These signs are sold at cost for $3.50 each or 3/$10.00.    Shipping is about $15-$20 within Ontario

Contact to place your order. Cheques can be made out to Blue Highlands Citizens Coalition

Let’s Cover Ontario with Them!






yeah right



Digby, NS

Digby, NS


Digby, NS


Digby, NS

Churchill's sign near All Saints church

Digby, NS

Churchill's sign on blue building

Digby, NS


Digby, NS


Digby, NS

Churchill's sign at Rossway

Digby, NS

Evelyn's second sign

Digby, NS

Moya's sign

Digby, NS


Digby, NS


Tiny Township, ON

8 thoughts on “Signs

  1. It is wonderful to see people voice their concerns in a way that they may be recognized and received in such a positive way; establishing them as legitimate concerns that threaten their health, homes, and quality of life.
    May this be an inspiration to others to do the same!!

  2. Wow, I filled this space before Debi did, and now it’s bare! Did the new NDP government steal it?That’s their plan for Digby Neck. Makes me ashamed for voting Tommy Douglas thru the years and supporting Arthur Bull with brawn for 2 elections….So now we have the old PC’s or Liberals dressed in Tommy’s robes!?…I’ve never missed a vote in my life at whatever level.Now I know why so many vote no more.BUT I SHALL IN SPITE.It’s democracy itself that is at stake here,
    Thanks for getting all the folkdy stuff on line. We do not compete with our Maud Lewis for folk art but we carry her spirit of keeping beauty in the world. Digby Neck is one such place.
    At risk here is democracy itself…Let us stand andd defend it…..

  3. I would buy a sign that would say
    “wind turbines and people don’t mix”
    as I am not against green energy when it’s in the right place.

  4. Mcguinty and Duguid are out to lunch when they say wind farms are necessary for their coal phaseout.
    Wind and solar can’t replace coal because they are not reliable. It is natural gas that will permit phase-out of coal.
    So he is replacing one form of GHG emitting generation with another more expensive one.

  5. recently we drove through the Kawartha’s and they had very large stop signs “industrial turbines and homes do not mix” Does anyone know where they can be purchased?

  6. Signs …… you can buy them here at this site . Or you can go to any sign shop in your area and design or get a idea off line and present it to them .. We need lots of signs to make our point .The bigger the sign the better it is ..

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