Haldimand Nextera Summerhaven Project

Haldimand Capital Power Project

Capital Power - Haldimand

Capital Power – Haldimand


3 thoughts on “Haldimand-Norfolk

  1. Please somebody do something. Our beautiful wildlife is disappearing and will not return even when the turbines are lying in a pile of rusted metal-a waste of money (has anyone counted the cost of maintenance??) Have the farmers even thought of the danger to their farm animals-their ears are more finely attuned than ours are. Please-we need a moratorium NOW- Tomorrow will be too late.

  2. I saw a blade this morning driving through Dunnville….along with the police cruisers that had to escort them, we all had to stop for like 5 mins so it could pass by….there are sharp razor teeth on the edges which are basically machete’s for all of our birds to get murdered!!! Horrific and the mayor goes into a Samsung commercial…JERK!

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