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Dalton green dreamPeter Epp, Chatham Daily News
Dalton McGuinty has been a private citizen for only three days, and already his prized Green Energy Policy is facing perhaps its biggest challenge . . .  ironically, where the policy’s impact was first felt in the province, in Chatham-Kent. Transport Canada has ordered the removal of eight wind turbines that have been placed near the Chatham Municipal Airport. The order was revealed Friday and, if carried out, will likely have an enormous impact elsewhere in Ontario.

The order is unprecedented, and if the wind turbines are indeed removed, they will be the first to be removed since McGuinty’s Liberal government introduced the Green Energy Act four years ago, in 2009. Chatham-Kent was fertile ground for the Liberals when they started rolling out their plans to populate rural Ontario with turbines and solar panels, ostensibly to generate clean energy. The first turbines were erected here; in fact, they were starting to be built even before the legislation was in place. Today, as a municipal jurisdiction, Chatham-Kent is host to more wind turbines than anywhere else in the province. Read article

Breathing down rural Ontario’s back

Chatham Kent: IPC GDF Suez Wind project (from Fargo Line) – photo by David LibbyCHATHAM KENT INTERNATIONAL POWER GDF SUEZ FROM FARGO LINE

Chatham Kent Wind Action Inc. v. MOE

Dates for Chatham Kent ERT hearing — Please check Environmental Registry for changes in dates
Hearing Sept  5,  10:00 AM
Location: Chatham-Kent Civic Centre MAP
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Chatham-Kent Appeal adjournment denied

Chatham Daily News
A request for adjournment concerning an appeal of the South Kent Wind Warm has been turned down, according to a staff member of the appellant’s lawyer.  Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group Inc. was seeking more time in order to line up witnesses, since multiple hearings are taking place in the province. The group is being represented by Toronto-based Eric Gillespie.

The Environmental Review Tribunal hearing is set to resume Aug. 30 at the Chatham-Kent Civic Centre.  The 124-turbine project — a joint venture between Samsung and Pattern Energy — has received conditional approval from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.  CKWAG appealed the project citing potential health impacts.

Foul Wind Blows from Chatham-Kent Mayor, Randy Hope

CanWEA Poster Boy begs for “special” moratorium on 7 turbines. 
by:  Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group Inc
Oddly, on March 12, 2012 Mayor Randy Hope of Chatham-Kent sent correspondence to the Minister of Environment asking for a moratorium on 7 of the planned 55 turbines in IPC’s Erieau-Blenheim Wind Project.   Not the whole project, but just on the turbines south of the Bisnett Line.  On March 13 the Mayor– who publicly proclaims his love affair with turbines and their proponents — stated (on Blackburn Radio) that he continues to favour wind and was even interested in off-shore turbines as well.  Continue reading

C-K will raise turbine concerns – but won’t walk out

By Trevor Terfloth, Chatham Daily News
Chatham-Kent will raise its concerns over the Green Energy Act, but won’t walk out of an upcoming conference, says a municipal councillor. Chatham Coun. Michael Bondy will be the lone council representative to attend the Ontario Good Roads Association/Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference in Toronto next week. Continue reading

Chatham-Kent wind mega-project starts Monday

ENERGY: 110 turbines to be constructed, despite concerns
By Bob Boughner, Chatham Daily News
The Daily News has learned initial work on a new $600 million wind turbine project in Chatham-Kent will begin next week. The approved project is not impacted by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s demand for a moratorium on all future wind turbine projects in Ontario. OFA president Mark Wales, interviewed by phone Tuesday – while enroute to meet with Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley – said there appeared to be some confusion by the public on the farm organization’s stance. “We are asking the government to not issue any new contracts for wind turbine construction until a number of key issues have been dealt with,” he said. Read article

No recourse but lawsuits for folks with turbine issues

Chatham Daily News
Sir: I read your recent news story, “Family taking heat over lawsuit.” The Michaud family has no other choice besides a lawsuit in this matter. I am from the Ridgetown area. People here who live amongst the Talbot wind farm have very similar problems, myself included. In my case, which is very similar to others, I have tried to have the matter resolved by using the complaint system laid out by the Ontario government. But absolutely nothing has been done to deal with these problems. Continue reading

More wind farms possible in Chatham-Kent

London Free Press

MERLIN – Kruger Energy’s official launch Tuesday of its $310 million second phase wind farm may see a third phase down the road. Company president Joseph Kruger II told municipal, provincial and federal officials he’s anxious to take on another project in Chatham-Kent. “Bring it on,” he told Mayor Randy Hope.  Read article

Chatham-Kent Locals Support Killing Wind Farm Deal

by Laura Carney, Blackburn News

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak is getting local support for his plan to cancel the feed-in-tariff program.

Monica Elmes, spokesperson with Chatham-Kent Wind Action says their group also supports Hudak’s plan to scrap a 7-billion dollar deal with Samsung if he gets elected this fall. Elmes says she’s not seeing any environmental benefits for the turbines that are up and she believes landscapes are being ruined. Continue reading

Chatham-Kent taking a stand on stray voltage

By Karen Robinet, Today’s Farmer

Chatham-Kent council is stepping up in the battle against stray voltage.  At its March 28 meeting, Coun. Doug Sulman introduced a successful motion which will see the Ontario Energy Board, the Minister of Energy and Hydro One appraised of council’s concerns over stray voltage, which is detrimental to both animal and human health. Continue reading

Wind energy showdown begins

Chatham Court House

by ERICA BAJER, Chatham Daily News

Those opposed to the Kent Breeze Wind Farm will attempt to prove the eight-turbine project near Thamesville will cause serious harm to human health.

Opening statements were heard during the first day of the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal Tuesday at the Chatham-Kent Civic Centre. Lawyer Eric Gillespie, acting on behalf of appellants Katie Erickson and Chatham-Kent Wind Action Inc., said the focus of the case deals with the medical impacts on human health such as sleep disturbances, stress or psychological distress, inner ear symptoms, headaches and loss of enjoyment of life. Continue reading

Wind farm health effects to be challenged

CBC News

A small wind farm in Thamesville, Ont., is the centre of a big debate over the health effects of wind turbines.

Opponents who claim wind turbines are bad for people’s health are challenging government approval of an eight-tower wind farm called Kent Breeze. Continue reading

RES/Enbridge Talbot Trail wind workers can’t read

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CK Council to advocate on behalf of residents re: Green Energy Act

Chatham Daily News

  • A report from planning services will recommend council continue to advocate on behalf of residents on concerns with the province’s Green Energy Act. There are approximately 450 wind turbines either commissioned, in pre-construction or in the application stage within Chatham- Kent.
  • Council will consider hiring a consultant to develop a shoreline sustainable community plan. MMM Group would be retained for about $100,000, which would be funded through reserves and grants.