Doubts hit Ontario’s green energy plan

Lee Greenberg, Postmedia News, Financial Post

TORONTO — Ontario’s plan to incite a homegrown green energy industry has stalled, industry experts say, as the plan is plagued by political doubt ahead of this fall’s provincial election.

Several factors are stirring marketplace jitters, including unhappy noises from the opposition Conservative party, international opposition to buy-local provisions in the plan and increasing hostility to wind turbines in rural Ontario. Continue reading

Climate of Confusion

by Jameson Berkow, Financial Post

Shortly after Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. heard about Ontario’s lucrative incentives for green energy projects, the company did an about-face.

The publicly traded alternative energy developer had largely ignored its home market for years, opting instead to focus on expansion abroad. Then Ontario’s Liberal government passed the Green Energy and Green Economy Act in May 2009 and the feed-in-tariff [FIT] program was born. Continue reading