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  1. Mr. McGuinty:
    The Green Energy Bill 150 is the tip of the iceberg in your web of deceit and lies. Never again will I trust your Government. We, the people have been lied to, ignored, and our lives and homes have been devalued.
    CanWea has infiltrated Government at the highest levels. Their members, Mr. Livingstone, Mr. Howe, Helimax, Stantec and Aercoustics spin their web to confuse the general public. But the truth is beginning to emerge despite their money, deceit and lies.
    With profits of $500,000. per turbine per year and government incentive money , from our hard earned tax dollars, to line their pockets, CanWea is like a cancer that won’t go away.
    The truth is now out in the open. The wind turbines are noisy, a health and safety hazard to birds, bats, man and animals, a visual blight to rural landscapes, and all the time doing nothing for the carbon footprint or the power needs of future generations.
    Mr. McGuinty lets put a turbine 350 meters from your back door and one in your child’s school playground. Only then can you truly understand the meaning of NIMBY…..sleepless nights, fear, dodging flying ice and devaluation of your home……
    Add my name to the mass opposition to Bill 150-The Green Energy Bill, that is anything but Green. I think that Red is a more appropriate colour for this bill….The Red Energy Act….Symbolizing people’s anger, and death of a lifestyle we will never again have as you industrialize our rural landscapes, and turn your back to our objections.
    With disgust
    Joan Lever

  2. Dear Mr. McGuinty

    I am concerned about the green energy act and how it seems to remove any kind of course of action if there is disagreement to green energy construction. Objection to the seeming lack of democratic process. My concerns with the wind turbines is as follows:

    #1 What about the health concerns that are happening? What is being done for those who are experiencing real health problems? What is being done for them for compensation if they can’t sell their homes if they wish to move? (They shouldn’t have to be forced out of their homes, this should never have happened)

    #2 What is the cost to the tax payer of these wind turbines? More specifically, what does one wind turbine in Ontario cost me the tax payer?

    #3 Does the cost warrant the building of these machines? What about solar panels that could be made available to the general public instead? They are less intrusive, almost invisible. What about small home owner windmills? These are also less intrusive. Ownership minimizes or eliminates objection.

    #4 If all this proves out on paper as a viable energy source, then land should be purchased that is not near residences so as to elimiate health concerns.
    As in California, USA, in a remote spot, the wind farms should be built all in a row to save on wiring to connect them and maintainance roads to maintain them. Here we have dotted them across our landscape, interferring in residential lives and wasting money and resources to build them.

    #5 What about wildlife concerns?

    The following is a letter that I haven’t written myself but I do aggree with the sentiment of. Therefore I am sending it on with the hopes that you will do something about the concerns voiced therein.


    Mrs. Marilyn Votary

    Re: McGuinty advice to Federal Parliament
    On December 10, 2007 Premier McGuinty made the following statement directed at the Canadian Federal Parliament.
    “…it’s about every Canadian having a fair voice in the debates that affect each and every one of us.”
    Apparently this statement does not apply to the McGuinty Liberals.
    What does Premier McGuinty do when Ontario residents express their voice regarding reported adverse health effects from wind turbine complex exposure? The answer is Premier McGuinty labels these children, adults and seniors as NIMBYs.
    What does Premier McGuinty do when 19 Ontario municipalities express their voice by passing resolutions requesting that the McGuinty Liberals study issues such as health risks associated with wind turbine complex development? The answer is Premier McGuinty ignores them and introduces the Green Energy Act.
    The Green Energy Act is a glaring example of the McGuinty Liberals’ systematic indifference to the rights and interests of rural Ontarians and an inexcusable disregard for public health concerns.
    Under the The Green Energy Act an Ontario resident may appeal the issuing of a renewable energy approval to the Environmental Review Tribunal, but only on the grounds that it will cause serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life, human health or safety or to the natural environment. No other industry is protected by such a wantonly cynical and irresponsible test. Take, for example, wind turbine noise and related public health concerns. Public health principles dictate that if there is a reasonable apprehension that the public may suffer adverse health effects from an industrial activity then steps should be taken to avoid it. The same principle applies in approving and zoning development under the Planning Act. In fact, this very principle is imposed on all government ministers, ministries and municipalities by Ontario’s Provincial Policy Statement – but not when it comes to the wind turbine industry.
    The Green Energy Act also threatens to:
    – eliminate municipal planning rights; severely curtails environmental rights and eliminates the independence of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA)
    – assist commercial wind-turbine developers, whose profits will come exclusively from public funds
    – exclude Ontarians from any say in the establishment and location of industrial wind turbine complexes
    – and the list goes on….
    The McGuinty Liberals must be reminded of the advice they directed at the Canadian Federal Parliament.
    “…it’s about every Canadian having a fair voice in the debates that affect each and every one of us.”
    What is more important Premier McGuinty must be reminded that in Canada a majority government is not synonymous with dictatorship

  3. Subject: Bill 150, the Green Energy Act and Adverse Health Effects

    I am urgently appealing to the Government of Canada to protect the health of Ontario residents and that of Canadians.

    Public Health is at risk and this should be of interest to all Members of Parliament, regardless of political affiliation.

    Ontario victims are coming forward and reporting their adverse health effects from exposure to wind turbine complexes.

    Some victims are being forced from their homes due to adverse health effects associated with wind turbine complexes.

    Some victims are suffering from sleep deprivation which leads to serious medical problems. Amnesty International recognizes sleep deprivation is a tool of torture.
    Ontario victims have written open letters to Premier McGuinty detailing their family suffering from adverse health effects from exposure to wind turbine complexes.
    These reports cannot be ignored.

    The drafting of Bill 150, the Green Energy Act, places the health of Ontarians at risk. Ontarians need the help of its Federal Government.

    Under Bill 150, the Green Energy Act, the McGuinty Liberals want to legalize the potential for serious harm to human health provided the serious harm is not irreversible.
    This irresponsible disregard for Public Health is alarming and unacceptable to residents of Ontario. It should be unacceptable to our Federal Government.

    ‘Under section 142.1 (2) a person may, by written notice served upon the Director and the Tribunal within 15 days … require a hearing by the Tribunal with respect to a decision of the Director … in relation to a renewable energy approval.’

    ‘Under section 142.1 (3) a person … may require a hearing … only on the grounds that engaging in the renewable energy project in accordance with the renewable energy approval will cause serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life, human health or safety or the natural environment.’

    By drafting section 142.1 (2), the McGuinty Liberals give residents 15 days to prove ‘serious and irreversible’ harm. Under section 142.1 (3), the McGuinty Liberals seem to support the notion that it would be acceptable for residents to be driven from their homes in order to reverse the adverse health effects of wind turbine complex exposure.
    Public Health is non-negotiable. The public are entitled to protection from adverse health effects associated with wind turbine complexes.

    Wind turbine complexes are being installed across Canada. Other jurisdictions will be vulnerable to the health risks associated with these industrial complexes.

    We urge that the Federal Government of Canada move quickly to protect the Public Health of Ontarians and in so doing, will protect the health of all Canadians.

    Blair and Kara Browning
    28 Woodside Ave.
    Harrow ON, NOR 1GO

  4. Stop bill 150 it seems we have no rights anymor laws are passed with no forthought or feeling for our citizens . The proof of problims are to strong to ignore.

  5. This decision by the McGuinty government. A.K.A- PINNOCHIO and his merry band of liers have once again taken Socialism to a higher level. As if the crap that these Libs hand out to the voters isn’t bad enough in and of itself, we have these Marxist/ Lenninist taking a page right out of the third reich.. I am sad to say that I have never been as mad at a Government in my entire life as I am with this one in Ontario.. When will people wake up and smell the coffee in this Province.We are the laughing stock to the rest of Canada, but it certainly is a disgrace to the people who’s lives he will change in this Province… Shame on all the Left wingers who voted this circus troup into power…

  6. Premier McGuinty has determined that all of us , who have a contrarian view re windpower & the erosion of our democratic process demonstrated in Bill 150 , are just out of step & should be ignored . This arrogance of governance is amplified every time George Smitherman speaks & identifies for all thinking people what the face of creeping fascism looks like.
    Despite the strong evidence around the world that this “rush to create a green energy panacea for our electricity needs ” is short sighted , costly & will be ineffective in the long run. The question is at what cost to the very social fabric of Ontario ? I believe that Mr. McGuinty & his minions don’t give a damn about democracy anymore ; they have become a power-hungry mob of wolves in sheep’s clothing , to coin a phrase.
    If you have lost a sense of compassion for the genuine agony of people affected by faulty locations of wind-turbines & can only spout platitudes re their misery , then you are in big trouble as leaders & we are in bigger trouble as a people unless this cabal can be turfed out a.s.a.p.
    I have lost my belief that our federal government can or will step in to the fray & confront our misguided Premier re his foolhardy energy policies & especially Bill 150’s poisonous elements .
    We must all continue to protest & fight against this sham of a government that has forgotten who put them into power . I’m happy tp join all those who care enough to write & call their MPPs in opposition to the horrendous legislation called Bill 150.

  7. The life span of a turbine is about 20 to 25 years. Today, it costs $60 000 US a turbine in California.
    In Ontario, all the turbines will need to be replaced at the same time in 20 years from now. Of course, the McGuinty government will not be there nor the companies and individuals that lined their pockets with green dollars (the only green there is in industrial wind turbines) when we will have to choose between 2 evils – replace them or abandoning them on a land devastated by their installations.

  8. Thank you so much for the info provided.
    I must scoot and contact Members of Parliament.

  9. The pages I read are in my opinion very true and agree to be honest and clear to understand.
    The bill 150 has to go again, I will never vote for the Liberals again.
    I like to see alternate EDUCATION for the publice on TV, New Papers, Advertisement any which way.
    “HOW to SAVE ENERGY”, which is wasted at this moment in time. Just imagine to turn off all bulbs in your homes inside and outside & office buildings not in use at night time??I like to guess we need no turbines ? Regards, Gisela

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  11. Lets be frank about this wind and solar power. I’m an electrician with several years of education in technical fields so I know how to analyze data for what it is. I could not in good conscience expect the public to rely on this technology of wind and solar power to power a hospital, bank data centre, military installations, fire department installations, ambulance, 911 centres, traffic signals, airports, government installations and other critical infrastructure. Isn’t it very plain and obvious that wind power is very unreliable along with solar power. The power grid must be reliable at all times. Wind and solar power is very expensive and since it is a left wing cause, no one really knows the true costs because the left wing media along with environmentalists wouldn’t dare report start up grant money amortized over a number of years in the costs for electricity. They are known for being liars or being deceptive when it involves their causes. The wind farms are unsightly, they don’t work on calm days, they only operate at something like 30% efficiency over a year, start up costs are high, and maintaining them costs a lot of money. They are a hazard to birds probably. On top of that the so called science of man made global warming is very questionable and cannot be considered science if it is divided along political lines of liberals and conservatives regarding whether it is a viable theory. Many climatologists and scientists reject the man made global warming hypothesis but get very little air time in the media and many scientists have confessed that they have rejected the theory when they were off the record but in public they defended it for fear of losing their jobs. Al Gore was proven in a court of law to be lying several times in his book “An Inconvenient Truth” and much of what he says ignores all facts that would disprove his so called sclence. Only a year or two ago, they only talked about global warming but now its climate change. This tells me the proponents of global warming are running scared that the true scientists have a convincing case that any trends we have are caused by the sun and not humans because we are a lot smaller on this earth than we think. Al Gore’s picture of the earth at night is a deceptive fraud. The earth is dark at night. My last comment is that CO2 is a fairly inert gas and a trace gas in the atmosphere. Clear pop bottles in the sun with CO2 in them are no hotter than bottles with just plain air in them. Ever seen a bottle of pop go off like a bomb at a picnic? It should if global warming from CO2 is true.

    I hope they cancel any wind farm projects. I do recommend wind power for remotely located places where the power requirements are not critical although it is very expensive and unreliable.

    I would like to see a complete spread sheet on the true costs of a 1.5 MW windmill
    Based on a 20 year life. Ontario climate in Canadian funds. With no tax payer guarantee.
    1. CAPITAL COST = $
    4. LAND LEASE =$

    Plus all the other input costs, The cost of Money required to finance one unit.
    Expected return on investment ?


  13. 6. Cost to owners of devalued property = $
    7. Decommissioning costs = $
    8. Legal Costs = $
    9. Insurance Costs = $
    10. Environmental costs = Unimaginable $ to restore.
    11. Costs of new transmission lines = $
    12. Advertising costs to sell the scheme = $
    13. Buy offs = $

  14. The government needs to help the people that are surrounded by these nightmare industrial windmills, you people need to stop working for the rich corporations of these projects and look after us taxpayers.We are the boss and we pay you people to do the right thing you need to stop your losses now.Do your homework all over again because you got big F on this project.Stop wasting our money and our health.Better yet you and your party should resign for your incompetence.Green energy should not cost us our health. I would like any one of these government members come and live next to one of these windmills.Then I am sure something would be done ASAP.


    I am in support of new energy efficient ways to produce hydro, but,… there seems to be many many people affected by these wind turbines.

    Information is the key to succeeding. I just don’t understand the lack of clarity.


  16. More information please. I am in support of GREEN ENERGY, but green energy is to IMPROVE OUR LIVES and I don’t believe we have researched enough facts to conclude this as GREEN

  17. I do not believe the government is ready to step into the green energy shoes. These shoes are massive and the government does not know enough about them. The misguided liberals do not care about the people, only the dollar signs that are visible at the end of the rainbow. Dalton must be stopped and the voters must prevail. Afterall, the last time I checked we still live in a democracy. Funny how the government doesn’t see it that way.

  18. it is not time loosen restrictions on turbines , it’s time to make them tougher .
    in Holland and the UK setbacks are 1.5 K , here they are .5 K . somebody got the math wrong

  19. Michael,

    There is NO way that people can conserve their way out of this situation unless they want to go back to the life style of ~100 years ago.

    The national economy can not grow without increased supplies of energy. Conservation will cost jobs as people quit purchasing goods and services.

    Curent lifestyles can not be maintained with so much of peoples’ incomes being diverted to energy costs.

    This nothing more than propaganda that is being fed to the general public and propaganda always has a grain of truth to it or it would not work.

    As the price of energy increases more and more money is diverted to energy costs leaving a lot less to spend on non-energy items. Like food.

  20. Barbara that’s the idea..distribution of wealth.
    Yours , not theirs.
    The 3 R’s to make things right….soon to come.

  21. Maybe one day we will get rid of the Green Energy Act (GEA). Tim Hudak states that he will get rid of the act in his presentation below to the Association of Power Produces of Ontario . This will probably not help to get rid of existing wind turbine farms just proposed wind turbine projects. Some of the wind companies may go out of business over the next few years if the GEA is not available to generate new revenues and new venture capital money for these companies . Remember the companies!

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