Nextera told by 400 at meeting to Leave Town!

The quality of the questions from ordinary people, their determination to gain back control over their own destiny and reinstitute democracy was very impressive.

DURHAM – It was an amazing meeting!  There were around 400 people in attendance.   The wind company was raked over the coals by everyone in the room! The speakers were great! The crowd was great!

Reporters and a few others were recording the proceedings from beginning to end.  One of the reporters had done a story beforehand to let people know about the meeting.   At least 7 municipalities, including Tiny township who said several more councils in Simcoe County would support a moratorium, and 3 counties were represented by one or more councilor and/or mayor.

Many of these people spoke in support of a moratorium on turbines and against the tyranny of the current provincial government, against the GEA, against the stripping of individual and municipal rights.    Continue reading

Ask questions about wind turbines

The Regional News This Week (Haldimand Norfolk area)

My family and I moved into Walpole Township 20 years ago made it home and raised our children. I have never offered my thoughts or opinions to a newspaper before, but after attending the Port Dover and Nanticoke wind farm show and tell, I feel I have to.

We enjoy rural life. We don’t have city water or sewers, sidewalks or streetlights. Being able to sit out in the evening, listening to the bullfrogs and crickets whilst staring at the stars in the dark night sky, feeling sorry for the city folk that just don’t understand we’re not living out here because we’re poor and cannot afford to live in the city, we are here because we want to be.

I then read that some large corporation has decided that they want to make a lot of money by moving large wind turbines into this area and sell the electricity to the grid. This in the name of ‘renewable energy’ and we are supposed to be good corporate citizens and welcome them with open arms. Continue reading

Nextera Hired Goons: Holding a Sign? That’s Jail Time!

…The ‘cops for hire wearing West Grey Police Force uniforms’ pounced.   They told me I could not bring signs into that room. I was taken aback by this and said ” You are kidding, right?”

“NO”, they said, “YOU MAY NOT HAVE THOSE HERE. YOU HAVE TO LEAVE.” Startled, I backed up, held the signs up and told a friend that ‘they told me I can’t even have these signs here!’   (Another in attendance noted that the signs were not on sticks being waved about; that I was not threatening anyone with them, just in case you are wondering…..)

In a flash the two cops possibly weighing a combined 580 lbs., each had one of my arms so that I couldn’t move at all, were forcibly ripping the signs from my hands and telling me that if I resisted I would be put in jail. They repeated that I would be put in jail if I resisted. Some advice from the sixties floated into mind….go limp….go limp, so I did!

I don’t have time to be in jail for holding four ‘Health Studies BEFORE Wind Turbines’ signs in a Nextera wind company Open House!  Christmas is coming!  I’m not ready yet!

In an extremely surreal moment, there I was, 5’1″, 52 year-old woman; a Mom who homeschooled one child, ran another to piano and flute lessons weekly, dedicated county nursing home employee for over a decade, advocate for health and safety re industrial wind turbines for rural families, being dragged out of the Durham Community Center by two towering ‘strongarms’ because I had four signs in my hand.    My shoulders still hurt today. Continue reading

The fight has only just begun

SUN MEDIA Sault Star

Local wind farm opponents vowed yesterday to keep pushing for independent studies into the effects wind turbines have on people.

Ontario legislators rejected Bruce- Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch’s call to halt industrial wind farm development until the province’s top doctor can assure the government turbines don’t harm people living nearby.

But defeating Murdoch’s resolution won’t stop growing opposition in rural Ontario, or mounting questions over how the big machines affect people’s health, wind turbine opponents said. Continue reading

Guinea Pigs – by “Law”

On October 29, 2009, the following MPPs voted to not protect your health because the Ontario Liberal Party has now stripped your rights to complain.   

Aggelonitis, Sophia
Colle, Mike
McNeely, Phil
Sergio, Mario
Albanese, Laura
Dhillon, Vic
Moridi, Reza
Smith, Monique
Arthurs, Wayne
Dickson, Joe
Pendergast, Leeanna
Sousa, Charles
Balkissoon, Bas
Hoskins, Eric
Phillips, Gerry
Van Bommel, Maria
Berardinetti, Lorenzo
Jaczek, Helena
Rinaldi, Lou
Wilkinson, John
Bisson, Gilles
Kwinter, Monte
Ruprecht, Tony
Zimmer, David
Brown, Michael A.
Mangat, Amrit
Sandals, Liz

Vote highlights turbine critics’ health concerns

Read Hansard Transcript Here


MPP Phil McNeely, Hell-bent on Vandalizing Rural Ontario

Posted By Bill Henry Sun Times

Local wind farm opponents vowed yesterday to keep pushing for independent studies into the effects wind turbines have on people.

Ontario legislators rejected Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch’s call to halt industrial wind farm development until the province’s top doctor can assure the government turbines don’t harm people living nearby.

Continue reading

Dalton McGuinty’s green machine is crushing public rights

By LORRIE GOLDSTEIN, Associate Editor,  Toronto Sun

ripleyIt’s never pretty watching people’s rights getting trampled by a government caught up in the latest fad, but it’s happening across Ontario.

The victims are citizens living mainly in rural communities.

Their concerns about the possible adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines are being rolled over by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

We should all pay attention because our rights could be next. Continue reading

Green Energy Act damages democracy

Meaford Express 

Anytime a government rams through legislation containing sweeping new rules governing large industrial projects and limits debate on the matter and ignores legitimate concerns from the public –  our democracy is threatened.

Yet, people across Ontario have witnessed the current provincial government implement draconian new laws that take away public rights and grant massive taxpayer funded subsidies to big industry interested in producing new forms of energy.

The government’s excuse for why all of this is necessary: the new energy being produced is considered “green.” Continue reading

500 Attend Meeting in Kawartha Lakes

By PEGGY ARMSTRONG, SUN MEDIA   The Peterborough Examiner

About 500 people jammed into the Manvers Community Centre last night for an emotional meeting on proposed wind turbines in the area.

City of Kawartha Lakes Ward 16 Coun. David Marsh said he held the town hall meeting to get clarification from the private company Energy Farming Ontario about its intention to build up to 30 turbines. Continue reading

Kawartha Lakes Wind Proposal Raises Ire


David Marsh, Councilor Ward 16

 By Peggy Armstrong, Lindsay Post

MANVERS TWP. – The possibility of wind farms is blowing into the city and it’s causing a big stir.  Energy Farming Ontario Inc. held an open house last month in Pontypool that left one attendee with more questions than answers and a city councillor very frustrated.  The meeting was, according to Ward 16 Coun. David Marsh, “despicable, deplorable.  It’s unbelievable the province endorsed this.”

“They refused to answer questions,” he told The Lindsay Post. He noted that the province requires public open houses concerning wind farm proposals, but he said no one from the province was in attendance to oversee it. Continue reading

The Day Democracy Died in Ontario

Torn Canadian Flag 1The Community Press – Hastings County

How many Ontarians are aware that democracy died in Ontario on May 14 this year?

That is the date that Bill 150, the Ontario Green Energy and Green Economy Act 2009 received royal assent.

As of that day, property owners in Ontario lost their rights as municipalities lost their power to have any impact on green energy or green economy projects in their jurisdiction. In Part II, section 4 (2) of the act it states: Continue reading

Wind Proposal Gets Cool Reception

The Owen Sound Sun Times

Georgian Bluffs Forest
Georgian Bluffs Forest

I’m concerned about the Green Energy (Act) taking away the rights of local municipalities. It seems to me that democracy lives and breathes in the local communities, and people there should have a say in what goes on in their local communities, including these wind farms and energy projects,” said Mann. Continue reading

Mysterious Sculptures Appear – Protest of the Destruction on Wolfe Island

Update July 18th:   The installation has been removed.  The wooden dowels on which the hands were mounted have been cut and are sticking out of the ground.  The hands and the stone with ‘86’ have been removed from the site.

86 Hands - 86 Turbines


Creative Form of Protest

As posted earlier on this site, the Canadian Hydro Developer’s Wolfe Island project has reduced this beautiful tourism gem to an industrial wasteland.   Sensitive provincially-significant wetlands have been destroyed and the tourism industry has died.

Recently, Wolfe Island residents woke up to a strange site.  86 plaster hands (representing the 86 wind turbines) poking up from the ground, each holding a rock.  Read more on this story here:  Guerilla Sculpture

Update on the Destruction of Wolfe Island

Tom Adams Exposes the Green Energy Act Alliance

Wind Turbine Regulation Public Meeting in Port Elgin

Continue reading

The McGuinty Liberals ignored them and built more wind turbine complexes

Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin

On November 24, 2004, the McGuinty Liberals proudly announced the results of its Request for Proposals for 300 megawatts of renewable energy. With noise guidelines developed from the advice of the wind energy industry the McGuinty Liberals started their assault on rural Ontario families.

Soon emerged the first of many reports which described families suffering from adverse health effects related to wind turbine complexes.

What did the McGuinty Liberals do in response to these reports? The McGuinty Liberals ignored them and built more wind turbine complexes. Continue reading

Part III – Public Consultation Report from Port Elgin

Part I – Report from Ottawa

Part II – Report from Chatham Kent

There were about 180 people at this meeting.  The lineup at the mic was pretty much 10 people long all night.  The facilitator kept marking down points made in big letters on a big easel with lined paper.  The request for a town hall forum was accepted.  There was no argument about using that format from them.  Questions went on past 9:00.

At least 12 victims of wind turbines were throughout the room.  Some spoke, some recorded, the rest supported others.  Continue reading

Part II – Report from Chatham “Public Consultation”

Continued from our coverage on the GEA Public Consultation

Overall comments from MOE

  • We have done the research on the 40 dBA and feel this should be the max level
  • We have started a research chair and are looking for ideas, still in preliminary stages and role is not defined
  • We have enforcement in place but have not received complaints, have a noise abatement program in place, can stop turbines if found non-compliant.
  • EA process is now built in into the REA process; all requirements under this will still be required
  • The turbine height setback is based on their research Continue reading

Part I – This is Public Consultation? Report from Ottawa

mcguinty finger

Does McGuinty Listen to the Public?

Key Points from June 15th Meeting in Ottawa:

  • Approximately 100 people were in attendance.  When asked to break up into groups to discuss, the crowd adamantly refused, insisting on a Town Hall type format instead.
  • A very determined and powerful message was given that rural Ontarians are very disturbed about this.
  • No one wanted to hear that 40 dB was like a library.  MOE was strongly told not to say that anymore. No one bought into the 40 db and setbacks. Continue reading

Did you Know Bill 150 known as the Green Energy Act…

  • Takes away your civil right to object to any infrastructure project proposed for your neighbourhood regardless of impact on you and your family.
  • Strips municipalities of their planning protection rights, effectively re-zones all of Ontario into an Industrial zone.
  • Severely curtails environmental rights.
  • Eliminates the need for proper Environmental Assessment thus putting Threatened and Endangered Species at risk.
  • Eliminates previously protected designated Green Spaces and gives them to Industrial Wind Turbine developers.
  • Continue reading

Stripping away rights to object against potential harm to fish & wildlife and human health with gag orders & draconian rules

dictatorshipPosted By ALF BECK             The Ottawa Valley Daily Observer

Democratic-elected municipal governments have the mandate to act in the best interest and wellbeing of their constituents and also exercise control over environmental issues; sometimes for the better and on occasion not. Sometimes they can exercise control through the issuance or denial of construction permits.

Ontario’s Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, George Smitherman, is determined to stifle, if not abrogate this municipal authority. Continue reading

When asked who was opposed, there was a cheer, and the police moved closer.

Liberal bill has taken away rights of public to oppose wind farms

Skyway is proposing to build a “Wind Factory” in Clearview & Grey Highlands Township & invites the public to partisipate in an “Open House” to discuss the proposed project.

Upon arriving last evening, we are greeted by four OPP officers, which sets the tone for the meeting. Everyone is crowded into a hall, standing room only and are told there will be no questions unless they are written and emailed or mailed to their office. Continue reading

Victims of wind turbines should unite

normal_windisnothealthy VOW©, Victims of Wind, is a support group recently formed for those people. In less than one month over 40 people have joined.  If you, or anyone you know is having difficulty, please call toll free 1-888-700-5655 or e-mail

People from across Ontario who welcomed wind turbines into their community are now coming forward with questions and concerns about disturbed living conditions and health concerns and don’t know where to turn. Continue reading

Liberal MPPs aim ‘slap at the premier’ by defying his edict on green energy

Dissent is roiling the Liberal government with MPPs ignoring Premier Dalton McGuinty’s edict that “NIMBYism” will not be tolerated to stop green energy projects.

In an unusually brazen protest, three Liberal MPPs tabled petitions in the House this week with thousands of signatures opposing wind turbines and gas-fired power plants in their ridings.

“It’s a real slap at the premier and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said one government MPP who was not involved in the demonstration. Continue reading

Open Approach Would Only Lead to Chair-Throwing ~Windrush Energy

About a half hour into the meeting, Ron Stevens called for the attention of the room and asked J.C. Pennie, chairman of Windrush Energy — the company behind the proposal, to answer questions posed by the public so that everyone could hear the answers.

Pennie turned down the request, noting such an approach at other meetings resulted in people yelling and throwing chairs.

People leave wind meeting frustrated   Owen Sound Sun Times

Several people who attended a public meeting Tuesday about the Skyway Wind wind turbine project in southern Grey County said they came away frustrated.

“The meeting was ridiculous. A whole lot of people crowded in a small room and no place to sit and no presentation. You have to go up to somebody and ask them a question. I don’t think people are getting the answers they are looking for,” said Barbara Tupling, who lives in the study area at the corner of Grey County roads 9 and 124 and within sight of the proposed project. Continue reading

Ontario Municipalities: Never Give In to Force

Some 2,500 years ago, fable author Aesop opined that, “Persuasion is often more effectual than force.” It is an idea the current provincial government has decided holds no place, at least when it comes to matters it feels are important.

The list of areas where the government has chosen to exert the force of law over the persuasion of education is becoming legion, including but not limited to smoking, cellphone usage and, most importantly, wind power. Continue reading

Owen Sun Times Cartoon – AIM Powergen

Mr. Jay Wilgar, AIM Vice President became quite irate when citizens wanted answers to the health issues.    He insisted the meeting was strictly for "visual assessment".

Mr. Jay Wilgar, Vice President of AIM Powergen became quite irate when citizens wanted answers to health questions. He insisted the meeting was strictly for "visual assessment" and threatened to shut down the meeting if they persisted in asking those types of questions.

Just because they may have a [health] concern, resistance to wind farms is not an option – Deputy Premier George Smitherman.

4_Smitherman_9Posted By Luke Hendry The Intelligencer

GLEN MILLER — Ontario could become a North American environmental leader, but municipalities can’t stand in the way of wind power.

That was the message Tuesday from Ontario Energy and Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman as he toured a hydroelectric plant here.

Smitherman, also Ontario’s deputy premier, praised Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. for its operation of the eight-megawatt plant.

“We are very, very proud that a lot of the investment that is occurring is taking place in the private sector,” Smitherman said. “We have many more opportunities here to create energy from what Mother Nature gives us from the wind and the sun and the water.”

He promoted Ontario’s new Green Energy and Green Economy Act, saying it will make the province not only greener, but more prosperous. Continue reading

Protestors Storm AIM PowerGen Meeting. Called a “Sham”

Protestors stormed the floor of the Plateau Wind Project Public Open House held at the Feversham Community Centre Monday night, demanding answers from representatives of AIM PowerGen Corporation (AIM) concerning the effects of the plan to construct wind turbines in the Grey Highlands. Continue reading

Protestors Demand Answers from AIM Powergen

“The wind people are feeling a little bit nervous tonight. They had three cops here. They were definitely nervous and you saw yourself when we asked them questions and they sort of disappeared and the meeting is going to be over early because of it,” said Anne Murray, who lives within 1.5 kilometres of a proposed turbine.

A public meeting about proposed wind turbines in Grey Highlands was briefly interrupted when a group of local landowners staged a protest and then began asking pointed questions of company officials.

AIM PowerGeneration, a wind energy development company that plans to build 18 wind turbines in Grey Highlands and nearby Melancthon Township, called Monday’s meeting to get public reaction to a visual impact assessment, which was required as part of the planning process for the project. Continue reading