Any salvation for eagles?

By J. Charles Turner, Windsor Star

Once again, a story in The Windsor Star for environmental buffs to sink their teeth into.

To me, as an aboriginal person, it lifts my spirit to see an eagle. This bird is sacred to us and our ancestry was built around anunkasan, eagle.

It must be said though, that people certainly don’t have to be of aboriginal blood to appreciate nature. Continue reading

The Dark Secret of the Wind Industry

[Note:   After the release of this disturbing video, wind developers are simply dismissing it at meetings, saying the vulture was “shot” down by the cameramen.    You be the judge.]

Raptors such as vultures, eagles and hawks are the most vulnerable bird to turbine accidents.   The big birds typically soar at about the same height as the turbine blades – roughly 300 to 400 feet.  In one year, the entire population of White Tailed Eagles was wiped out at Smola, Norway.  In Ontario, it has been reported coyotes are numerous around turbine facilities.   Why?  To swoop in and pick up  the dead and injured.  Continue reading