Skypower deadline passes

Wellington Times    Update Dec. 4 : Stantec moved last Friday to vacate it’s liens on Prince Edward County properties leased and optioned to Skypower Corporation as part its Byran wind energy project. The Ontario Supreme Court approved the request.

The unsold remnants of the once high-flying wind energy developer, Skypower, have been cut loose.

The former chief executive and the debtor in possession, CIM Group, have taken over Skypower’s solar business near Napanee, its offices in Toronto and even its name. Continue reading

Agricultural and Environmental Considerations

irrigation-systems_10852663_250x250Northumberland Today

For a farm, or a rural property owner, to bear the cost of digging a new well, due to the imposition of a proven faulty technology, by a government or a company, for political-or taxpayer-subsidized gain, is unacceptable.

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OFCA: Stop the Turbines Until Health Study Conducted

By Hugo Rodrigues, SENTINEL-REVIEW  

The Oxford County Federation of Agriculture is adding its voice to those calling for a freeze on wind-farm developments in this county.   Read entire story here: