Energy company removes bald eagle nest to make way for wind turbine in Haldimand County

Picture 017By Jonathan Sher, The London Free Press
A subsidiary of an American energy company has chainsawed a bald eagle nest to make way for a wind turbine with the blessing of Ontario bureaucrats, The Free Press has learned. NextEra Energy Canada took down the nest Saturday in Haldimand County as horrified onlookers snapped photographs — the incident already has drawn outrage from environmentalists in Ontario and even in the United States.

Onlookers claim that no one with Ontario’s natural resources ministry, which approved the nest removal, even bothered to show up to insure it was done properly. “This issue has people infuriated, and rightly so,” said Esther Wrightman, a wind farm opponent.

Also weighing in was Tom Wasilewski, co-ordinator of an eagle conservation association in the Northwestern Pennsylvania: “The Ontario government continues to blindly accept inaccurate information from wind companies as the truth without providing an investment in truly independent, scientific studies of bird, bat, butterfly migration before and after these projects are built.” His comments and photographs of the nest removal appear on the website

The Ministry of Natural Resources approved the nest removal Dec. 31 without input from the public and posted notice of the removal Friday —just one day before the next was removed. Read article

Mayor Ken Hewitt responsible for newspaper closure

by Christie Blanchard, National Post
Excerpt:   But under new Mayor Ken Hewitt, the county decided to trim advertising costs, and issued a request-for-proposals that included some new conditions — newspapers had to take out $2-million in liability insurance, provide their civic-minded bona fides, be willing to have their financials scrutinized and offer “value-added” bonuses, such as access to the opinion pages for columns by politicians.  “Right there,” Ms. Pickup snorted Friday, “they lost us.”  Read article

Mudcat parade in Haldimand county

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Haldimand Council carries resolution for moratorium on wind turbines

By Donna Pitcher, The Dunnville Chronicle

The Haldimand County council chambers overflowed with residents at Monday night’s council meeting as people came out to support a vote on asking the Province for a moratorium on wind generators.

Vice President of the Haldimand-Norfolk NDP Riding Association Al Buswell was in attendance and fully supported Mayor Ken Hewitt’s moratorium on wind generators. Buswell said he would like to see jurisdiction put back into the County’s hands and stated that NDP leader Andrea Horwath and NDP’s energy critic Peter Tabuns also support this change. Continue reading

Haldimand will join forces with 67 Ontario municipalities asking for moratorium

Haldimand Council

By Cathy Pelletier, Dunnville Chronicle

Until it can be determined whether wind turbines adversely affect the health of its citizens or not, Haldimand will join forces with 67 Ontario municipalities that are asking for a moratorium on wind turbines. Continue reading

Haldimand council, farmers are at odds on green energy


Haldimand County and its farmers are at odds about the future of green energy in the municipality.  Haldimand council last week rejected a motion from the county’s agricultural advisory committee calling for a moratorium on solar energy projects on viable farmland. 

The advisory committee is not convinced that land used for solar energy can be easily reverted to agriculture. As well, the committee says there are better places for solar panels such as the rooftops of homes, businesses and institutions in urban areas where the energy they generate will be used. Continue reading