An excellent site that is working to list all the wind projects and their turbine locations: Ontario Wind Turbines

If you have a map of turbines in your area, please submit them here.

Bruce Peninsula

Lake Huron Shoreline

Huron County

Bruce County


Essex County

Chatham-Kent and Essex Combined (with offshore projects included)

Middlesex County

Essex County and Chatham Kent Combined
This map shows 706 turbines built, or soon to be built, on this narrow corridor where two major flyways (Mississippi and Atlantic) converge. At its narrowest point, between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie near Tilbury, Ontario, the funnel is only 32 kilometres (20 miles). In their over-zealous rush, the McGuinty government has not factored in the devastating cumulative effects of dislocation to major migration routes.

Haldimand County

Norfolk County

Amherst Island:  Amherst Island Wind Info

Zephyr Wind Project

24 thoughts on “Maps

  1. The only landscape that wil be visible for our children will be wind turbines. I hope our government is pleased with themselves turning a what was beautiful provincial vista into an ugly sic fi nightmare for their own gain. Communism is here to stay.

    • I dislike these things as much as you do. However, it’s not because of communism (other than about 150 party members, there is no communism in Ontario).

      The problem is that the government incentivized it too much. They wanted the market to take over, so they decided to “prime the pump” to get industry involved enough for that momentum to lead to a new green energy sector, which Ontario was to be a leader in.

      That’s all well and good, and would be the strategy of any reasonable government.

      But the problem is that the incentive system, the feed-in-tariff system, is WAY out of line, and offers far too much to industry, to the point that they will push through a wind project despite the opposition of all nearly every resident. This is capitalism at work, but unfortunately someone’s thumb is on the scale, and that thumb is the Ontario treasury.

      • Nicely put. I couldn’t agree more.

        It was a good idea that was terribly executed.

  2. It is apparent we live in a dictatorship, staring Dalton and George, Elizabeth May, David Suszkie,
    Al Gore( he is full of it) David Peterson, he owns a turbine company, he is making lots of money, as is everyone in the Liberal Party. Especialy Maurice Strong, who made this whole scam up, he bankrupt Ontario Hydro ,he bought all this rainforest in Brazil with hydro money in 1991, do your homework. They are getting richer and the taxpayer is getting poorer. The information was changed on a computer in Anglesley UK, the scientists said we were in trouble, wrong, they changed it so it was a money maker for a lot of people. Carbon credits are BS, one volcano and it puts the carbon into the air. It is a way of lifting money from rich nations to poor. Wake up people think about this. None of the liberal party members will step foot or talk to anyone having problems with there health since turbines came to be, that should tell you something. If there is nothing wrong with them why???

  3. These maps would make excellent billboards on the hwys for each region they relate to, along with a brief caption. Also billboards of “My Work Here is Done” (see today’s post) showing McGuilty so content in front of many IWTs & the devastation he’s hell-bent on causing. Since Dalton won’t show his face in rural Ontario, let’s put his face on these billboards on the highways to help city folk to realize what he’s doing to Ontario.

  4. We have to stop these things somehow…I dont care how. You may think I’m crazy but have always had a strong sensitivity to natures callings and it’s telling me loud and clear they can not be built, especially in the lakes. The wildlife has a right to be defended. I need to see more than just write letters to corporate greed whining about the situation. I’m just really starting in on this and ideas and guidance are welcome on how I can help. I am getting an incredible feeling of urgency and after some reading..I see why. On behalf of the natural environment, wildlife and ourselves…Help.

  5. Don’t let the maps fool you. From past observation, these maps are often inaccurate; turbines are not always at locations indicated on the maps, and, the maps do not show all of the turbines.

  6. Who needs maps? You just have to drive through our beautiful Ontario and see the heartbreaking mess of concrete and steel. What is “Green” about destroying everything that is naturally green? Green energy is the Grand Seduction. We need a mass walkthrough at Queen’s Park and we need it now. We don’t have an energy crisis; we have a greed crisis.

    • How can anyone involved in installing these wind mills have any integrity when at the end of the year Canada has to pay millions of dollars to the USA to take our surplus hydro but yet they want to produce more at the cost of the taxpayers!OUTRAGEOUS,!!! thanks to Dalton & Toronto do-gooders who don’t have anything else to do but try to run everyone else’s lives, because they think they know better than the population, Intelligence & education are not the same so please don’t PATRONIZE us!! Were not all that gullible!!!!!

      • I am from Toronto and am outraged on your behalf. No one should have their rights and property value, health usurped in this heavy handed way. The legislation has to be modified to be more in line with Australia. The incentives need to be removed as well for the excellent reasons stated above.

  7. They sneak the turbines in under some silly rule that allows them to do it without really investigation or input because each turbine is low in output. The hearing requirements should be the same as for a large fossil or nuclear facilty based on the aggregate outcput in an area.

  8. I’m reading your comment more than 2 years later… you are right. No amount of protest or letter writing has made any difference. The maps show very clearly what this land is becoming, and it is atrocious.

  9. This is just such a sickening waste of money with nothing to be gained but ugly scars all across our beautiful province and shorelines. The only ones making money are the companies contracted to put them up. Employment in the areas is temporary. We need a list that names every stakeholder of every wind company in Ontario with the number of years since company was formed. Even the foreign investment companies.

  10. did you know they use these turbines for twenty years….after that they will still scar the country till they decay and fall down….it costs a million to tear them down…no one is going to do that. Ugly

  11. How about northern Ontario? We have many here in Sault Ste Marie area, and north near Montreal Harbour. Are there any other areas in the north, present or future?

  12. What a terrible, terrible social experiment to fill the pockets of Liberals and their cronies. They only care about themselves and those that give them kickbacks.
    It will take generations to undo the damage done to Ontario if ever.
    I will not live to see it but I intend to do my best to begin the rebuilding.
    Stan the power man

  13. Its all so very, very sad. Why will anyone care to preserve the environment in the future when we have reduced it all to an ugly industrial complex?

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