Citizens call for CAW turbine shutdown

By Tiffany Wilson – Shoreline Beacon 1297459376670_ORIGINAL

Many residents who say their worlds have been turned upside down since the wind turbine at the CAW Family Education Centre turned on, had their stories heard at Saugeen Shores town council Monday night.

And it appears as if councillors are ready to do everything they can to make the lives of these citizens return to normal.

Approximately 20 weeks ago, members of Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy (STOP) started documenting complaints from residents who have seen a dramatic shift in their physical and mental well-being since the Canadian Auto Workers’ (CAW) wind turbine in Port Elgin began operational.  Read article

Port Elgin Residents to voice turbine impact stories before council

STOP CAW BillbooardBy Sarah Sloan, Shoreline Beacon News

It has been approximately 20 weeks since the blades on the Canadian Auto Workers’ (CAW) wind turbine in Port Elgin have been spinning. It has also been the same amount of time since members of Stop Turbine Operation Policy (STOP) have been tracking complaints of those experiencing alleged negative impacts associated to the turbine.

A recent email sent to those on STOP’s mailing list, provided some of those complaints which included audible noise outside the home preventing property enjoyment; inside the home causing sleep depravation, headaches, nose bleeds, nausea and dizziness, to name some.

In the same email, STOP spokesperson Greg Schmalz said the listed symptoms go away when those affected leave the turbine area, but reappear when they come back.

Deputy mayor Luke Charbonneau made reference to some of those residents who have made complaints at last Monday night’s council meeting. He also said he had visited with a couple who live on Stickel Street, close to where the turbine is situated.  Read article

Be wary of the green monster

Shoreline Beacon
As it rises from the ground it reminds me of something designed by a committee, where everyone’s input has to be considered. I am sure that someone thought it would be great symbolism to paint it green. Yes, it will be a 30 story striped green tower with a red flashing light. That should blend nicely into a surrounding neighbourhood of trees and 1 to 2 storey residences. Why, you’ll barely notice it! Too bad they did not truly consider the neighbourhood. One might surmise that a good neighbour would have had an information meeting more recently than August 2005. Can you imagine the moral indignation from the CAW if a corporation were to use 6 year old data when discussing Health and Safety during a contract negotiation or if the government was to make changes to the labour laws and not consult the CAW! Continue reading

MP Ben Lobb speaks out on CAW turbine decision

Ben Lobb, MP

Saugeen Times
In the past several weeks my office has been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails regarding the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) wind turbine at the Family Education Centre. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with members of Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy (S.T.O.P.) and the Director of the CAW to ensure I was fully informed on this issue. Continue reading