Carol Mitchell sticks to the script

Mitchell defends wind turbine policy

by Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times

Ontario’s minister of agriculture defends the government’s handling of the controversial renewal energy policies as part of a 25-year plan to develop a sustainable energy system while getting rid of coal-fired generators.

“When we talk about energy we have to have a comprehensive policy; renewables are a part of that,” Carol Mitchell told a round table forum put on by the Bruce County Federation of Agriculture on Saturday. Continue reading

Carol Mitchell is suddenly “anti-wind” (just offshore though)

Offshore wind is off the table

A press release from Huron-Perth MPP Carol Mitchell applauded the news that no offshore wind projects will be located on Lake Huron “as Ontario is not proceeding with proposed offshore wind projects while further scientific research is conducted.”

By Susan Hundertmark, Clinton News Record

An announcement Friday afternoon that the provincial government will not be proceeding with offshore wind projects, including the 12 offshore wind applications in Lake Huron made in 2008 by three companies, was greeted with cynicism by a local anti-wind group. Continue reading

Carol Mitchell, Can You Hear Us Now?

Carol Mitchell's office

In my mail today I found a flyer from Carol Mitchell, MPP for Huron-Bruce, proudly detailing the bountiful gifts which the Liberal government has bestowed upon our riding.  A major part of the brochure is dedicated to “the clean energy revolution – for cleaner air and the health of our kids, and to bring prosperity, jobs and economic growth to our province.” (Carol Mitchell, MPP Huron-Bruce Winter Newsletter 2010)
Nowhere in this flyer did I find reassurance that the McGuinty government would assist those citizens who have had to leave their homes due to the noise from wind turbines, or a commitment to do a proper health study to determine why people living in close proximity to wind projects are suffering health problems.  I also did not find any reference to property devaluation of homes situated near wind turbines.  Somehow overlooked was how the Green Energy Act has taken away the right of local governments to have meaningful imput into energy projects within their own municipalities and how these wind projects have divided communities, pitting neighbour against neighbour.  Continue reading

Councilor: Lead, follow or get out of the way, Carol Mitchell!

Hi Carol,
I understand that you received a PDF file of the location proposals for Wind Turbine placement and lease options on additional land in Central Huron. I have just finished reviewing the locations / placements and I am appalled at the amount of Class 1 farm land that will be consumed either by the turbine or the road leading into it. The future responsible development of CH is being sacrificed by the GEA and the government that implemented it. I find it impossible to believe that a government made up of reasonably intelligent people could agree that this is good planning. Continue reading

Huron MPP Carol Mitchell on why she missed the wind turbine meeting…

Violations of Section 2 of the Green Energy Act, Constitution and Charter

Re: Violations of Section 2 of the Green Energy Act, Constitution and Charter, requiring no approval of any wind project by MOE and the government

This letter is pursuant to Community Consultation under Section 2 of the Green Energy Act and the Constitution and Charter.

I live within the proposed Arran Wind Energy Project. The proposed Arran Wind Energy Project cannot be approved for the following reasons, and for the reasons I have provided to others throughout the Community Consultation period. Further, any proposed wind project within my Community of Saugeen Shores cannot be approved for the following reasons, and for the reasons I have provided to others throughout the Community Consultation period. Continue reading

Interview with Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell

By JONATHAN SHER, The London Free Press

With lakeshore residents up in arms over proposals to build wind farms in Lake Huron, Free Press reporter Jonathan Sher interviewed Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell. Here is the transcript from Friday’s interview:

Sher: The Ontario Ministry of Environment has a proposal to create a 5 km buffer along the lakeshore. In Michigan, on the other side of the lake, there’s some thought they’d go twice as far to protect the tourism trade.

How far a buffer do you think we need?

Mitchell: When the Green Energy Act was developed there’s always a scan of all of areas that have similar activity happening in their jurisdiction so that will happen again. Continue reading

Underwood woman clears Legislature gallery

Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell slipped out of the House during the debate, said Schmidt. “She’s not looking after the best interests of her constituents.”

By Eric Howald,  Kincardine Independent

You have to decide if you’re going to be quiet or speak out and do what is right, says an Underwood-area resident.

Norma Schmidt has decided to speak out.

And that led to her being escorted from the gallery at Queen’s Park Wednesday afternoon.
“I had my say and then I left,” she said in a phone interview Thursday afternoon.

Schmidt was one of a large contingent of residents from Bruce and Grey counties who travelled by bus and car to Queen’s Park to protest the wind farms that are springing up across the province.

About 250 of the demonstrators were in the House to hear a debate on a motion calling for a moratorium on wind farm projects until an independent, comprehensive study of the health and environmental impacts of wind farms is completed. The motion also called on the government to restore the planning authority governing them to municipalities and local boards.

It was too much for Schmidt when she heard a Liberal MPP say there are no health problems associated with wind turbines. Continue reading