Arran-Elderslie council backs OFA moratorium on wind turbine construction

By Mary Golem, Owen Sun Times
Arran-Elderslie council is backing an Ontario Federation of Agriculture request for a moratorium on construction of industrial wind turbines in the province. The OFA, which has about 37,000 members, on Friday called for the suspension of wind turbine construction across the province until concerns such as possible health effects, setbacks, property devaluation and destruction of wildlife habitats are properly studied and addressed. Read article

Turbine developers on hook for fire protection in Arran-Elderslie

by Mary Golem, Owen Sound Sun Times
Wind energy developers in Arran-Elderslie now face more hurdles after council unanimously passed two bylaws at its meeting Monday. The first bylaw deals with fire emergency responses for high-angle rescues at structures higher than 45.72 metres (150 feet).  The bylaw calls for a certified copy of a valid service contract with a high-angle rescue service provider “who shall respond to any and all emergencies that may occur at the proposed structure.”

“We don’t have high-angle rescue equipment in Arran-Elderslie,” Deputy-mayor Mark Davis said. Continue reading

Failed Consultation Process

Friends of Arran Lake Wind Concerns Central Bruce Grey RR1 Southampton ON N0H 2L0

Hon. John Wilkinson, Minister of the Environment
Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy
Carol Mitchell, MPP
Doris Dumais, Director- Approvals Program, Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch

Failed consultation process: Arran Wind Energy Project

As you are well aware, Ontario’s Green Energy Act (2009) Part I, Section 2 stipulates: “This Act shall be administered in a manner that promotes community consultation.” Continue reading

Arran-Elderslie council expected to vote on higher turbine fees

Deputy-mayor says municipality will continue fight against wind farms until health study done

By Mary Golem, Owen Sound Sun Times

Arran-Elderslie is considering raising building permit fees for all buildings and structures related to commercial wind turbines.

Chief building official Stephen Walmsley proposes a fee of $50 per $1,000 of project value. The fee has been $15.

In a written report to council, Walmsley noted the fees “reflect an average, or slightly above average, of what other municipalities in the surrounding area are charging for all buildings and structures related to commercial wind turbines. Continue reading

Municipal Wind Group Invites Liberals

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The Liberal provincial power brokers are being invited to Bruce and Grey counties.

The chair of the Inter-municipal Wind Turbine Working Group, Mark Davis says it’s time to bring Premier Dalton McGuinty and his cabinet to the area to talk to real people about wind turbines.  The Arran-Elderslie Deputy Mayor says if they don’t come, that’s their problem. Continue reading

Arran Elderslie Asks for More Info on Wind Project

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The council chambers were packed largely with wind energy opponents as presenters on both sides of the issue spoke to Arran-Elderslie council on Monday.

Representatives from wind developer Leader Resources updated council on the proposal for the 115 megawatt Arran Wind Project planned for construction in Arran-Elderslie and Saugeen Shores in early 2012. Continue reading

Wind energy supporters and objectors storm council meeting

Mark Davis

by MARY GOLEM, QMI Agency  Owen Sound Sun Times

A supporter of the proposed Arran Wind Energy Project wants Arran-Elderslie’s deputy mayor removed from all future council discussions regarding wind energy.

Bruce Ransome, a Kincardine-area farmer and Arran-Elderslie landowner, said Mark Davis’ “anti-wind bias” prevents him from being an effective decision maker for all ratepayers. Davis has been leading council’s fight to keep turbines out of the municipality.

Ransome told about 60 people who crammed into Arran-Elderslie’s council chambers Monday morning – the majority of them sporting “Stop the wind turbines” buttons – that if the municipality’s long-standing position to keep turbines out of Arran-Elderslie is successful, “then landowners and others in the municipality who support wind energy should be compensated 50 per cent of the amount of the money they will lose” because of that decision.  Continue reading

200 Pack Tara-Arran Community Centre

By Don Crosby, The Sun Times,

Wind turbines blow an ill wind was the message delivered by panelists at a town hall meeting in Tara.

The 200 or so people who packed the Tara-Arran community centre last week heard that turbines cause serious harm to health, decrease property values, destroy sensitive habitats and are making hydro unaffordable for some people. Continue reading

Arran-Elderslie Town Hall Meeting

Over 200 local residents concerned about the proposed Arran Wind Energy Project packed the Tara Community Centre until there was standing room only on Thursday evening for a Town Hall Meeting organized by the Friends of Arran Lake, part of Central Bruce-Grey Wind Concerns.

Although the keynote speaker, Grey-Bruce Medical Officer of Health Hazel Lynn, was unable to attend because of the sudden death of her mother, she sent a convincing message to the meeting expressing her concerns about the health of those living near industrial wind turbine developments. Continue reading

Stay the Course

The Owen Sound Sun Times,

We find the recent debate about wind turbines very interesting and feel it should be syndicated so that other communities facing the same issues are not alone.

We would like to add our support to Arran-Elderslie and trust that they will “stay the course”.

It is fairly apparent that Leader Resources and other companies are really concerned about the bylaw, it must have teeth. Why else would they feel that they would have to go “all the way to the Supreme Court”, they are obviously concerned about the lower courts and the common sense that they might show. Continue reading

Arran-Elderslie showing courage and leadership

Mark Davis

Owen Sound Sun Times

In response to the article by Mary Golem, “Gloves off on wind turbines,” let me commend the courage of Arran-Elderslie council in taking a stance against the ill-conceived and costly wind power initiative that is being forced down the throats of Canadians by our provincial and federal governments. Continue reading

Gloves off in wind farm showdown

Industry ready to fight Arran-Elderslie bylaw
Posted By Mary Golem   Owen Sound Sun Times

115-megawatt wind farm project in Arran-Elderslie “is going ahead,” the developer said, although one councillor called the turbines unwelcome “floppy monuments to government stupidity.”

Charles Edey, president of Leader Resources Services Corp., told council at a meeting in Chesley Monday that not only is Leader proceeding with the 46-turbine project near Arran Lake, it has also pooled $250,000 among seven other developers and manufacturers to fight an Arran-Elderslie bylaw — which uses a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in a bid to control turbine development — and the municipality “all the way to the Supreme Court.” Continue reading

Arran-Elderslie Council sets wind project building fees

Posted By MARY GOLEM, Owen Sound Sun Times

Arran-Elderslie council has accepted a building permit fee schedule of $15 per $1,000 of project value for all buildings and structures related to industrial wind turbines.

The fees reflect the average, or slightly above average, fee other municipalities in the area charge, according to a written report from chief building official Stephen Walmsley received by council at its meeting in Chesley Monday. Continue reading

Support for turbine control law grows

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By Mary Golem,  Owen Sun Times Correspondent

Support is growing for Arran- Elderslie’s bylaw to control industrial windfarm development using a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, based on health and safety concerns. Continue reading

Neighbouring municipalities support Arran Elderslie in turbine fight

Mayor Kevin Eccles

Posted By MARY GOLEM, Grey Bruce Shoreline Beacon

Arran Elderslie and representatives of its neighbouring municipalities “will wait and see” what level of support there is from municipalities across Ontario before proceeding with any further opposition to wind energy projects.

Arran Elderslie recently passed a bylaw to amend the municipal code in order to invoke a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in an attempt to block wind turbine development within the municipality. However, when Arran Elderslie attempted to circulate the bylaw to all Ontario municipalities through AMO (the Association of Municipalities of Ontario) “we encountered a roadblock,” Arran-Elderslie chief administrative officer (CAO) -clerk A.P. Crawford told a special council meeting in Chesley Thursday night. “AMO declined to circulate it for policy reasons,” Crawford told members of Arran-Elderslie council, as well as representatives of Grey Highlands, West Grey, Georgian Bluffs, Huron-Kinloss, South Bruce and Chatsworth councils who were invited to the meeting to discuss their opposition to wind energy projects.

“That’s pretty interesting,” Chatsworth mayor Howard Greig and West Grey mayor Kevin Eccles responded, both saying they had never heard of such a refusal. Continue reading

Davis calls others to turbine fight

Mark Davis

by Denis Langlois    Owen Sound Sun Times

Coun. Mark Davis says he hopes other municipalities will follow Arran-Elderslie’s lead by passing bylaws aimed at reclaiming municipal control over wind farm developments.

He also hopes to amass a “war chest” to fight the province in court, if necessary.

“There’s strength in numbers,” the outspoken wind turbine critic said Friday.

Davis’s wind turbine control bylaw passed final reading this week at Arran-Elderslie council.

It argues that Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms — the protection of life, liberty and security — trumps Ontario’s Green Energy Act, which controls wind farm development. Wind farm opponents say massive turbines cause serious health effects. Continue reading

Arran-Elderslie Bylaw to control turbines in effect

Posted By MARY GOWAN, Owen Sun Times

Arran-Elderslie has passed a bylaw to control wind turbine development based on health concerns and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Council unanimously approved final reading to the bylaw Monday, although there was disagreement about using taxpayers’ money to defend it if it should be challenged.

Elderslie ward Coun. Mark Davis and the municipality’s former clerk-administrator Joan Albright worked on the bylaw, which calls for “the protection of life, liberty and security of person” under Section 7 of the Charter, claiming wind turbines cause serious health effects. Continue reading

Arran-Elderslie Council unanimously supports new bylaw

By Mary Golem, Owen Sound Sun Times
Arran-Elderslie has given first and second readings to a draft bylaw to amend the municipal code in order to invoke a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in an attempt to block wind turbine development. Continue reading

Arran-Elderslie may invoke the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Owen Sound Sun Times

Arran-Elderslie may invoke the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in its latest attempt to block unwanted wind turbine development.

At a special meeting of council Thursday, Coun. Mark Davis circulated a draft bylaw calling for protection of life, liberty and security of the person under section 7 of the charter, claiming wind turbines cause serious health effects and are a blight on the rural landscape.

“We owe it to our people to maintain their health and well-being . . . We don’t want Arran-Elderslie to look like Bruce Township,” with all of its wind turbines, said Davis. “It’s disgraceful and disgusting.” Continue reading