NDP agrees to prop up corrupt McGuinty Liberal government

CTV news TORONTO— Ontario’s New Democrats have struck a deal to prop up the minority Liberal government in exchange for a new surtax on incomes over $500,000.  NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says the tax on what she calls the ultra-wealthy helps make the Liberals’ budget a little more fair.  She says the NDP will not vote against the budget in a crucial vote Tuesday, which means the minority government will not be defeated.  Read article

Just three more days to speak up for Ontario’s Endangered Species Threatened by Wind Turbines

by Keith Stelling – The amendments hidden in the government’s budget bill will allow the Minister to grant exemptions from the provincial legislation protecting endangered species which presently prohibits anyone from harming, killing, or destroying the habitat of a threatened species.

The Minister will now be able to excuse from prosecution under the Ontario Endangered Species Act, corporations engaged in infrastructure projects including renewable energy (wind turbines), communications systems, electric power systems, oil or gas pipelines, transportation corridors or facilities, waste management systems or water works. Continue reading

Horwath won’t commit to local veto on wind projects

By Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
TORONTO – An Andrea Horwath government would give Ontarians a greater voice in wind turbines located in their community.

Currently, the provincial government, and not the local municipality, has final say in the location of a wind farm although project proponents must agree to consultations with the community.

“The question I have is why the government thinks the ends should justify the means on this stuff,” Horwath said. “Certainly, we need to be proactive and we need to encourage communities to be host communities for the wind farms. Continue reading