Thousands protest Pylons & Wind Turbines in Ireland

Standing with rancher Cliven Bundy

bundy1Wind Turbine Syndrome, Calvin L. Martin
The other day, something significant happened in American history.  This man stood up to the American government  — and the government backed down.  (The “American government” consisting of a small army of heavily armed cops.)

This is a story about a number of things:  (a) The renewable energy scam.  (b) A foreign energy company taking adverse possession of rangeland used by this rancher’s ancestors going back 150 years, give or take.  (c) An unseemly collusion between a powerful U.S. Senator, the Director of the Bureau of Land Management, and a Chinese energy company.

The bullying and sleaze of wind energy companies inevitably come to mind.

In this case, it’s not wind energy, but another non-starter:  solar energy.  Involving U.S. Senator Harry Reid (Nevada) negotiating with a Chinese energy mogul to build a huge solar energy plant on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administered rangeland — right smack where this rancher and his forebears have traditionally grazed their livestock.  The Chinese company being legally represented, incidentally, by Senator Reid’s son, a prominent Nevada attorney. Read article

PECFN Files for Leave to Appeal Divisional Court Ruling

sign blanding turtleSave Ostrander Point
For immediate Release
Picton: PECFN has filed their submission to the Court of Appeal asking for leave to appeal the Divisional Court reversal of the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal. Last July the Tribunal revoked the approval of a Gilead Power wind turbine project at Ostrander Point Crown Land Block in the centre of the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area. There have been more than 20 appeals of Renewable Energy Approvals since the Green Energy Act came into effect in 2009. All but the PECFN appeal resulted in dismissals. In allowing PECFN’s appeal, the Tribunal rendered a landmark and precedent-setting decision.

Soon after the Divisional Court decision Gilead Power announced its intention to start construction in April. PECFN brought an urgent motion for a Stay of construction and leave to appeal the Divisional Court decision to the Court of Appeal. In his decision submitted on March 25, Judge Blair of the Appeal Court held that he had “no hesitation in granting the Stay” because the issues raised on the proposed appeal are of “broad public implication in the field of environmental law”. Further he found that the irreparable harm criterion had been satisfied on the basis that “once a habitat is destroyed, it is destroyed – for at least short-term purposes, in any event – and the species sought to be protected here is a vulnerable and endangered species.” Read article

East Oxford group files FOI for wind farm details

Joan KeithBy Jennifer Vandermeer, Norwich Gazette/IngersollTimes
NORWICH TOWNSHIP – The East Oxford Community Alliance wants to know how the Ministry of the Environment has been handling the Prowind Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm file. The alliance (EOCA) has filed Freedom of Information requests and asked the Ontario Ombudsman to look into it because of the number of changes that have been made to the project without due process for the public to participate.

Joan Morris, spokesperson for EOCA, said one issue is the “substantive changes” to the project since it was first filed with the MOE and considered complete and accurate. “A change to the project area was announced to the public only four days before the application was deemed complete by the Ministry on February 7, 2014,” Morris also said in a press release. “Apart from a cover page from the Ministry of Environment, none of the documents for public review and comment were modified to account for the changes.” Read article

Voices from the Thedford Bog: Wind turbines are “a social experiment, a mess, a failure.”

Protesters joined the remaining migrating tundra swans at the Thedford Bog near Grand Bend, Lake Huron, on Sunday, April 6, 2014, to condemn plans to build a bristling barrier of industrial wind turbines in what is a designated Important Bird Area. Every March some 10-15,000 tundra swans stop at the Thedford Bog and environs to rest and feed before continuing on their migration to the western Arctic.

Waterfowl scientist Dr. Scott Petrie told CBC News in 2012:
By putting the turbines in inappropriate places, it actually is tantamount to habitat loss. You wouldn’t put an office tower next to a coastal wetland, why would you put a wind turbine there?

Monte McNaughton, Progressive Conservative Member of the Provincial Parliament of Ontario (MPP) for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, reminded the protesters that his party’s leader, Tim Hudak, has promised, if elected, to repeal the Green Energy Act, the draconian legislation that has given unprecedented rights to industrial wind turbines over people, communities and wildlife. The Green Energy Act was enacted in 2009 in part as a response to the fake planetary emergency of man-made global warming/climate change. Read article

Wind Turbine Protest – Exeter – April 4


Public fills gallery to hear wind turbine concerns

south HuronBy Scott Nixon, Times-Advocate Staff
SOUTH HURON — The public filled the gallery at South Huron council’s March 17 meeting, with most in attendance to hear two South Huron residents air their concerns about upcoming local wind turbine projects.

Those opposed to the wind turbines held signs in protest on Exeter’s Main Street in front of town hall before the meeting started. Speaking first was James Corcoran of Babylon Line who said he has more than 30 years of experience working on environmental assessments on behalf of developers. Corcoran noted there are two projects in South Huron — NextEra’s Goshen project and Northland Power’s Grand Bend project, for a total of about 110 wind turbines.

“These wind projects will change this place more totally, more rapidly and more permanently than anything in the past 10,000 years,” Corcoran said. He continued that in the next year South Huron’s culture of sophisticated farming and wildlife stewardship “could well be finished, as will be our stewardship of the broader landscape for humans and animals, and I do not exaggerate.” Read article

Protest NextEra in West Grey

next terror protest 004“We, at West Grey, would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, March 29th at 1:30 p.m. for a protest.

We will gather at the Durham Town Hall (185 George St.) and hit the streets.

We want to draw attention to our review hearing on April 1st before the ERT. Expect the media to be there.

Please join us if you are able. We need people and signs. Nextera is devastating us. Hope we can help you too.”

Peaceful province wide protest against hydro rates – April 4

Join-the-Fight-against-Hydro-Rates-logoThe Millstone
On April 4, at noon, there is a planned Province Wide Hydro Rate Protest to be held in 24 towns and cities across Ontario, including a protest in Carleton Place.

The “Joint the fight against Hydro Rates” originated with a small group in Dryden, Ontario and has grown in momentum and membership, united with a common anger and outrage over escalating Hydro rates and surcharges, Hydro One billing issues and lack of accountability.

Doug Leitch is the local organizer for Carleton Pace, Almonte, Pakenham, Perth, Smiths Falls and area protest. We need as many people as we can get to join us on April 4 to make our voice heard and let us send a clear message that the out of control escalation of Hydro rates and charges, the aberrant customer service and lack of accountability has to end. No longer should ratepayers pay the cost for billions of dollars in government waste and mismanagement, no longer should ratepayers be continually tapped for poor business decisions, waste and unchecked spending and no longer should ratepayers be forced to choose between paying their hydro bill or buying food or being able to staying in their homes. Read article

Find a protest near you

Hydro One bill for $233,692 prompts call for CEO to resign

hydro billToronto Star, Richard J. Brennan
The Progressive Conservatives are calling for Hydro One president and CEO Carmine Marcello to resign immediately over the billing fiasco that has gripped the Crown corporation. Waving a bill a constituent received for $233,692.70, Tory MPP Jeff Yurek (Elgin-Middlesex-London) said Wednesday it is further evidence that Marcello should leave.

“It is unbelievable that a Crown corporation of the government . . . is sending out this type of billing . . . it is ridiculous. Hydro One needs a change,” Yurek told reporters at Queen’s Park. The questionable billing is all part of what Ontario Ombudsman André Marin says is the result of “egregious errors” by an uncaring Crown corporation, which has 1.4 million customers. Read article

End the Liberal Energy Plan Failure
Under the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals, the cost of electricity has more than doubled for Ontarians and Ontario businesses. The Liberals have confirmed that they will continue to raise rates as long as they are in power. These increases are being used to pay for their $1.1 billion gas plant scandal, expensive and inefficient wind energy, and excessive pensions and bonuses at OPG. When asked how Ontario residents and businesses are expected to cope with constantly increased costs, the Liberals have said that we’ll just have to figure it out.

Tell Kathleen Wynne that we can’t afford her wasteful and expensive failure of an energy plan: SIGN THE PETITION

MAWT: Spring Fling, April 11

Spring_Fling_LogoMothers Against Wind Turbines Presents…. SPRING FLING! Everyone Welcome!
Date: Friday April 11
Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Wellandport Community Hall

Admission: $10.00 per person
Includes a light meal: Coffee, tea, water, pop, beer and wine, will be available to purchase. Play cards, games of chance, door prizes, raffles…SILENT AUCTION!

Talk to old friends, and meet new ones.

MAWT is dedicated to the legal fight against the Niagara Region Wind Corporation Wind Turbines

*Ticket Pre-Sales available at shelliecorreia@, or call 905-386-0765
Remaining tickets will be sold at the door!

Travels with NexTerror…

Dear NexTerror,
On Friday we (the 3 sisters, yes them) just wanted to Tweet you a #FF (but for your company that translates to: “F@#$ you Friday”). I suppose it was a regular “Follow Friday” too, as we followed your destruction around our neighbourhood, or more like ran into it on every damn road we drove up.

In the Adelaide project we admired what big teeth you have. “All the better to eat you with,” you replied.

We travelled, like good women, down our country roads, with a crane in front and behind our vehicle.  And then you blocked the road with your pickup truck (no flag men). Hm. Well. If you are going to make us stop, we will make you stop.

Oh no not again. Every damn road your trucks are telling us to move over, let you through.  Ladies first, dammit! Your towers can back up, and your gravel truck can get on the right side of the road, please and thank you. Continue reading


DSC03485Date: Feb 24, 2014
Time: 11:00am
Place: Queen’s Park, Toronto

Mothers Against Wind Turbines is putting the challenge out there to show MPPS and Toronto that the years of abuse of provincial power has to stop! Let’s rise to the occasion and send a very clear message to MPPS that industrial wind turbines cannot continue to desecrate our health, homes and communities. Continue reading

Protesting NexTerror Turbines

next terror protest 011I’m at the point after years of protests, where I’m no longer anxious over a lack of “plan” or what the “outcome” may be. We just do it, and try to keep up our humour and spirits to pull our way through.

Construction protests are gritty and cold, and you really don’t want to do them without a good group of people and video cameras, for safety. People act differently if they know they’re being recorded, and that’s a good thing for you. You are outside of a “civilized setting” and you are dealing with all kinds of workers driving enormous vehicles, and like one protester told me, “Some of these guys have nothing to lose” if they bump you off. Other workers are respectful, and wait it out, but you can’t count on that.

I’m not saying you must have a specific plan (we loosely made ours in the car on the way there), nor convey to the police in minute detail the contingencies you aren’t even sure of yourself. Still, a heads up to the police for help is a good idea — before the protest. (Remember, the police are not your foe. Don’t turn them into one.) Use common sense, and frankly, police protection, because the last thing we want out of a protest is someone getting hurt. That’s what we are fighting to prevent: harm.

148264_603351946404058_894897581_nWe met up (and tanked up) at Tim Horton’s — packed the parking lot, which seemed to consist of protest signs, wind turbine workers, and a senior’s bus. Some media did their interviews, and when everyone was gathered we hopped in our cars and did a sloooow trip south towards the Bornish NextEra wind project (45 wind turbines, and further south, another 38 for Adelaide project). Continue reading

Stand Up!

Political Winds Starting to Stir in the Provincial By- Elections, Niagara 2014

Niagara Falls, Ontario, January 25 2014, by Linda Rogers
Some Quick Facts about Niagara Regional Wind Project

Winter weather had a fierce and Arctic- tight grip while delivering blowing snow, white outs and high winds across the Niagara region on January 25th. Weather conditions severe enough to make the most seasoned winter experienced Canadian driver stop and pause, while considering if the all- wheel drive and snow tires were up to the job of travelling the back country roads safely. Never the less the howling winds and intimidating weather were proven not to be a deterrent for the declared candidates preparations for the upcoming Provincial by- elections in Niagara Falls.

Kim Craitor the former Liberal MPP had resigned last summer creating a vacate seat at Queens Park that is now being contested in the Niagara region. The three main party candidates are Bart Maves for the Conservatives, Wayne Gates NDP, and Joyce Morocco representing the Liberal party. Continue reading

West Elgin and Dutton/Dunwich Wind action groups merge for united front

Working Togetherby Patrick Brennan, The Chronicle
West Elgin citizens who are opposed to wind turbines are seeking to joint forces with those who have identical goals in Dutton/Dunwich. Merging the two groups was one of the goals that came from a meeting last week at the Sunnyside Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant at New Glasgow, attended by about 35 people.

“We’re al here for the same purpose and that is to fight wind turbines,” said Jane Anderson who led the discussion at the informal style meeting. “I think we are as passionate,” said Alex Perovich, a citizen who has spoke out passionately against wind turbines since they were first proposed for West Elgin.

Part of what’s at stake is the rights of citizens to voice their opinions on major long-term development affecting their community, Perovich believes. “If we let this go on, we’ll no longer have a voice in anything,” he said. “I’m totally against it,” commented another resident. “I work in Ridgetown, so I drive by them every day.” Residents noted it’s interesting the proposed minimum setback between a home and a turbine doesn’t seem that far. And they observed, it’s quite insulting for decision makers who appear to be sloughing off facing the turbine issue. Read article

Amherst Island public comment due March 8

AmherstAssociation to Protect Amherst Island
Residents of Amherst Island started the new year with shocking news. The Ontario Government deemed complete a Renewable Energy Approval application by Windlectric Inc. for up to 37 industrial wind turbines and posted the application on the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Registry on January 2 for public comment. The proposed turbine project has entered the “technical review” phase.

The Ministry of the Environment ignored an October 15 Loyalist Township Council resolution ‘’requesting Ministry of Environment (MOE) to deem the application as incomplete and requiring that the proponent resubmit with all appropriate studies and consultation completed”.

In recent months, the Association to Protect Amherst Island made a strong case to the Ministry that the application is incomplete and deficient and should be returned to the applicant for completion. The Association argued amongst other things that the documents failed to address the Loyalist Council position that the documents are incomplete, failed to recognize the presence of Blanding’s Turtle (one of thirty-four endangered species on the Island), failed to properly address decommissioning and how turbine parts will be disposed of in Ontario, failed to consider the impact on over 100 heritage properties, failed to consider the impact on dry stone walls designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, failed to mention the impact on groundwater, failed to identify all cemeteries and burial sites, failed to provide clear noise maps, and failed to address emergency services, safety, and roads use. Continue reading

Rural Ontario, secede or bust

democracy liberty freedomRural Ontario must secede from the Province of “Toronto.” If thousands of us had signs that said. ” Rural Ontario, Secede from Toronto or Bust” that might alert the sleeping masses and hoodwinked bureaucrats. Rural Ontario is being raped, pillaged and plundered.

Will we lie down and take it or will we rise up and fight for democracy? This is no longer about my farm or your farm. This is no longer about my town or your town. This is about democracy itself.

Franklin D Roosevelt, while addressing Congress on curbing monopolies on Sept 29,1038 said:

“The Liberty of a Democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of a private power to a point where it becomes stronger that their democratic state itself. That in it’s essence is fascism. Ownership of government by an individual, by a group or any controlling power” (End quote.)

The corporate powers of the wind industry has become stronger than our provincial government. Continue reading

Fighting the wind turbine bullies

Vancouver SunEzra1

Ministry approves Sumac Ridge wind project; Manvers group planning appeal

(MANVERS TWP) Manvers Wind Concerns announced they will appeal the Province’s decision to approve the controversial Sumac Ridge wind energy project in the City of Kawartha Lakes. On Wednesday (Dec. 11) the Ministry of the Environment announced approval for wpd Canada’s Sumac Ridge wind project, although with conditions, including a requirement that construction not begin until all permits for endangered species have been issued.

Ward 16 Councillor Heather Stauble said she checked the notice on Thursday morning (Dec. 12) and that the approvals were for two Sumac Ridge wind turbines. She said there are four proposed wind farms for the City of Kawartha Lakes being developed by different green energy companies; Sumac Ridge, Snowy Ridge, Settlers Landing and Stoneboat. Each project has five turbines. Sumac Ridge is being developed by wpd Canada and is the first of these to get provincial approval. Read article

OPP called by Huron East mayor: Tries to ram through wind turbine bylaws

democracyMy Huron Info
OPP officers were required to calm the pandemonium that ensued when four wind turbine bylaws were scheduled to be read at Huron East Council’s Dec. 3 meeting. After repeated interruptions by the dozens of members of Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) in attendance, Huron East Mayor Bernie MacLellan engaged two police officers to ensure the meeting would run smoothly, and without further interruption.

At the meeting, council was set to authorize bylaws that would approve road user agreements and community vibrancy funds with both Varna Wind Inc. and the St. Columban Energy Limited Partnership. Only one of the four motions would eventually pass. Before the bylaws were introduced, HEAT member and Councillor Allison Dekroon made a motion that would defer the four bylaws, calling the documents “hefty”. She said since council only received the documents the Friday before the meeting, members of the public had not been given time to review them and did not have enough time, legally, to request a formal appearance before council that night.

She suggested the bylaws be deferred until the Jan. 7 meeting so council, and members of the public, could do their due diligence. “We’re not giving the people a voice,” she said. Councillor Les Falconer, however, disagreed with Dekroon, saying that council had been working on the road user agreements for almost a year, long before Dekroon was even a councillor. “This has gone back and forth for nine months in closed session,” Falconer said. Dekroon said she felt the province’s ombudsman would have a problem with council rushing the documents through. MacLellan disagreed. Read article

Wind turbine opponents send a message in Dutton

1297501163094_ORIGINALPatrick Brennan, The Chronicle
A group protesting wind turbines in Dutton/Dunwich took their case to the streets Thursday, greeting guests arriving for a Christmas party sponsored by the company.
Approximately 22 residents carrying protest signs, greeted traffic arriving at the Dutton/Dunwich Community Centre for a Christmas party. Protesters were peaceful and simply handed out an information sheet before allowing vehicles to come in off the street and park.

“Concerned Dutton/Dunwich residents have established a group to formally opposed to industrial wind turbines projects proposed for this community,” read a handout from the group. Invenergy has been negotiating with landowners for leases in Dutton/Dunwich that would allow to erect wind turbines.

In recent discussions with Dutton/Dunwich, the company has said it is no longer interested in participating in public meetings on green energy, but will hold stakeholder meetings instead. The company told Dutton/Dunwich Laurie Spence Bannerman it is not interested in being part of the meetings because the earlier ones tended to turn into shouting matches. Ric Walford, a spokesman for the citizen’s group, said it wanted the company to be clear on where large groups of residents stood when it came to wind turbines. Read article

Message to Chiarelli: Say NO to Hydro Hikes Protest

Petition: Dismantle the Green Energy Act

sign-the-petitionCanadian Taxpayers Federation
Dear Premier,

Ontario families are struggling to pay their energy bills, while the provincial government doubles down on subsidizing failed green energy programs.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of Ontario to dismantle the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 and stop letting green ideology guide our energy polices in Ontario at the expense of ratepayers.

Andrea wants to hear from you

[Send your comments to NDP leader Andrea Horwath: ]

Dear Ms Horwath
You have invited Ontario citizens to comment on how the Provincial Liberal Energy Policy is affecting us as consumers. The Liberal policies, or lack thereof, are driving this province off the road and “into the ditch”. While rural Ontario residents are chaffing under the inhumane policies of this Liberal government, the New Democratic Party continues to “prop up” this government in hopes of being tossed a few “bones” in the form of minor adoptions of some of the NDP platform in return for support of this “major minority”… to use the words of the former premier of this province.

The suffering, we fear, is only beginning! My wife and I are senior citizens living on a fixed income. We have cut back our budget to a “bare-bones” level and fear that some of the necessities of life such as heat in the winter and food in our stomachs will be the next sacrifices to be made. I’m sure you would be shocked if you knew the small amount of money we’re forced to live on for the rest of our days! All of this while some foreign multi-national energy companies are getting wealthy off those same sacrifices by Ontario’s own people. We will be paying ridiculous rates for our electricity while we subsidize the cost of power to other jurisdictions which are now using those savings against us by taking our jobs and our standard of living. My wife and I are experiencing increased medical costs due, in part, to the impact of increasing age but also due to medical issues that have arisen as industrial wind “farms” continue to be constructed in our “back yard”! For example, neither of us experienced tinnitus or vertigo, or increased difficulties with “impulse control” until Nextera, Capital Power, Samsung, and Niagara Region Wind Company showed up in Haldimand/Norfolk. Read letter

New Wind Action Group forms in Dutton/Dunwich

duttonWind Turbine Opposition Group established in Dutton/Dunwich Ontario
Concerned Dutton/Dunwich residents have established a group to formally oppose Industrial Wind Turbine projects proposed for this community. The group members have been active for several months participating in public meetings, lobbying provincial MPPs, council hearings, organizing a petition requesting council to declare Dutton/Dunwich an “Unwilling Host” and the current signage campaign to raise public awareness. The group will now operate under the name Dutton/Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines DDOWT – pronounced “doubt”. DDOWT will continue to raise public awareness and channel opposition efforts with the goal to stop the Industrial Wind Turbine developments and avoid the adverse impacts they pose to our community.

DDOWT Plans Public Protest Action 5:30PM December 5th, 2013
DDOWT members are planning a protest at the Dutton/Dunwich Community Centre (MAP) at 5:30PM December 5th, to demonstrate opposition as the Invenergy lease holders gather for their annual meeting. Invenergy is the proponent for a 30 turbine 90MW project proposed for Dutton/Dunwich. Invenergy have been operating largely in secrecy and signing lease holds with individual property owners for several years. DDOWT spokesperson Ric Walford states that the “Wind Turbine companies, Land/Lease Owners, and all levels of government need to understand the consequences resulting from potential health issues, decline in property values and financial liabilities that extend well beyond the Lease Holder’s property and the inadequate 550m setback requirements. As reported by major studies, Ontario’s Green Energy Act has failed to deliver Green Energy objectives and has created a financial
burden that already exceeds the $1Billion losses from the recent Gas Plant cancellations. Expanding Wind Energy developments will contribute to the ever rising energy prices in Ontario. These projects will have detrimental effects on our business competitiveness and on every Ontario resident.”

DDOWT contact information:
Media inquiries: Ric Walford (519) 762-6571

MAWT shows strength and community spirit

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MAWT was out in full force once again at the Silverdale Community Hall in St. Anne  on November 27th 2013..  The  Mothers Against Wind Turbines are a group of strong, determined and dedicated women.  Who with their family members will not stop the fight to preserve their communities against the relentless onslaught of wind projects being forced unto them.  The depth of talents and skills ranged from the cooking in the kitchen, desert table submissions, and a large variety of crafts donated for the raffle table.
Smiles and laughter rang out throughout  but the purpose for the gathering was ever present. The year is drawing to a close and Christmas is just around the corner.  The true strength of this group is being agents of change.  The talk in the kitchen and the hall was  positive and focused on what can be done and what is being done next in the wind battles.  Today is the start of that change, and tomorrow will be the memories of yesterday.
Hope you can join us and see you next time.

Mothers Against Wind Turbines

Signs draw attention

signWest Elgin Chronicle
Those small lawn signs protesting wind turbines in Dutton/Duwnich and West Elgin are starting to attract some attention. Dutton/Dunwich Coun. Dan McKillop questions whether the signs, are on private or public property.

The signs are red on a white background and use a stop sign symbol reading: Stop the Wind Turbines. They are scattered on properties in Dutton/Dunwich and West Elgin, usually close to the road, where they can be seen by traffic.

McKillop was told the signs are likely on the County of Elgin’s road allowance portion of major routes like Talbot Line. If that’s the case, he asked, does the county have any concern about them?

Dutton/Dunwich Mayor Bob Purcell said the signs are much like election ones which are seen for a campaign period and then taken down. The wind turbine issue has taken Western Elgin municipalities by storm since fall with the majority of ratepayers stubbornly against them. Read article

MAWT “Country Harvest Dinner”, Nov 27

harvest dinnerAnother notice from the Mothers Against Wind Turbines to invite you to our next dinner!! Thank you so much for all your support for our past three suppers. Everyone has enjoyed the meals and the camaraderie within our group.

Our dinner will be on Wednesday, November 27th. We are calling the event “Country Harvest Dinner.”

Place: Silverdale Hall, 16 Road (MAP)
Time: 6 pm-8pm
Menu: turkey, roast beef, cole slaw, potatoes, vegetables, buns, a variety of homemade desserts and beverages.
Cost: adults $10 and children under 12 years cost $5 Continue reading