NOT a Willing Host

not a willing host MAP2The NINETY (90) townships and counties in Ontario below have already passed specific resolutions saying they are NOT “willing host communities” for wind turbines. If you know of more (or corrections) please send here. Please include news story or actual resolution passed. Thanks!

  1. Alnwick Haldimand, Township
  2. Amaranth, Township
  3. Amherstburg, Town of
  4. Arran-Elderslie, Township
  5. Asphodel-Norwood, Township
  6. Billings, Township
  7. Blue Mountains, Town of
  8. Bluewater, Township1297401777883_ORIGINAL
  9. Bonnecherre Valley, Township
  10. Brockton, Township
  11. Brooke-Alvinston, Township
  12. Bruce, County
  13. Calvin, Township
  14. Carlow Mayo, Township
  15. Cavan Monaghan, Township
  16. Central Huron, Township
  17. Centre Wellington, Township
  18. Chatsworth, Township
  19. Chrisholm, Township
  20. Clarington, Township
  21. Clearview, Township
  22. Dawn-Euphemia, Township
  23. Dufferin County
  24. Dutton-Dunwhich, Township
  25. East Garafraxa, Township
  26. East Zorra-Tavistock, Township
  27. Enniskillen, Township
  28. Georgian Bluffs, Township
  29. Grand Valley, Township
  30. Greater Napanee, Township
  31. Grey Highlands, Township
  32. Grey, County
  33. Haldimand, County
  34. Hamilton, Township
  35. Howick, Township
  36. Huron East, Township
  37. Huron-Kinloss, Township
  38. Kawartha Lakes, City of
  39. Killaloe Hagarty and Richards, Township
  40. Kincardine, Township
  41. Lakeshore, Town of
  42. Lambton County
  43. Lambton Shores, Township
  44. LaSalle, Town of
  45. Madawaska Valley, Township
  46. Mapleton, Township
  47. McNab-Braeside Township
  48. Meaford, Township
  49. Melancthon, Township
  50. Merrickville-Wolford, Township
  51. Middlesex Centre, Township
  52. Minto, Township
  53. Morris Turnberry, Township
  54. Mulmur,Township
  55. Niagara, Region of
  56. Norfolk, County
  57. North Bruce Peninsula, Municipality
  58. North Dundas, Township
  59. North Huron, Township
  60. North Middlesex, Township
  61. North Perth, Township
  62. North Stormont, Township
  63. Norwich, Township
  64. Oil Springs, Village
  65. Perth East, Township
  66. Perth, County
  67. Perth South, Township
  68. Petrolia, Township
  69. Plympton-Wyoming, Township
  70. Powassan, Municipality
  71. Prince Edward County
  72. Saugeen Shores, Township
  73. South Algonquin, Township
  74. South Bruce Peninsula, Town of
  75. South Bruce, Township
  76. South Dundas, Township
  77. Southgate, Township
  78. South Huron, Township
  79. Southwest Middlesex, Township
  80. South Stormont, Township
  81. St. Clair, Township
  82. Tiny, Township
  83. Trent Hills, Township
  84. Wainfleet, Township
  85. Warwick, Township
  86. Wellington North, Township
  87. West Elgin, Township
  88. West Grey, Township
  89. West Lincoln, Township
  90. West Perth, Township

Copy and paste this template (Wainfleet’s) to send to your council. Just fill in your township’s name where the XXXX‘s are.

Dear Premier,
Please be advised that Council for the Township of XXXX, at its meeting held on XXXX, 2013, passed the following resolution:

WHEREAS the Premier of Ontario has recently conveyed the Government’s desire to limit Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) Projects to communities that are willing hosts;
AND WHEREAS Council for the Township of XXXX has received a clear message from its residents that they are not willing to host to IWTs in XXXX;
AND WHEREAS Council for the Township of XXXX has taken a consistent position on the issue of IWTs;
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council for the Township of XXXX applauds the position taken by the Premier and the Government;
AND THAT based on the consistent position of Council for the Township of XXXX and the input received from the community regarding IWTs, the Province of Ontario and specifically the Ministry of Environment be now advised that the Township of XXXX is not a “willing host” for IWTs;
AND THAT this resolution be circulated to Premier Kathleen Wynne, as well as to the Minister of Environment, Minister of Energy, Minister of Rural Affairs and to all Ontario municipalities for their support and endorsement.

A copy of the signed Resolution is enclosed for your records. Should you have any questions, please contact the undersigned.


cc: Honourable, Jim Bradley, MPP, Minister of the Environment
Honourable Bob Chiarelli, MPP, Minister of Energy
Honourable Jeff Leal, MPP, Minister of Rural Affairs
All Ontario Municipalities (via email)

19 thoughts on “NOT a Willing Host


      • They seem to think it will mean nothing. ..maybe they still see a pot of gold somewhere in solar,seem to think no mainland resistance to those projects,wind or solar…..need to educate every township citizen to cost to them personally on their hydro bill…..see if they want a willing host council that bad……

  2. When are these companies going to stop trying and when is our government going listen?
    We don’t want these damn IWTs !!!!

  3. Is there anyone out there in the GIS mapping world that has the time to use an Ontario municipality map and colour the Unwilling Host municipalities? Sure would be interesting to see the overall picture being painted. The Ontario Wind Turbine Map was great but only compiled the IWT sites. Any takers?

  4. I wish every community in Ontario that is an unwilling host succeeds in their fight against monster pieces of useless steel. Maybe someone in the U.S.A. will proceed to do the same here and scream at our government to stand up for the scam that this is. Good Luck to all of you, I’m with you in heart and soul.

  5. Huron County Councillors will be appealed on October 9th, to over ride ACW’s Councillors refusal to declare ‘unwilling host’ status. Seven other municipalities in Huron County have already taken this step. There is cause for optimism for the majority of landowners/residents in ACW who are in opposition, thanks to the tenacity of outstanding leaders in ACW.

  6. GREAT website! We have a group the is opposing a solar project in our area and upon further research we realize that this is not just a problem in our area, its all over the province and it includes wind turbines. We are working hard to stop the project that is directly affecting us and in the process are demanding changes to the Green Energy Act. We would love to support your cause and would love it if your organization would support ours as well as we are all fighting the same fight. We are issuing a press release tomorrow and will be starting active demonstrations later in the week. We will not stop until we have reached our goals. We all need to work together on this common goal. Do you have an email that I can send our press release and petition to?

  7. Hi…we need to post signs all around wind and solar listing nuclear,coal,hydro power 6 cents/k…..wind 20 cents/k… 35-80 cents/k…….which do you prefer paying for?

  8. The elephant in the room.
    I want to let you know of my new book for your perusal.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’
    I have been silenced for 40 years by the MSM.
    Thank you.
    Historical Climatologist

    PS My website is

    with election looming thursday, this is our last chance to help area pc candidates win their seats….location Taylor-Kidd road,south of 401 hiway on the Millhaven cutoff….june 11, 2-4pm….bring wind and pc signs and friends…looking for good tv coverage to wise eastern ontario up that pc’s are our only hope for shutting down Liberal waste energy,wind and solar, save this province…….protest is at the entrance to Ernestown wind turbine construction site and next door solar project under construction just east of ….requesting OPP presence to keep the peace….elections are won by just a few votes folks, we might get tomorrow…..A lIBERAL WIN WILL FINISH THESE PROJECTS…..AND MANY MORE…..PLEASE ATTEND IF POSSIBLE….I’LL BE THERE.

  10. Can someone help me please!! I was always getting updates regarding the Wind Turbines! and now I am getting nothing!! any advice!!! thanks Lyn

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