Wind Turbines: Malfeasance and Breach of Contract

Nov 29th; 10:24am

Dear Honourable members of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario;

I am writing to urge you to cancel all wind turbine contracts in Ontario immediately and I hereby provide you with reasons for doing so.

First; introducing myself. I am a Professional Engineer having been schooled in Ontario and worked and payed taxes in Ontario all of my life. I have a B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1976, and a Master of Engineering degree in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1992. I have worked for Ontario Hydro, now OPG, for 31 years in positions of engineering and management, and have spent the past ten years teaching nuclear and other engineering courses at Georgian College, UOIT, including eight years of teaching engineering at the University of Toronto. For example my teaching duties at the U of T include teaching in classroom as well as oversight of senior year student capstone engineering design projects. From my perspective of over 40 years of work in industry and academia, I find that the most important aspect for success of students, corporations, and members of government, and collectively the government is making science based decisions, creating trust, and being ethical. Engineers need to write an exam on ethics. What other groups of people are required to write an exam on ethics? It is from this point of view that I feel well justified to write this email to be submitted to you the Honourable Members and to the public for consideration.

The Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009 was at that time touted to be the panacea and growth opportunity for Ontario in terms of jobs and quality of life and a future for the children of all citizens. In fact, and as you all, and we all know, after ten years of ‘implementation’ the GEA has been a dismal failure and created the opposite of what was intended; eg. high hydro rates, loss of jobs, businesses closing and businesses moving south, astronomical provincial debt, bleak future for students graduating year after year, life has become much harsher for the average person, and for some in rural areas where turbines are being built and operating, life is impossible due to high energy low frequency noise/acceleration of structures including skeletal and inner ear structures, not just adults, but infants, dogs, cats, cattle, and the other issue is the adverse impact on water quality caused by recent turbine construction involving pile driving and disturbing the ground from which residents need to draw water for themselves and for farming, the water in some of the wells have become brackish and undrinkable and requires expensive filtration systems to be installed, paid for the affected residents. Please see jpeg file of a sample of water. The residents have brought this to the attention of their MOH, and the MOH’s involved are discounting this as a non-issue.

Another issue: This link describes cardiac instability. Of course cardiac instability is high concern for cardia arrest, ie. death. This should come as no surprise that infrasound is dangerous as the military has done experiments on how infrasound may be use as a weapon. The attached JPG file lists some of the links that provide evidence of harm from infrasound.

How did we get into this mess? I have been following the implementation of the GEA since its becoming law in 2009 and have written many submission to ERT’s. Some of you MPP’s also know about this since the beginning. Some of you are just now coming up to speed as the 42nd government. As to how this mess got created, Hansard is the official record of Parliament, and key snippets are presented here in this link.

From the Hansard recording, we observe this was un-parliamentary and involved an incestuous and salacious relationship between the proponent and the government, so much so, that the government actually became one with the proponent by eg. waiving the “Precautionary Principle” that is generically in all legislation where there is introduction of new processes into the public domain. The precautionary principal requires the proponent to bear the burden of proof of ‘no damage’. Waiving of the precautionary principle de-facto requires anyone who is damaged to bear the burden of proof of the damage. This has caused each and every Environmental Review Tribunal to be a failure, a farce, and a ‘kangaroo court’ in favour of the wind turbine developers to be allowed to supersede the rights of citizens, so much so, that Municipal Planning was legislated to not be allowed to be involved in turbine location planning. Another example of adverse impact is turbines placed at the ends of airport runways and pilots being told to fly around as they take off and land.

From the Hansard, we observe the self-dealing by liberal party members accessing the blank cheques of the liberal government, while the government turns more than just a blind eye but actively intervenes to disallow the voice of concerned citizens.

Two additional points; in the attached pdf files, one documents what we knew about adverse health effects of wind turbines in 2009. Please read that and compare to the pdf file HGC report copied from the MOEE website originally published in December 2010 by the principal engineering firm HGC commissioned by the government. HGC is a member of CanWea. For your convenience I have commented on just the Executive Summary showing that this report is not a very good work of engineering, but a report slanted to the needs of the client and the industry represent by the author. Such a report, if produced by a student, would be given a Fail if that occurred in my classroom.



And speaking of classrooms. A student design team did a health study in 2014 that was ignored by the government and the wind industry…actually this piece of student work was well received by Faculty, and then it was squashed and never made it past the walls of the university. Please see attached pdf discussing the results of that study. The message given to students by government and industry is disrespectful and inappropriate. The message that was sent by government and industry was that this project result was not politically correct and therefore invalid and not to be used. As a professional engineer I am outraged. As an educator, I am outraged that government is squashing the freedom of thought, idea exchange and speech because it does not fit the government agenda. Ah yes, examples of this has also been in the news at other universities across Canada.


Wind turbines are insignificant to the overall power needs of Ontario only exist because of a subsidy. I do not subscribe to the theory of global warming requiring reduction of carbon dioxide requiring taxes to supposedly control the thermostat of the earth. That is another topic I am prepared to speak to again in the future. The people who believe wind turbines are a necessary solution to reduce CO2 are wrong based on real data, eg. gas turbines back up wind turbines in Ontario, and coal plants back up the wind turbines in Germany, and not including the CO2 produced by manufacturing the steel and concrete for the wind turbines, wind turbines will never be zero carbon nor environmentally friendly due to the very hazardous chemical processes for mining, refining and manufacturing the rare earth for electronics and magnets for the generators. The wind industry has not created any sustaining jobs, in fact the opposite, closing at least one wind turbine manufacturing facility; but in the bigger picture, the high cost of hydro due to subsidy to wind developers is certainly a factor in closing the General Motors plant in Oshawa as announced this week.

In summary, the wind turbines and their contracts are a house of cards propped up by non-science, miss-information, political correctness, malfeasance and a subsidy via the FIT program to achieve a certain ideological and bigoted feel good feeling about the environment.

After almost ten years now we observe failure and a certain breach of contract to deliver electrical power economically competitively by wind turbines, especially breach of social contract by the previous government in collusion with the wind industry.

In light of the recent announcement by General Motors, high costs has certainly been a factor in the irreversible decision to leave Ontario, Ontario needs to swiftly curtail any further losses.

Of course cancellation will stir up emotions and ire of many. The response to all in this light, this is my recommended response. that they need to:

  • review Hansard ie. history
  • review the interaction between government and industry
  • review the gap between actual vs expected performance of the GEA
  • review the health impacts, ie. actually listen to citizens

Actions that I recommend for the Minister of the Solicitor General is to communicate with the Professional Engineers of Ontario organization to initiate an engineering investigation into, for example the errors and omissions of the HGC report that I observe is the underlying instrument for the forced installation of wind turbines and the systematic program to ignore citizen complaints.

Another action I recommend is on the Cabinet Ministers for Health and also MOEE, and perhaps in conjunction with the Ontario Medical Association to review culpability of some of the Medical Officers of Health particularly those MOH’s who received complaints for not responding appropriately, ie. what was their response, and was their response appropriate.

And finally, to answer some of the media reporters ‘whinning’; they may be sent away by simply asking them how much money have they accessed from the Trudeau announced $600 million subsidy for ‘trusted journalists’ that would pay them to ask their questions and then write their articles. One of the worst things that the federal liberal government has done is to undermine the independence and credibility of those media who participate in the subsidy and I think we have a good idea of who those are or might be. If those media drown, it is because it is self inflicted. To bad, it becomes so necessary to deal with corruption, and this email about the GEA points to corruption that must be undone, and be undone quickly.

I provide my views for th public good and for the public record. Be advised that for privacy reasons I have also sent blind copies to various folks whom I know are like minded and would support this government in cancelling the contracts for the wind turbines.

Fair notice to all who stand in the way of shutting down the turbines, you are aiding and abetting the continuation of harm.

Eric Jelinski M. Eng. P. Eng.
11450 Simcoe County Road 10
RR1 Stayner Ontario
416-697-9965 cell

“The Future is Nuclear”

“Knowing is easy; it is the doing that is difficult. The critical issue is not what we know but what we do with what we know. The great end of life is not knowledge, but action.” Admiral Hyman Rickover

David Colby’s Poached Egg

Ontario Gothic

Wellington Times, Rick Conroy
Mary Shelley is said to have conceived the story of Frankenstein, a manmade monster let loose upon the countryside, while under the influence of opium in the cold summer of 1816. The gothic horror story, it turns out, was the work of a dark imagination fuelled by opioids.

It begs the question: what was Kathleen Wynne and her government smoking when they let loose their own man-made monsters across rural Ontario—in the form of industrial wind developers and speculators?

Even if you buy the sentiment that their motivations were well-intentioned, the undeniable outcome of the Green Energy Act is that Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty have spawned armies of amoral monstrous corporate creatures and have let them loose to roam unfettered across the province. To wreak havoc in rural communities. To despoil the environment. To slaughter endangered species. To make folks sick.

Worse, our government has paved the way, clearing hurdles and slashing regulations to enable these creatures to prey upon vulnerable communities, natural habitats and endangered species. Now they have lost control of their grotesque creations. Even Kathleen Wynne must know how this story ends.

Near Chatham, folks believe the wind developer working nearby has poisoned their wells—allowing toxins into their drinking supply. They have done the testing. They have spoken out. They have protested. Marched on Queen’s Park. Kathleen Wynne has ignored them.

Wynne, her government and her supporters comfort themselves believing the scourge they have unleashed—though ugly and abusive— is a necessary evil. That the greater good is being served. They ignore the folks holding up jars of black liquid, pleading with the province to test their water, drawn from wells that have become undrinkable since the wind developer began driving piles into the bedrock to secure its massive wind turbines. Even Chatham- Kent’s mayor has demanded Kathleen Wynne intervene to protect these residents. It has made no difference.

Left without the protection of the province—without the safeguards that would protect them from any other development— these folks took matters into their own hands. In August, they began blockading the construction site— neighbours joining together to form a line against the threat to their drinking water.

On Monday, in a cruel blow, the developers— a Korean conglomerate and its American partner—won a court injunction barring any further blockades of the project. The judge said he wasn’t trying to muzzle opponents, but to “prohibit unlawful acts”.

In Ontario’s perverse hunger for industrial wind turbines, it turns out Chatham-Kent residents must first prove they have been poisoned by the developer, before they may seek justice. By then, of course, the damage will have been done. Recourse will expensive and, for most, unattainable.

Four years ago, the giant American wind developer Next Era sued Esther Wrightman for defamation. On her website she had altered the company’s logo to NextError and Next Terror. They wanted the logos removed or they would litigate the mother of two young children into oblivion. All these years later, the legal action is still pending. Wrightman wakes up every morning with the weight of this action still weighing on her head. Read article

The Green Job “Joke” in Ontario

“Green Jobs” have always been a bit of a joke. Although not a very funny one.

Back in 2010 McGuinty signed a deal with South Korean company Samsung, and promised Ontarians that all kinds of employment would flow from it.

The Liberal government ended months of speculation in September when it confirmed it was in talks with Samsung about a project that could create about 15,000 jobs.

Ontario’s manufacturing sector has shed hundreds of thousands of jobs in the recession. The deal with Samsung would likely be the linchpin in McGuinty’s push for renewable sources of energy and his plan to create 50,000 jobs. CBC, 2010

The numbers were highly inflated in that press release. Even Samsung’s website could only cough up minuscule (although inconsistent) numbers.

Thanks to Samsung’s Green Energy Investment Agreement with the Government of Ontario, we are creating 9,000 jobs, kick-starting a new industry in Ontario and generate 1,369 megawatts of clean energy. Samsung Renewable Energy

Samsung and Pattern Energy’s wind power projects in Ontario are creating more than 1,000 jobs Samsung Renewable Energy, 2014

Our investments will create 900 direct renewable energy manufacturing jobs and 9,000 high-skilled jobs in Ontario. Samsung Renewable Energy, 2014

Down down down the number fell! We went from a promised 15,000 Samsung jobs in 2010, to a possible 900 in 2014? So what is the real number? I suppose nobody is really counting anymore. The fact is the province blatantly lied to the people of Ontario just so this juicy deal could be pushed through without much fuss. One would think the opposition parities would do as much as they could to investigate WHY this deal had to be made… Continue reading

NextEra Won’t Drop Its Lawsuit against Esther Wrightman

You’d think NextEra, which operates more than 100 wind projects in 19 states and Canada, could afford to tolerate a critic
or two.

esther nexterrorNational Review, Robert Bryce
Two years ago, I wrote a piece for NRO about a SLAPP suit (strategic lawsuit against public participation) that NextEra Energy, America’s biggest wind-energy producer, had filed against Esther Wrightman, an anti-wind-project activist from the tiny village (pop.: 120) of Kerwood, Ontario. It’s now time for an update. NextEra overcame Wrightman’s opposition to the Adelaide Wind Energy Centre, a 60-megawatt project that began producing electricity last year. The 38-turbine wind project was erected right next to Wrightman’s home. In June 2014, she left not only Kerwood but Ontario and, along with her two children, her husband (who is disabled), and her parents, moved to the larger village (pop.: 1,889) of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. The Wrightmans also relocated their family business, Wrightman Alpines, a nursery that specializes in alpine plants.

Esther Wrightman couldn’t stop the wind project that turned her into an activist. But here’s the reason for this update: NextEra is still SLAPPing her. For reasons the company won’t explain, it hasn’t dropped its litigation. This is more than a story about Goliath beating up on David (or Esther). It’s also fundamentally about freedom of speech and the ability of citizens to speak out against (or, in Wrightman’s case, to make fun of) big corporations. Read article

Associate Chief Justice Frank Marrocco: “It’s not much of a test if you first have to get sick in order to prove it”

do no harmColin Perkel, Globe and Mail
Families opposed to the erection of large-scale wind farms near their homes failed to prove the projects would cause any serious harm to their health, an Ontario government lawyer said Tuesday. In his opening comments, Matthew Horner told a Divisional Court panel that a review tribunal was correct to reject objections to the turbines based on health concerns.

“There’s no indication that the tribunal made a palpable and overriding error,” Horner said late on Day 2 of the hearing. He also said the tribunal was right to reject the residents’ “novel argument” that the approvals process violates the constitution.

Four families are asking the appellate court to throw out decisions by the Environment Review Tribunal that upheld approvals of three large-scale wind-energy projects. They also want the approvals process declared unconstitutional on the grounds that the law precludes them from arguing turbines might cause them harm. Read article

Green energy laws ‘skewed’ in favour of turbines, lawyer contends

FalconerBy Kate Dubinski, The London Free Press
Lawyers representing four families battling wind turbine projects in Southwestern Ontario continued their legal arguments Tuesday in a London courtroom, arguing that the government is asking rural residents to bear the psychological and physical brunt of green energy projects.

“The legislative scheme is so skewed to fast-track green energy projects that it gives no meaningful way to appeal the projects,” said laywer Asha James, who represents the four families at the divisional court hearing. “(We) submit that given the state of current scientific knowledge, if an appellant is able to prove that there’s a reasonable expectation of harm, that is enough to stop a project.” The lawyers are asking the three Superior Court trial judges hearing an appeal of a decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal to rewrite the law because it’s unfair.

Tuesday was the second day of what was supposed to be a three-day hearing, but the lawyers for the defendants — starting with lawyers for the government — didn’t start their arguments until late in the day, so the hearing will likely go into Thursday. The government lawyers, who will be followed by lawyers representing three wind turbine projects, will argue that the original tribunal found that there wasn’t any serious harm to people living near wind turbines and that the Renewable Energy Act doesn’t deprive anyone of their fundamental rights, said Matthew Horner, one of the government lawyers. Read article

Rise in utility disconnections ‘unacceptable’: MPP

electricity costBy Denis Langlois, Sun Times, Owen Sound
MPP Bill Walker says he is deeply concerned about the skyrocketing number of people who are appealing to the local United Way for help after having their electricity or heating services cut off by utility companies or because they are at risk of a disconnection.

The Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Progressive Conservative politician said increasing hydro rates, which he blames on Ontario Liberal government mismanagement, and a lack of jobs in the province are behind the troublesome trend. “Sadly, I think we’re going to have more and more disconnections,” he said Thursday in an interview. “It’s unacceptable.”

Francesca Dobbyn, executive director of the United Way of Bruce Grey, told The Sun Times Wednesday that the agency has received more calls this fall — the bulk of which have come in within the last few weeks — about service disconnections than in any other year of its eight-year-old utility assistance program. Read article

Wind Development a “Hazard to Human Health” Declares Brown County Board of Health

The Brown County Board of Health voted tonight to declare the Shirley Wind Turbine Development a Human Health Hazard. The decision was based on a report of a year-long study conducted by the Enz family with assistance from Mr Rick James to document acoustic emissions from the wind turbines including infrasound and low frequency noise, inside homes within a radius of 6 miles of the Shirley Wind turbines.

The wording of the motion was as follows:health hazard

“To declare the Industrial Wind Turbines in the Town of Glenmore, Brown County. WI. a Human Health Hazard for all people (residents, workers, visitors, and sensitive passersby) who are exposed to Infrasound/Low Frequency Noise and other emissions potentially harmful to human health.”

The context is in reference to Brown County Code 38.01 in the Brown County Ordinances, in Chapter 38, relating to Public Health Nuisance (section (b) Human Health Hazard). “Human Health Hazard” means a substance, activity or condition that is known to have the potential to cause acute or chronic illness or death if exposure to the substance, activity or condition is not abated.

The vote to declare it a Human Health Hazard now puts Duke Energy’s Shirley Wind Development on the defensive to prove to the Board they are not the cause of the health complaints documented in the study, and could result in a shut down order.

Read the Brown County Ordinances

Read more at Waubra Foundation

Western University researchers calling on governments and wind farm developers to avoid feeding war of words

Adelaide WG MacDonald SchoolJohn Miner, London Free Press
After studying two Lake Erie communities, Western University researchers are calling on governments and wind farm developers to avoid feeding the war of words that has broken out between supporters and opponents of wind turbines.

In a study published in the journal Environment and Planning, the Western geography department researchers found people who have raised health concerns and other objections to wind turbines are denigrated, dismissed and ostracized by supporters of the developments in their communities. They also endure shots by senior politicians, such as former premier Dalton McGuinty, who dismissed health concerns as “unreal.”

The treatment only makes the situation worse for individuals with concerns, said associate geography professor Jamie Baxter, one of the study’s authors. “If you get right down to the micro level of the community, life is not good for these people,” Baxter said Wednesday. Read article

Support for wind farms
Port Burwell: 80%
Clear Creek: 66%

Average number of turbines within 2 km of homes
Port Burwell: 3.7 turbines
Clear Creek: 6.8 turbines

Percentage claiming health impacts
Port Burwell: 3%
Clear Creek: 22%

Wind Turbines and Autism – Sarah Hornblower

Wind Turbines proposed around Sarah Hornlower’s home: 92 NextEra turbines (Jericho Project), 44 Suncor turbines(Cedar Point Project).

Gone With The Wind

Commentary & Photo Essay by Eric Nixon, Hayter-Walden Publications

Three Turbines: The Bornish Wind Energy Centre, a project of Florida-based NextEra Energy, will see the construction of 45 industrial wind turbines in North Middlesex over the next several months. Eventually, Bornish will be joined with the company’s Adelaide and Jericho projects to create a network of about 175 turbines. Several other projects are also in the works by NextEra, Suncor Energy and other companies in Lambton and Middlesex Counties. Photos by Eric Nixon, Hayter-Walden Publications1-Three Turbines

2-Wide Shot Blade AssemblyWide Shot Blade Assembly: The industrial wind turbines being erected by NextEra are GE Energy 1.6-100 models. The installed cost is estimated at between $3-4 million apiece. When operating, each turbine can generate 1.62MW of power. The blade assembly being installed on this 80-metre (260 foot) tower weighs more than 33 tonnes and each blade is almost 50 metres (160 feet) in length. It is estimated that 800 tonnes of concrete is used for the base of each turbine.

Kerwood & Elginfield: Kerwood Road was restricted to one lane for several days last week as crews from Blue-Con Inc. of London drilled a hole for the installation of a massive hydro tower at the corner of Elginfield Road. The augur (centre) uses a giant eight-foot bit to dig the holes where a huge steel rebar cage (seen below the augur) is buried to support the steel hydro towers, which reach heights of 56 feet and will be installed throughout the project area.3-Kerwood & Elginfield Continue reading

You have access Municipal correspondence with wind developers

confidentialYou have a legal right to access certain municipal records.  Simply submit your request in writing (some municipal websites have a form for this), along with a cheque for $5.00.  Be sure to ask for exactly what you want to see:  specify the period of time you are interested in, the topic, and the type of documentation you want.  The municipality will round up the documentation and provide you with a quote as to how much it will cost you to obtain the information.  You can usually take all or just some of it.  If you request it electronically it may cost you less than if they have to photocopy documents.

I request access to all documentation, including but not limited to e-mail correspondence between all municipal representatives and NextEra Energy Canada from January 1, 2012 to January 1, 2014.


I request access to all documentation, including but not limited to e-mail correspondence concerning the NextEra Jericho Wind project from January 1, 2013 to January 1, 2014.

Some information may be withheld for reasons such as ‘private or personal information’ would be revealed.  The wind companies like this one.  If this occurs there are avenues of appeal that are laid out in the legislation.

Be relentless.  Demand to see what your municipality is up to. Continue reading

NextEra Energy: Crybaby Bullies Inc.

NextTerror lawyer…and “the list” gets longer. Like a spoiled child who is not content with being given the sugar bowl, Nextera’s Kerwood Wind is threatening legal action. Adelaide-Metcalfe township has joined the list of targets which stands now at 4 (or maybe more):

  1. West Grey
  2. Bluewater
  3. Adelaide/Metcalfe
  4. Esther Wrightman

Note that the targets are 3 small municipalities and one resident – all having to face off against high-powered ($800/hour) legal teams from the likes of Torys and McCarthy/Tetrault. Nextera plays hardball only.

But there was a surprise for NextEra, the solicitor for Adelaide-Metcalfe chose to present a 9 page document outlining the oddities of the complaint on the January 20, 2014 Agenda.

Summary: “Kerwood [NextEra Energy] has elected to bypass the Council and is proceeding under Section 41 of the Electricity Act. Kerwood cites a “constructive” refusal of it(s) plans for the electrical infrastructure as its reason for proceeding via Section 41. It is implicit from that statement that no refusal has actually taken place.”

Never liking this kind of exposure and open discussion, Nextera quickly filed a letter of “abeyance” for NextEra to the OEB – returning to the table, but reserving its threat of action.

What is ironic in all this, is that a motion to declare the township an “unwilling host” was defeated at the May 6, 2013 Adelaide-Metcalfe council meeting:

“Resolved that Council support the resolution of the Township of Wainfleet advising the Township is not a willing host for Industrial Wind Turbines. MOTION LOST. “

So even though Adelaide-Metcalfe Council (not the residents) claims they are a “Willing Host” for wind turbines, we can see that they can never give the cry-baby bully enough. It’s always wants MORE. And if one thinks they will be saved from a bully by doing whatever they tell you to do, they’ll still shoot you for walking too slow. And Nextera says these legal actions and threats do not cause ‘terror’??

OPP called by Huron East mayor: Tries to ram through wind turbine bylaws

democracyMy Huron Info
OPP officers were required to calm the pandemonium that ensued when four wind turbine bylaws were scheduled to be read at Huron East Council’s Dec. 3 meeting. After repeated interruptions by the dozens of members of Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) in attendance, Huron East Mayor Bernie MacLellan engaged two police officers to ensure the meeting would run smoothly, and without further interruption.

At the meeting, council was set to authorize bylaws that would approve road user agreements and community vibrancy funds with both Varna Wind Inc. and the St. Columban Energy Limited Partnership. Only one of the four motions would eventually pass. Before the bylaws were introduced, HEAT member and Councillor Allison Dekroon made a motion that would defer the four bylaws, calling the documents “hefty”. She said since council only received the documents the Friday before the meeting, members of the public had not been given time to review them and did not have enough time, legally, to request a formal appearance before council that night.

She suggested the bylaws be deferred until the Jan. 7 meeting so council, and members of the public, could do their due diligence. “We’re not giving the people a voice,” she said. Councillor Les Falconer, however, disagreed with Dekroon, saying that council had been working on the road user agreements for almost a year, long before Dekroon was even a councillor. “This has gone back and forth for nine months in closed session,” Falconer said. Dekroon said she felt the province’s ombudsman would have a problem with council rushing the documents through. MacLellan disagreed. Read article

Adelaide ERT Day One – Video shutdown

london ertby Bob Lewis
Another exciting day of the ERT trying to deal with MLWAG and Esther trying to deal with idiots, obstructionist gov’t and Nextera lawyers and the latest in a string of people who take turns on our appeal but don’t seem to have really good communication between them.  I don’t know what other ERTs are like these days, but ours seems to get assigned whichever adjudicator is free that day.

Mr. Vanderbent  seems to be in the strange position of not knowing what to do with people like us, so he just adjourns the hearing or retires to the ‘chambers’. Sometimes he takes Esther, Harvey and the lawyers, sometimes it is only the woman who sits beside him. The talks with the lawyers don’t seem to take long – I think maybe because Esther just won’t back down on anything.

It started out about the video. After a couple of visits to the back room he said the opening statements could be videotaped. (or so we thought) Big smile on his face as he read to the CTV reporter and her camera. Then he said, “No more.” – only HIS opening statement. Didn’t want the public hearing Esther’s or Harvey’s. Continue reading

Wind turbine impact on children questioned

1297479809194_ORIGINALBy Galen Eagle, Peterborough Examiner
MILLBROOK – Mothers Against Wind Turbines added their voice to the opposition against a proposed wind farm in the Bethany-Cavan area. The group, formed by two mothers who have been waging fights against wind farm proposals in their own communities, spoke to a group of 25 people at the Cavan Monaghan Township municipal office Tuesday night.

Focused on the impact of wind turbines on children, the talk was part of a series of recent town hall meetings hosted by Deputy Mayor Scott McFadden and Coun. Tim Belch. Shellie Correia, who lives in the town of Wellandport in Niagara Region, has been fighting the construction of a mega wind turbine project in her backyard.

Despite an opposition campaign that included meetings with the leaders of all three provincial political parties, Correia is faced with the real possibility that a 600-foot turbine will be built 550 metres from her home, where she lives with her 12-year-old son Joey, a boy with sensory processing issues. Joey’s condition means he is sensitive to certain sounds that wouldn’t negatively affect other people. For example, Joey is extremely irritated by the sound of ripping Velcro. Read article

Esther’s blast on the Environmental Review Tribunal


Video recording ERT hearing puts NextEra in a “threatening environment”?

EstherCameraThis is the letter NextEra sent the ERT’s accessibility coordinator explaining why they felt video recording should be prohibited from a public hearing.

Full Letter From Tory’s (NextEra) to ERT Accessibility Coordinator

excerpt torys_Fotor

NexTerror threatens to take ERT to court if video recording is allowed

06-13-2013-ADAEarly on in the Adelaide ERT process I had asked that the ERT allow for video recording of the public hearing. My reasons were laid out in a letter to the Accessibility Coordinator. The recommendation from the ERT chair was that I write a request to the ERT for the person with the disability, and then NextEra and the MOE could file their ‘response/attack’ in return, and I could respond again.

What struck as wrong about this is that if a person was asking for accommodation for a wheelchair to get into the hearing….would they have to argue it out publicly with Nexterror? No. So I refused to send a request to Nexterror and the MOE. And I wrote the Accessibility Coordinator again, including a doctors note for the individual with the disability, and asked again that the person be accommodated. I also repeatedly asked that the person be treated with dignity and respect and that this information should not be hashed out in public hearings/teleconferences. This was all for naught.

In a telconfrence this past Wednesday the issue was brought up by the Chair, as it hadn’t been clearly dealt with.

Here’s how it went:

Dirk Vanderbent (ERT Chair) – Ms. Wrightman I understand that you have made a request to video-tape the hearing. Continue reading

Association to Protect Amherst Island Fundraiser

chong_4804Denise Chong, Officer of the Order of Canada and International Best-selling Author, reading from her new book “Lives of the Family: Stories of Fate and Circumstance” an Association to Protect Amherst Island Fundraiser
Date: October 20
Time: 3:00 pm
Place: The Lodge on Amherst Island MAP Continue reading

Ben Lansink – clauses in lease agreements prove human habitat destruction

Ben Lansink will be a witness at the Adelaide ERT Appeal (Nexterror & MOE v Wrightman & MLWAG Inc), along with fellow Chicago real estate appraiser Mike McCann f (tentatively on Oct 16 in London at the Middlesex County council office).

See McCann-Lansink Human Species Habitat Sep 30-13

Ontario Wind Resistance has moved to Iceland – for Freedom of Speech

Yes, we did. OWR is now hosted in Iceland! Out of NextEra Energy’s  SLAPP suit-happy grasp…


From the new host 1984’s website:
“1984 will always do everything within its legal power to inform our customers of any inquiries from any authorities, lawyers or courts into the customer’s affairs that we may become aware of. It is essential that the jurisdiction that the company operates in is Iceland, where the IMMI legislation is forthcoming, making Iceland a haven for freedom of the press and freedom of expression in general. “

Welcome back, Freedom of Speech and Expression!! (and thank God for places like Iceland!). I’ve missed these pictures too much…

Nexterror Bullies Canada Inc



Couple wins wind turbine ruling in France – DEMOLITION!

falling turbineThe Connexion
A WINDFARM has been ordered to demolish ten turbines and pay compensation and fines after it was successfully sued by a couple.  Speaking to Le Figaro newspaper, the couple’s lawyer, Philippe Bodereau, said: “This decision is very important because it demonstrates to all those who put up with windfarms with a feeling of powerlessness that the battle is not in vain, even against big groups, or authorities who deliver building permits, that legal options are available to everyone, that we have a right to live in peace and that people can do other things than suffer.”

The couple bought their 18th century listed property, the Château de Flers, in 1993.  A tribunal in Montpellier ruled that the couple had suffered due to the “degradation of the environment, resulting from a rupture of a bucolic landscape and countryside”. It also agreed the couple had suffered from the noise of the turbines and from the flashing lights.

“The situation, instantly out of place, permanent and quickly unbearable, created a problem that went beyond the typical inconveniences of neighbours and constituted a violation of property rights,” ruled the judgement.

The value of the property had no bearing on the ruling.  Read article

MOE demands wind victim neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist notes

Turbine distressI’ll take it from here and continue on from the last post “Ontario government lawyers join the SLAPP suit game

You may wonder why this motion by the Ministry of Environment  (demanding costs) was thrown at us in Adelaide in the first place. The  MOE was demanding that I disclose the following information about the one witness on my list who has had the horrid experience of living with wind turbines.

medical records sept 24_Fotor

human-rights-abuseAsk yourself, would you freely give this information, make it PUBLIC, for the sole benefit of your own government, and a foreign corporation like NextEra, to try and tell you , “it’s all in your head”? Notice that they really want specialist documents and notes from your… shrink. Like really, go to hell.

But that’s not it. You better hand all of this over too:

lawsuits homes sept 24_Fotor

Feeling a little exposed? Well, if you don’t do it, a) we’ll hit the appellant with costs, and b) prohibit you from testifying! Continue reading

ERT Panel Accepts Constitutional Challenge Filed by Melancthon Residents

ertWind Resistance of Melancthon
On July 19, 2013, the Appellant Mr. Sanford, ( served and filed a Notice of Constitutional Question (“Notice”). In a letter dated August 8, 2013, David Crocker, counsel for the Appellants other than Mr. Sanford (the “Other Appellants”), served and filed a notice that Ms. Kurtin (case 13-073) and Ms. Bovaird (case 13-070) have joined Mr. Sanford in advancing the constitutional issues set out in his Notice.

 On August 1, 2013, the Director brought a motion for an order striking the Appellant’s claim for constitutional relief.
[53]        The Tribunal dismisses the Director’s motion to strike the claim for constitutional relief.

What does this document mean?
The appellant, Dennis Sanford (case 13-075, who represents Wind Resistance of Melancthon) filed a constitutional challenge. Simply put, it means that the Renewable Energy Project,( in particular, Dufferin Wind Power’s Project,) violates constitutional rights of citizens.  Ms. Bovaird and Ms. Kurtin also filed for the same constitutional appeal. Read more

I’m Thinking. Please. Be Quiet.

QUIET noiseNew York Times
Slamming doors, banging walls, bellowing strangers and whistling neighbors were the bane of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer’s existence. But it was only in later middle age, after he had moved with his beloved poodle to the commercial hub of Frankfurt, that his sense of being tortured by loud, often superfluous blasts of sound ripened into a philosophical diatribe. Then, around 1850, Schopenhauer pronounced noise to be the supreme archenemy of any serious thinker.

His argument against noise was simple: A great mind can have great thoughts only if all its powers of concentration are brought to bear on one subject, in the same way that a concave mirror focuses light on one point. Just as a mighty army becomes useless if its soldiers are scattered helter-skelter, a great mind becomes ordinary the moment its energies are dispersed.

And nothing disrupts thought the way noise does, Schopenhauer declared, adding that even people who are not philosophers lose whatever ideas their brains can carry in consequence of brutish jolts of sound.

From the vantage point of our own auditory world, with its jets, jackhammers, HVAC systems, truck traffic, cellphones, horns, decibel-bloated restaurants and gyms on acoustical steroids, Schopenhauer’s mid-19th century complaints sound almost quaint. His biggest gripe of all was the “infernal cracking” of coachmen’s whips. (If you think a snapping line of rawhide’s a problem, buddy, try the Rumbler Siren.) But if noise did shatter thought in the past, has more noise in more places further diffused our cognitive activity? Read article

“The sound of birds has diminished significantly, they have gone”

CHATHAM-KENT, ONTARIO, INTERNAIONAL POWER GDF SUEZ from Lagoon Road 3I moved to the country to enjoy the quiet solitude and the sweet sounds of the wilderness. To escape the manmade structures and noise of the cities and towns. Never did I imagine, it would encroach on me. I used to sit every morning on my front step with my coffee and listen to the birds and other sounds of wildlife.

The quietness only that the country has to offer. I used this time to give thanks, re-charge, and have a personal conversation with my maker. It was a special time of my day. I no longer have that because of these windmills. The peace has been replaced with the unbelievable noise of 12 mammoth blades spinning. I sit there in the beauty of nature now with a sound that is peace shattering and has changed the one part of my day I looked forward to. The sound of birds has diminished significantly, they have gone. It is sad to watch helplessly, the end results of man and their never ending greed for money.”

Michelle Hyslop
(In Haldimand Samsung Wind Project)

Liberals wanted to sue opposition; instead they ran away

1322856886207_ORIGINALA most interesting letter of legal opinion written on Nov. 20, 2012, by former Supreme Court Justice, Ian Binnie, popped up with the latest regurgitation of Gas Plant e-mails. Justice Binnie replies to David Livingston, McGuinty’s former chief of staff asked about the possibility of suing opposition members citing outrageous allegations made by PC leader Tim Hudak and MPP Todd Smith in Question Period in October of 2012.

Hmmm this sounds familiar – like The Nexterror SLAPP lawsuit against Esther Wrightman where she is accused of unfairly competing with NextEra by referring to the company as Nexterror. McGuinty got good advice and, unlike Nexterror, he followed that advice. The letter of opinion is a reality lecture wherein Justice Binnie, with rather dry humour, paints out the possible scenarios and why for Dalton, this notion of suing his enemies is not a good notion at all.

Justice Binnie begins, “Many of the allegations…are in our view clearly defamatory…the law provides a low threshold. It is protective of reputations.” That sounds promising. He further states, “Mr. Hudak’s statement is also defamatory”

Hudak had said: “Not only did Dalton McGuinty misuse a billion dollars of taxpayer’s money, he tried to paper over it, cover it up (and) keep the details from the public.” Remember, this was written on Nov.29, 2012. As it turns out, what Hudak said isn’t too far off the mark. Continue reading

Samsung wind project receives approval

si- drennansJohn Spears, Toronto Star
Samsung Renewable Energy and two partners have received provincial approval for a 270 megawatt wind power project in western Ontario. The K2 project in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Township near Goderich has received renewable energy approval for the 140-turbine development, the company said Tuesday. Samsung’s partners in the venture are Pattern Energy and Capital Power.

The companies say they hope to start construction later this year, with operation starting in 2015. Samsung has signed an agreement with the township to deliver $15 million in funding for community initiatives over the next 20 years. It will also pay $1,500 a year to the owner of any home within one kilometre of a turbine. But the project, which has already been taken to court once, could be subject to legal challenges.

Shawn and Tricia Drennan, who farm in the area of the proposed wind farm, argue that the development could threaten their health, as well as the health of their livestock and the value of their farm. That violates their right to security of the person under the Charter of Rights, they argue. Read article