Wind turbines hot topic at conference

essex-county1 (1)CBC News – Amherstburg, as well as several municipalities in Lambton County, have put their foot down when it comes to wind turbines.

Amherstburg is among 64 communities that are on an “unwilling hosts” list. Those municipalities don’t want any more wind turbines going up. Another 33 municipalities have “expressed concern” about turbines. Leamington is on that list.

Currently there are more than 100 hundred wind turbines in the Windsor Essex Region and like Amherstburg – Leamington may soon join the “unwilling” list as well. A recent proposal to ban wind turbines in the Leamington area was brought to council last week. Read article

Essex farmers, ag federation split over wind power

Mark Balkwill

CBC Windsor News
Farmers in Essex County don’t seem to have the same concerns about wind farms as their colleagues in other parts of the province. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture wants the province to suspend its plans to expand wind energy. But Mark Balkwill, president of the Essex County Federation of Agriculture, said with hundreds of turbines already running locally, a moratorium would make little difference. “We’re kind of sitting neutral on this position. [We’re] not really sure why the Ontario Federation of Agriculture has taken the position it has,” Balkwill said. “We’re a member-driven organization, so if the members are saying, ‘These issues are concerning us,’ then they’re going to take it upon themselves to look at it.” Read article

Nothing beautiful about turbines

Windsor Star   Re: New technology is going to cost, by Mary Lou Strong, Oct. 9.

Strong states that as she drives toward Port Alma, she sees wind turbines as peaceful and majestic.

I can’t disagree more as of Monday night when I went to bed and the neighbouring albatross was blaring that constant whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.  I had to get up and close the windows, but then the house got warm so I had to turn on the air conditioner. But, wait. I was using off peak power as it was after 9 p.m.

Thanks, Dalton McGuinty. One thing I know for sure is that if any of the other political parties run a horse’s behind, I will vote for it before I would vote for McGuinty.

Bill Cox, Wheatley

Turbines make ‘lousy neighbours’

Rick Vezina

By Andy Comber, Essex Free Press

Rick Vezina and his wife Judy love peace and quiet. They found it 12 years ago, settling with their two children into a dream home on the Graham Sideroad in what is now Kingsville’s Gosfield North.

“We searched hard to find this place – it’s perfect,” Vezina says. “The property is treed in, no neighbours right next door.” Continue reading

Essex County wind turbine opponents beg to differ

By Sonja Puzic 

The province’s top doctor has concluded that living near a wind turbine is not dangerous to your health, but some Essex County residents are not convinced as opposition to wind energy projects persists in the region.

A report released last week by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King, says there is no scientific evidence directly linking wind turbines to health problems. The report is a summary of existing evidence on the subject, prepared in consultation with the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health. Continue reading

Any salvation for eagles?

By J. Charles Turner, Windsor Star

Once again, a story in The Windsor Star for environmental buffs to sink their teeth into.

To me, as an aboriginal person, it lifts my spirit to see an eagle. This bird is sacred to us and our ancestry was built around anunkasan, eagle.

It must be said though, that people certainly don’t have to be of aboriginal blood to appreciate nature. Continue reading

Two Largest Wind Projects Approved for Essex County

By Gary Rennie,

The Ontario Power Authority has approved 20-year contracts for the two biggest wind turbine projects in Essex County with a total construction value in excess of $600 million.

Brookfield Renewable Power received approval for its $460-million, 165-megawatt wind turbine project in the town of Lakeshore near Comber. It’s big enough to power 55,000 homes. Continue reading

Don’t use lakes as testing ground

by Anton Klarich, Windsor Star

By now, many of us have been made aware of the public relations disaster created by the SouthPoint Wind company of Leamington.

Empowered by the anti-democratic provisions of the Liberal government’s Green Energy Act, SouthPoint Wind hosted a series of brief, poorly organized and incoherent presentations around the county on March 27, announcing their intentions to erect 715 wind turbine towers in the waters of lakes St. Clair and Erie. Continue reading

Essex County, ERCA step up offshore wind turbine debate

Public meeting to be held by county council

By Ron Giofu/The Amherstburg Echo

ESSEX — Essex County council and the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) have stepped into the offshore wind turbine debate with many voices of opposition heard amongst the two organizations.

County council has agreed to host a public meeting in the future with the proponents and public in attendance. A date and location was not set, as county administration will seek a venue large enough to hold the crowds they anticipate.

SouthPoint Wind is proposing approximately 700 turbines in both Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair. Continue reading