Liberal Energy Policy to Blame for Exorbitant Hydro Rates

Lindsay Post

As Ontarians wake up and smell the coffee brewed by ever-increasing hydro fees beginning May 1st, they will be reaching deeper in their pockets.

Hydro rates are going to increase $300 in the next year, and more in the future.

The newly announced renewable energy contracts, which include the industrial wind turbines slated for Manvers Township, Millbrook, Orono and Grafton, are part of the reason for the increase. The FIT programs, in which the turbine companies are paid 13.5 cents per kw/h for wind energy fed into the electrical grid, compared to the 5.8 cents per kw/h that householders pay, means the increase in cost is passed onto consumers. Continue reading

Rate hikes could double once green energy subsidies are rolled out

by Romina Maurino  The Canadian Press

TORONTO – A $350-a-year hike is in store for the average Ontario household’s hydro bill, critics said yesterday as they warned that figure could double once the province’s green energy subsidies are rolled out.

An 8 per cent increase in domestic electricity costs announced yesterday is the latest in a series of fees that will drive up costs, and that’s before the subsidies, the Opposition said.

“People in this province are seeing increases that are putting them at the point where they can no longer cope with the prices of energy, and we haven’t seen them all,” said Progressive Conservative energy critic John Yakabuski.

“It’s going to get worse.” Continue reading

Artificially expensive power on the way

J. Gerretsen

Kingston Whig Standard

On April 14, Paul Schliesmann finally explained for me why Ontario is forcing electricity on us that is too expensive to use for anything.

A quote attributed to Mark Mattson, president of Lake Ontario Watch Keep: “(Ministries) are not seen as regulators anymore. They’re seen as facilitators. They’re not doing any of the science any more.”

So that is how they justify it. Since they are getting their science from salesmen they don’t even know that no “green” technology yet exists that actually cuts carbon emissions. Oh, sure, the sun and the wind emit no greenhouse gasses, but the wind plants, solar panels (and don’t forget biofuel) were not built using “green” energy. Nor are the pickup trucks that the operating crews drive. Continue reading

Off-peak hydro rate too high: Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Environmental Commissioner, Gord Miller

Lee Greenberg, Canwest News Service 

TORONTO – A $2-billion program aimed at shifting home-energy use to off-peak hours is about to fail, says the province’s chief environmental watchdog.

Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, says millions of so-called smart meters will be useless unless the government changes course and sets a sufficiently low hydro rate to convince people to do their laundry and dishes at night and on weekends.

Rate increases announced this week show a “disturbing” move in the opposite direction, Mr. Miller said. Continue reading

Electricity rates set to soar

Pay more for Electricity - It's good for you!

By Brian Cross  Windsor Star

“I’m not sure anyone expected it to go up this much, this fast,” said Sasso.

He said the culprit is the move toward green renewable energy projects — wind and solar — that produce electricity at a much higher cost than Ontario’s conventional sources of nuclear and hydro.

You might want to start hanging your laundry on a clothesline because between now and and July 1 the cost of running your dryer — and everything else electrical — is going up dramatically. Continue reading

Electricity rates to skyrocket in Ontario

...and the wind developers are laughing all the way to the bank!

Domestic electricity costs in Ontario will rise by an average of eight per cent.

The Ontario Energy Board approved the increase on Thursday for homes that don’t have the so-called “smart meters.”

Homes that do have the meters — which record time-of-day usage — will be hit with more modest increases of 5.8 per cent.  The distribution rate increase takes effect on May 1.

More increases are on the way as well when the province’s harmonized sales tax takes effect on July 1. Continue reading