Will you help save Arran Lake?

Beautiful Arran Lake has been targeted for a 46, 2.5mw turbine wind energy project by foreign multinationals, Mesa Energy (T. Boone Pickens of Texas and General Electric with Leader Resources. There are at least 4 more proposals for our township.

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Wind developer plans to industrialize Arran Lake

Sandhill Cranes at Arran Lake

It would be difficult to imagine a natural habitat more inappropriate for an industrial wind turbine development than the one that has been selected for the Arran Wind Energy Project.

Within its boundaries is a functioning Natural Heritage System (MNR) comprised of six Life or Earth Sciences ANSIs1, three Provincially Significant Wetlands forming a 1235.6 hectare wetland complex; several migratory bird staging areas and an international migratory flight corridor; two Conservation Authority lands; recreational and tourism facilities; Continue reading