Former Liberal Pres. Crawley built worst ‘bat killing wind farm’ in Canada: 85 bats killed /turbine/yr

Yesterday the CD arrived with loads of Bird and Bat Mortality Reports that I had filed an FOI from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for last year, and you good people had funded. I’m slowly organizing and will … Continue reading

Dear Mike Crawley (Liberal Wind Pusher for AIM PowerGen, IPC, GDF Suez, and now Northland Power)…

From: Mike Crawley Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2016 10:18 AM Subject: Mike Crawley – Contact information As some of you may know, I joined Northland Power this past July.   Belatedly, attached and below please find my new contact information.  For those in the … Continue reading

Mike Crawley’s Conference Center in Chatham-Kent

AIM IPC/Suez project (East Lake St. Clair project)

Mike Crawley and International Power leave community in tatters

Mike Crawley, President, International Power Canada (IPR-GDF Suez) is also recently elected President of the Federal Liberal Party.   To date, this company has refused to help any of the residents who are seriously suffering in the Erie Shores complex. Letter from Resident of … Continue reading

Mike “Carpetbagger” Crawley in the running for Liberal President

Mike Crawley is currently running for Liberal Party President.  Let’s review his “contribution” to Ontario, his utter contempt toward rural families and the damage he has done to our communities.  Mike Crawley and International Power leave community in tatters Mike Crawley and Liberal Party Politics Lesson Rahim … Continue reading

Mike Crawley and Liberal Party Politics

Here are a few excerpts regarding Mr. Crawley from the Ontario Legislature:

Protesters greet Mike Crawley of International Power

By Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times Protesters greet wind turbine developer Michael Crawley who came to update Grey Highlands council Monday on projects owned by International Power Canada. The president of International Power Canada had to run a gauntlet … Continue reading

Letter from Nina Pierpont to Mike Crawley, International Power Canada Inc.

Mike Crawley, President International Power Canada Inc. 105 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 410 Markham, Ontario L3T 7W3 Canada May 7,2010 Dear Mr. Crawley, I am writing on behalf of XX, Harrow, Ontario. Mrs. X informs me that her home … Continue reading

Wind Turbines: Malfeasance and Breach of Contract

Nov 29th; 10:24am Dear Honourable members of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario; I am writing to urge you to cancel all wind turbine contracts in Ontario immediately and I hereby provide you with reasons for doing so. First; introducing myself. … Continue reading

Say NO to Double Standard on Species at Risk Penalties!

In the last few days these three stories came out. Please read them, and then respond to those who are failing to protect these Species at Risk below.  1. Penalty for Canaport songbird deaths …The deaths of thousands of songbirds at the Canaport LNG terminal … Continue reading

Stephana Johnston addresses Environmental Review Tribunal

I’ve said before that I enjoy what I do. Until a week ago it was just watching the interplay between the characters at the Adelaide ERT appeal – the difference between the people operating from the legal/monetary point of view … Continue reading

Ginny Stewart (receptor 62): speech at April 3rd Protest, Toronto

Speech to April 3rd 2013 Protest Toronto I am known as receptor 62 of Mike Crawley’s Plateau Wind Project in Grey Highlands, Grey County; a faceless, nameless person to our government and to AIM/IPC/GDF Suez who labeled me as such. … Continue reading

Restore Social Justice: Eliminate Repressive Energy Act


A north wind doth blow . . . (III)

by Rob Bredin, Orangeville Citizen Excerpt: Premier McGuinty’s metier has been, by and large, eco-industrial myth-making; but this myth-making is deep within the political D.N.A. of the modern Liberal establishment. The new Liberal Party of Canada president is Mike “The … Continue reading

The Developer Of This $179 Million Wind Farm Could Go To Prison If A Turbine Kills One Bald Eagle

Note:   The US has stricter laws than Canada to protect Bald Eagles.  Here in Ontario, the MNR has already documented at least one Bald Eagle killed at the Clear Creek turbine facility owned by IPC–Suez Energy – President: Mike Crawley (former President … Continue reading

IPC reviewing Silcote wind project

By Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times International Power Canada is reviewing its proposed industrial wind projects in the Kincardine and Meaford areas after the province left the proposals out of the latest round of approvals last week.  “We are … Continue reading

Many in Grey Highlands opposed to wind turbine development

Owen Sound Sun Times I am writing to you regarding Don Crosby’s article: Meeting draws wind farm opponents. Specifically I would like to address the comments made by Mr. Mike Crawley, president of Plateau Wind Inc. an offshoot of IPC, … Continue reading

Ontario “green” project may kill endangered species

By Mike Crawley, CBC News A Toronto-based wind power company is proposing to build a green energy project on the shores of Lake Ontario ,but building the project could threaten two endangered species. Gilead Resources would have the legal right … Continue reading

IPC threatens to sue Grey Highlands

When all else fails, resort to bullying GREY HIGHLANDS – International Power Canada is threatening to sue the Municipality of Grey Highlands for delaying the building permits for its industrial wind turbine project. IPC Vice-President David Timm spoke to … Continue reading

Ontario Landowners Association join in fight

By WES KELLER, Orangeville Citizen Ontario Power Authority (OPA) last Thursday awarded four Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) onshore wind turbine contracts, and the Ontario Landowners Association (OLA) has joined in the intensifying fight against them.

Meaford turbine public meeting Wednesday Wind Concerns Meaford is inviting concerned residents and the general public to join them at International Power Canada’s upcoming public meeting on its Silcote Corners Wind Project. The meeting, which takes place at the Meaford and St. Vincent Community … Continue reading

Grey Highlands – International Power Wind farm agreement stalled

Chris Fell, Staff, 13 July 2010 The chasm between Grey Highlands council and the proponents of a proposed wind farm in that municipality continues to be the size of the Grand Canyon.  Representatives from International Power Canada – the … Continue reading

Lesson Rahim Jaffer: Liberals Are Better

Lesson Rahim Jaffer: Liberals Are Better CanadianSense Blogspot Rahim Jaffer was unsuccessful in getting any contracts as a former Conservative. If Rahim Jaffer had Liberal ties would he have been able to secure a deal for twenty years at a … Continue reading

Grey-Highland passes bylaw

The Arran Elderslie by-law was passed in Grey Highlands council today, June 28th, 2010 and council rejected outright the approval of road use to AIM/IPC.   Grey Highlands council will be the first ones to be challenged with the bylaw in place … Continue reading

It’s Good to have Liberal Friends, isn’t it, Mike?

It all started after Mike Crawley sat on the Renewable Energy Task Team (RETT) back in 2003 RETT was responsible for setting the stage for subsidizing the wind industry in Ontario. Why was Mike Crawley chosen for a $475M contract when ninety other … Continue reading

Wind farm opens to cheers, jeers

Turbines the first of many in area By Gary Rennie, The Windsor Star HARROW –  A billion dollars worth of wind turbine projects have power contracts in Essex County and close to 200 turbines could be up within a few … Continue reading

Federal Conservatives give over $11M to Harrow wind developer

ESSEX, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – June 25, 2010) – At the official opening of the Harrow Wind Farm, Jeff Watson, Member of Parliament for Essex, today announced an investment of $11.2 million over ten years through the ecoENERGY for Renewable Power program. … Continue reading

OPP quiz Windsor-area woman over wind turbine opposition

Ribbon-cutting ceremony  to be held Friday, June 25 at 11:00 am on Gore Road in Harrow.    Map By Gary Rennie, The Windsor Star A farmer and mother of a 17-year-old who’s never had more than a parking ticket is complaining … Continue reading

Two Largest Wind Projects Approved for Essex County

By Gary Rennie, The Ontario Power Authority has approved 20-year contracts for the two biggest wind turbine projects in Essex County with a total construction value in excess of $600 million. Brookfield Renewable Power received approval for its $460-million, … Continue reading

Why are we experimenting with endangered species?

Credit:  The Sault Star, A dead Bald Eagle was found about 40 metres from an industrial wind turbine in Norfolk County last year. The eagle’s body was sent to Bird Studies Canada and then to the MNR. An examination … Continue reading