Harrow Wind Facility 2010 Post-construction Monitoring Report

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Response to MNR Comments
The High site sensitivity for birds is based on its proximity (1 km) to the HolidayBeach/ Big Creek Important Bird Area, a globally significant migration staging area for waterfowl in some years and having a large concentration of migratory raptors. (Note: Ansar Gafur of AIM Powergen told me at the Public Consultation that they were completely unaware of any IBAs in the area).

No harvest at wind farm

The Windsor Star, www.windsorstar.com

So, where’s the pictures of the protesters at the so-called grand opening of the Harrow wind farm? I was there and there were plenty of protesters, yet none were in the article in the paper.

They call this a farm? I do not see any harvest going on here. Farms have a harvest, usually grown produce. All we see is another government issue being forced upon us, and another “government elect” representing it.

I live in the middle of these ugly things. There are three in the farmer-owned field behind me. I had no say in whether or not they should be put on the land directly behind me and all my neighbours agree. Continue reading

Wind farm opens to cheers, jeers

Turbines the first of many in area

By Gary Rennie, The Windsor Star

HARROW –  A billion dollars worth of wind turbine projects have power contracts in Essex County and close to 200 turbines could be up within a few years.

The $110-million International Power Canada wind turbine project was the first to officially start up Friday, but not without protests that show discord within the community hasn’t disappeared during years of planning. Continue reading

Harrow Protests International Power Ribbon Cutting

The special unit of the plain clothes OPP attended just in case any of us grandmothers got out of hand. No violence occurred. The local OPP weren’t even aware of the event. Monica wisely questioned each guest as they were leaving if they had been imbibing inside and warned about drinking and driving.  Thanks to all who came out!





Continue reading

Gerretsen admits science is lacking. Harrow project being monitored closely.

Peter Lomoth, a retired Acoustics Consultant recorded sound levels of a local farm last week taking benchmark readings before the Harrow 24-turbine wind energy project becomes operational.

by Andy Comber, Essex Free Press  

Not far away from Colchester Village, a Gore Road resident is preparing for the worst – life among large industrial wind turbines.

For the last three years, Colette McLean has vehemently opposed the 24-turbine Aim Power Gen project, just southwest of Harrow. Unable to halt the project, she is now doing her best to protect her family from any possible harmful impacts.

The McLean family farm sits within the project, with the closest turbine about 600 metres away from the house, nine turbines within three kilometres and all 24 within five kilometers.

“It amazes me how so many people are opposing the turbines in the lake, but they are willing to allow a sea of turbines to be created on land,” Mclean said. “The turbines on land pose many of the same concerns they are opposed to in the water – bird migration, human health, tourism and property values.” Continue reading