Samsung Pattern South Kent Project

Boralex Front Line Project

Enbridge Talbot Project

International Power GDF Suez Blenheim Project

Kruger Energy Port Alma Project

Borlex Bisnett Line Wind Project

International Power GDF Suez


6 thoughts on “Chatham-Kent

  1. I encourage everyone to “thank” mayor Randy Hopeless, the wind prostitute, for Chatham-Kent’s new landscape and public health nightmare.

  2. Warning!
    Read quickly – it relieves the pain

    It’s Public Relations – Parental guidance required
    ……….sending a message to the world!

    ‘[excerpt] Chatham-Kent will be the fastest southern growing sustainability community in southern Ontario.’

    Totally unnecessary!

  3. The enbridge sign above says to stay 305 m away because of icing. How high are those Enbridge turbines? There are at least 3 turbines in the Bornish disaster that are only a little over 200 m from municipal roads.


  5. How can any reasonable person view these pictures without horror? Only those benefiting financially, and living far away from the installations, could support this lunacy.
    I mourn the loss of our rural landscape, the loss of productive farmland, and the destruction of our manufacturing industry through unaffordable energy as the result of the GEA.
    Don’t give up the resistance. If we can delay these projects until we turf the Liberal government, it is our best hope.
    And get your wallets out to mount class action suits – it is cheaper by far than the property devaluation you will surely see.

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