Min of Energy grants millions of tax dollars for so called ‘community’ projects

Pigs_TroughHey, who would of known that this was yet another way for the Ontario Liberals to spend your money…grants, grants, grants for community (yeah, right) solar and wind!!
Some notable winners!
$200,000 Rankin Construction & IPC, Loeffen Farms
$200,000 Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. – Rankin & IPC, Loeffen Farms
$200,000 Eirin Wind Farm MK Ince – this includes the Davis-Dagg/Wouters project in Plympton Wyoming – fishy as supposedly this project sold out to Suncor.
$60,000 Roubos Wind Farm – MK Ince involvement
$75,000 River Canard Energy 
$194,300 Willow Creek Wind Project – no info available
$169,900 Majestic Wind Farm – Leader Resources (Chuck Edey)

The Community Energy Partnerships Program (CEPP) is a grant program to support community power in Ontario. We assist community power projects through funding support of up to $500,000. Funding opportunities for renewable energy education projects are also available to assist not-for-profit, charitable and co-operative organizations in Ontario.

In the fall of 2009, the Ontario Minister of Energy and Infrastructure directed the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to establish the Community Energy Partnerships Program to facilitate the participation of Ontario communities in the development of renewable energy generation facilities; in particular to assist communities in paying for some of the soft costs associated with the development of renewable energy projects. The most recent direction, issued by the Minister of Energy on November 23, 2012 directs the OPA to provide limited funding support for projects that are not yet subject to a FIT Contract.

The directing body of the CEPP is the Review Committee, which consists of seven members and a Fairness Monitor. Review Committee members are leaders in their field with expertise in the renewable energy market, finance, project development, and senior management. The Fairness Monitor observes the meetings of the Review Committee, is privy to all the same information, and ensures that a fair process is followed for all decisions, that the evaluation criteria are adhered to, and that applications are reviewed and evaluated in a reasonable time.

Project Grants Awarded
The Community Energy Partnerships Program has awarded 155 project grants representing over 93 MW of new, community-owned renewable energy projects.

Project Name Grant Amount
Fed Sol 50,000
Port Dover Farms 30,000
Poulettes Skye Pullets 27,000
Longhurst 16,200
Lindsay A Solar Farm 5,637
Lindsay B Solar Farm   5,637   
Seagrave 1 Solar Farm   5,637   
Pine Point Solar Farm   5,429   
Burlington Renewable Energy Project 75,000
PEC Biomass 181,530
Domville 101-1 26,450
HAF Wind Energy Project 200,000 Continue reading