Municipalities took too long to react: MPP

They were asleep at the switch and McGuinty rammed it through.


The pursuit of green energy in the fields of rural Ontario is just another example of a Toronto-centric mentality by governments at Queen’s Park, says MPP Bill Murdoch.

“We have a problem in rural Ontario, we’ve had it for a long time,” Murdoch said in a recent interview. “Everything at Queen’s Park being, it’s OK for Toronto so it’s OK for the rest of Ontario.”

Murdoch says it’s this “attitude” that fuelled his comments earlier this year that Toronto and the rest of the province should go their separate ways.

Murdoch acknowledges his proposal to hive the rest of the province off from Toronto is not likely to happen. But he appreciates the chance to air his concerns.

“It’s great to have this discussion, and hopefully the least that will come out of it is that McGuinty will start to realize we are serious in rural Ontario, and do want some say. Where it goes I have no idea. I’m looking for input.” Continue reading

Murdoch does understand rural concerns like the wind at his back

Posted By MICHAEL DEN TANDT Owen Sound Sun Times

The provincial Green Energy Act assumes that wind power is good; that its rise in modern energy production is inevitable; that anyone concerned about health or other effects is a quack; and that the province, driven by green politics in Toronto, is therefore right to ram it through despite local objections.

That is a mistake.

What they have missed, and what Murdoch clearly understands, is that this debate over wind turbines taps something very deep in the character of rural Ontario. Many Ontarians are deeply, viscerally attached to the land and to the landscape. We want to preserve it.

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