Just three more days to speak up for Ontario’s Endangered Species Threatened by Wind Turbines

by Keith Stelling – The amendments hidden in the government’s budget bill will allow the Minister to grant exemptions from the provincial legislation protecting endangered species which presently prohibits anyone from harming, killing, or destroying the habitat of a threatened species.

The Minister will now be able to excuse from prosecution under the Ontario Endangered Species Act, corporations engaged in infrastructure projects including renewable energy (wind turbines), communications systems, electric power systems, oil or gas pipelines, transportation corridors or facilities, waste management systems or water works. Continue reading

Ontario Liberals set to announce merger of energy-planning agencies

by Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail
The Ontario government appears set to announce a merger of its two big energy-planning agencies.  Sources say that Energy Minister Chris Bentley, who has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday morning, will unveil a merger of the Ontario Power Authority and the Independent Electricity System Operator.  Read article

Energy Minister opposes bill that would give municipalities some turbine control

By Susan Hundertmark, Mitchell Advocate
Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley will be voting against a private member’s bill, The Local Municipal Democracy Act, that would give municipalities back some control over the location of industrial wind turbines proposed in their area. “I will not be supporting the private members’ bill. It would simply put an end to the investment and the jobs,” he said during a phone-in press conference organized by the Ontario Community Newspapers Association last Thursday, Dec. 1. Read article

No “wind” in Speech from the Throne: Go figure

by Michael Den Tandt, Post Media News
The Ontario government’s Speech from the Throne contains 2,737 words. Not one of those words is ‘wind.’ And only one of them is ‘green.’ Extraordinary, isn’t it? In all that expanse of rhetoric, messaging, massaging, visioning and stroking, ululation and pontification, there is not one mention of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s signature energy goal – turning the Ontario countryside into an endless thicket of 500-foot wind turbines.  Perhaps McGuinty has belatedly gotten the message? Continue reading

New Cabinet announced

Chris Bentley, Minister of Energy

Jim Bradley, Minister of Environment

by Romina Maurino, Canadian Press

TORONTO – The minority Liberals will unveil a leaner cabinet Thursday with no new faces as Premier Dalton McGuinty sticks to his election mantra that uncertain economic times require a steady hand at the tiller. Read article