Must watch: Wind turbine infrasound as a weapon

“Industrial wind turbine infrasound is not the best weapon, but it is a weapon. This German video documents the harmful effects of d the infrasound produced by industrial-sized wind turbines. The dangers of infrasound have been known since the 1980s when the U.S. military heavily invested in infrasound (below 20 Hz) as a weapon. It looked like it had great promise, according to Col. John B. Alexander who was involved in weaponizing it.. The military gave up on infrasound as its effects on people were too random: some potential targets were seriously debilitated; others not so much. This video presents various studies by acoustical engineers and other scientists showing infrasound’s affect on the ear, the heart, the brain and other organs.”

And then consider this…

Canadian diplomats sue their government over mystery illness in Cuba

CNNexcerpt: “The Canadian government continues to investigate the potential causes of the unusual health symptoms experienced by some Canadian diplomatic staff and their family members posted in Havana, Cuba. To date, no cause has been identified. The statement said that after the last confirmed case of unusual health symptoms in November, a number of Canadian diplomatic staff in Cuba underwent additional medical testing.And in April, Canada pulled all nonessential staff and diplomats’ family members after testing concluded that their diplomats also suffered from mystery symptoms including dizziness, ringing in the ears and memory loss.”

Diplomats from the US experienced similar symptoms

CNN excerpt: “A number of US diplomats and their families in Cuba reported hearing bizarre noises in 2016 and 2017 and experienced a range of symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, and pain and ringing in the ears. US State Department officials initially feared they might have fallen victim to an “acoustic attack” by sonic devices that emitted a powerful beam of energy causing neurological problems. The United States said that 26 American diplomats and family members were affected.There have been a number of studies looking into the possible causes and symptoms of the noises heard by US officials. According to a study published in the medical journal JAMA in March, a majority of 21 affected patients reported problems with memory, concentration, balance, eyesight, hearing, sleeping or headaches that lasted more than three months. Three people eventually needed hearing aids for moderate to severe hearing loss, and others had ringing or pressure in their ears.

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  1. Actually, the dangers of infrasound as a weapon were know in 1957 or soon thereafter. See The other websites that carried this story, have gone off-line, either by lack of interest/funding, or by coersion. We’ll never know. One of them was much more detailed. Another site suggests the Nazi’s were working on a weapon back in the 2nd World War.

    I made light of this known phenomenon about 5 years ago through the anti-windturbine sites.

  2. Couple this with Agenda 21/30 information regarding the relocation of rural residents to ‘human settlements’ and you have a ‘forced relocation’ agenda with genocidal ideology being perpetrated by governments on rural residents.

    We need to get to the bottom and expose this now.

    The future of rural Ontario is at stake.

  3. Barbara, can you figure out how patents were granted for these industrial scale turbines?
    Hasn’t a Federal Statute been violated regarding the harmful emissions?

  4. “.. Because of Russ’s work at WWF we had unusual opportunities to observe nature up close with scientists working in diverse parts of the world.

    Katy Payne was working on elephant communication in Namibia. She was proving that elephants could communicate over at least five kilometres, not by trumpeting, but subsonically. For instance, a female elephant was giving birth alone, hiding in a group of trees and bushes. A pride of lions had found her and had surrounded the area waiting for an easy meal. Katy had a machine which recorded sounds humans cannot hear and she recorded in this case the subsonic calls sent out by the beleaguered elephant for help. The female elephant waited while elephants congregated from all directions, and they successfully drove the pride of lions away and the baby survived.

    We were lucky to spend a night with Katy on a wooden platform close to a water hole that elephants frequented at night. Caroline Getty was with us and we spent hours watching the constant activity with the help of infrared light and listening to the constant communications on Katy’s remarkable audio machine. It was an exciting entrance into an animal world of which we normally would have no knowledge.” …

      • People were begging Jane Philpott to enforce the Radiation Emitting Devices Act when she was the Federal Minister of Health. They were experiencing well known harm from infrasound radiation and reporting it to Minister Eric Hoskins. Why did he not put pressure on Minister Jane Philpott to enforce the REDA?

    • So if equipment existed to test these turbines for infrasound radiation and low frequency noise modulation and we already new that NASA had information regarding harm, who were the engineers in Ontario who approved of bringing this equipment into this province? We need to name names.
      Who granted the patents for these turbines that emit noise, low frequency noise modulations (under certain barometric conditions and wind speed changes) and infrasound radiation? We need to name names.
      Who made the decisions to place these turbines so close to peoples’ homes and in some cases in clusters surrounding homes whereby sound waves could collide and amplify the potential for harm?

      • Find the maker and the wind turbine design series number.

        The IWT designs by the same company can be different.

        Could be designed in one country and licensed for manufacture and/or use in other countries.

      • Product Code

        World Intellectual Patent Organization
        United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office

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