Study on impact of wind turbines falls flat

CTV News, Scott Miller

After many years of suffering, residents don’t want to participate in a study that just produces ‘recommendations’. But even more worrisome to them should be when the investigating Health Unit Epidemiologist, Dr. Erica Clark, has a pretty picture of wind turbines at night hanging on her office wall. Seriously. Wanna remain impartial? You better stick a “Stop the Wind Turbines” sign up beside it.

31 thoughts on “Study on impact of wind turbines falls flat

  1. Of course it fell flat. It was designed to fall flat. What started out as an INVESTIGATION turned into this farce with WCO and University of Waterloo injecting itself into the middle of it. There is no defense for what is going on here. The lead on the study has a big picture of a wind turbine in her office. They refused to take people who just happened to live on the other side of the road in a different county into the study, even though they were under the same turbines supposedly being ‘studied’. University of Waterloo has done some questionable ‘studies’ on health and turbines as well. How the hell they ended up corroborating with WCO for this should raise some questions, in my opinion.

    • And Health Canada went to Europe to present their IWT health study protocol. Why was this done/needed?


    How long is going to take the Huron County Health Unit to realize that people in H.C. are experiencing cardiac instability from the turbines that were sited too close to their homes? They have been informed. Residents have gone to their doctors and their doctors have done the necessary tests to prove that they did not have typical causative factors. They are willing to show their relevant medical evidence to Minister Christine Elliot NOW, so that she can order that the turbines be turned off in order to protect these people and all rural residents from the cardiovascular harm caused by infrasound radiation. This cumulative harm evidence goes beyond a ‘study’. It is evidence that would stand up in court to prove that our government agents are guilty of neglecting to protect people from environmental harm.
    When acoustic waves bombard peoples’ homes and harm them even while they sleep in their beds, these peoples’ human rights have been/are being violated.
    Anyone who is in a position of power and could have prevented/could prevent this harm will be held accountable. They are legally liable.
    People who remain silent about this gross injustice are complicit.

    • Those with IWT contracts are in bad situation due to non-disclosure clauses and maybe others are just afraid?

  3. People who are in denial of the harm are interpreting this as a win for their side, as if it was some kind of a game.
    A mother of small children whose husband bought a hobby farm for half a million dollars, just before the wind turbines were erected, is now surrounded by turbines. None are on her property. Can you imagine how difficult it must be for her and her husband to reckon with the reality that infrasound could be harming them and their children in their new home, which they just started paying for a few years ago? At this stage in their mortgage, the interest and the interest on the interest is accumulating as they try to keep up with their mortgage payments and raise their family.
    Can you imagine the distress they would be facing if they stopped their fierce denial and stopped verbally attacking their neighbours who are being harmed and are well aware of the harm, and realized that even if they choose to deny the harm, it doesn’t stop the harm of trespassing acoustical waves in their home, even while they sleep in their beds.
    This situation, at a psychological level is beyond sickening.

  4. Barbara, could you please explain the relevance of the last seven links you’ve provided, to the topic of the Huron County Health Unit ‘study’?

  5. The situation we face is that we’ve been lied to about evidence of harm to humans. Those who have been honestly reporting the sudden changes in their health after the turbines were turned on are the evidence that we’ve been lied to and yet these people have been/are being abused for reporting the harm. The harm is both cumulative and irreversible. This has gone on now for 4 years…and in some communities in Ontario, much longer! Even after reporting tonal noise for four years, more than half of the turbines in the K2 Wind project have been finally deemed non-compliant and derated and still there are ignorant people who refuse to acknowledge that the obnoxious noise that was being reported was there since the turbines were first turned on!
    Listen to Dr. Mariana Alves-Pereira, an expert in LFN and infrasound, who, after 30 years of involvement with the issue of harm to health, tells the audience,on September 12th, 2019, at the University of Waterloo, about what she saw on her visit to Huron County to see for herself the ridiculously sited turbines in clusters/arrays around peoples’ homes. She met face- to- face with people being harmed.
    The video starts after a couple of minutes:

    • I’ve had it with those who put others down because it’s alleged that those people affected by this situation don’t have reliable information and reference materials.

      As long as there is money for IWTs and willing hosts, this likely will continue.

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