that they are now experiencing the cumulative harm from infrasound radiation, are all people who experienced harm and tried to report it to the Liberal government agents within the MOECC and the MOH. No timely or effective protection was achieved under their leadership and now these peoples’ lives are in peril because the turbines that are too close to their homes are still running as I type this letter.

These are four people who have confided in me and are now willing to let you see their medical evidence. How many others are there in rural Ontario who are experiencing harm at various stages of the neurological and cardiac damage that Dr. Mariana Alves-Pereira says is irreversible. How many people, because of the lack of properly delivered information, still have not connected the dots between their symptoms and the turbines near their homes?

With lives of innocent people being threatened in this way and cumulative harm occurring for all who live within 20 km of turbines- harm which cannot be reversed- your government must make this horrible reality a very high priority.

The turbines that are close to or surrounding peoples’ homes need to be turned off now.

With respect and gratitude for your willingness to make tough ethical decisions on behalf of the people of Ontario¦.


111 thoughts on “Ontarians living too close to wind turbines experiencing cardiac instability

  1. Cardiac instability! So that is what I have. Good to know. Not a good thing but still good to put a name to it. Two turbines and substation really close with many turbines within two miles of farm

  2. World Health Organization -United Nations – Wind turbine noise can be bad for hearing – NZ NEWS
    Labeled a potential health hazard by researchers at the UN
    October 2018

    • Here’s a copy of one of the letters secured in archives about the Vestas V82 1.65-MW wind turbines at Falmouth:

      A Division of Lumus Construction, Inc.

      August 3, 2010

      Mr. Gerald Potamis
      Wastewater Superintendent
      Town of Falmouth Public Works
      59 Town Hall Square
      Falmouth, MA 02540

      RE: Falmouth WWTF Wind Energy Facility II “Wind II”, Falmouth, MA
      Contract No. #3297

      Dear Mr. Potamis,

      Due to sound concerns regarding the first wind turbine installed at the wastewater treatment facility, the manufacturer of the turbines, Vestas, is keen for the Town of Falmouth to understand the possible noise and other risks associated with the installation of the second wind turbine.

      The Town has previously been provided with the Octave Band Data / Sound performance for the V82 turbine. This shows that the turbine normally operates at 103.2dB but the manufacturer has also stated that it may produce up to 110dB under certain circumstances. These measurements are based on IEC standards for sound measurement which is calculated at a height of 10m above of the base of the turbine.

      We understand that a sound study is being performed to determine what, if any, impacts the second turbine will have to the nearest residences. Please be advised that should noise concerns arise with this turbine, the only option to mitigate normal operating sound from the V82 is to shut down the machine at certain wind speeds and directions. Naturally this would detrimentally affect power production.

      The manufacturer also needs confirmation that the Town of Falmouth understands they are fully responsible for the site selection of the turbine and bear all responsibilities to address any mitigation needs of the neighbours.

      Finally, the manufacturer has raised the possibility of ice throw concerns. Since Route 28 is relatively close to the turbine, precautions should be taken in weather that may cause icing.

      To date on this project we have been unable to move forward with signing the contract with Vestas. The inability to release the turbine for shipment to the project site has caused significant delays in our project schedule. In order to move forward the manufacturer requires your understanding and acknowledgement of these risks. We kindly request for this acknowledgement to be sent to us by August 4, 2010, as we have scheduled a coordination meeting with Vestas to discuss the project schedule and steps forward for completion of the project.

      Please sign in the space provided below to indicate your understanding and acknowledgement of this letter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.


      Bruce Mabbott
      Project Manager

      [blank space provided for signature of]
      Gerald Potamis
      Town of Falmouth

      CC: Sumul Shah, Lumus Construction, Inc.
      Stephen Wiehe, Weston & Sampson
      Brian Hopkins, Vestas

      • National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL), U.S., 7/20/2018

        Opinion/ Commentary article

        “State Renewable Standards And Goals”

        “Roughly half of the growth in U.S. renewable energy generation since 2000 can be attributed to state renewable energy requirements.”

        “$40 billion market” in the U.S.

        Webpage includes the renewable energy standards for each State that has these requirements and when they began. Mass. is included.

        A lucrative market for renewable energy has been created.

  3. First off, Barbara, get a life.
    Secondly, thank you Richard for writing this. I hope someone in the PC quarter hears you. They are not exactly drifting towards helping people being harmed by turbines and there are a lot of them who have been and still are. The latest duck and hide method being used by the newly elected government we had so hoped would actually help is this:
    “ After a thorough review and analysis of the acoustic audit information, the ministry has confirmed that based on the information presented, the (whatever) Wind Project is in compliance with the applicable sound level limits at your location.” Noted that the information presented was put together by the wind corporation. Also note that the person’s file was arbitrarily closed with absolutely NO resolution after their life has been decimated.

    • Re: The PC Party
      They have pointed out the many downsides of power generated by wind turbines, including cost, effectiveness, environmental concerns, etc., but no government official from any party has ever stated that IWTs contribute to ill health. Never ever. Did I say NEVER EVER.
      The first government to admit to this problem will be sued by the wind victims and will take the hit for the wrongheaded decisions of all previous governments.
      Some PCs have been very helpful over the years: Todd Smith, Lisa Thompson and Vic Fedeli, in particular.
      One that has been of no help has been Christine Elliott. When questioned about the subject some years ago, she mumbled something about all parties having to get along and left the impression that IWTs had some merit.
      I don’t believe she has changed her mind one iota.
      And Barbara, thank you for your service, but please let this comment sit for a few minutes before you carpet bomb it off the leader board.

      • A lot of information on renewable energy issues is now out in full public view. Hope it isn’t necessary to locate more information on this topic.

        A person was put-down at an ERT for using Wikipedia references. One reason why authentic original source references and documents are needed in this present situation.

  4. Ages ago David Norman, Rogue Primate of Bloomfield noticed a pattern. And then another. And another. The same names kept cropping up in various circles: environmental, corporate, political.

    Not being an expert in conflicts of interests, David consulted some friends.

    With the primitive tools he had available, David collected the data in various softwares. He re-purposed genealogical databases, inputting the actors’ names and identifying the parent as the organization for whom the person was acting. It wasn’t long before incestuous relationships revealed themselves.

    David knew he was onto something. Maybe the greatest economic and environmental fraud the world has ever seen! David kept digging …

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