Liberals hid wind turbine health report, PCs allege


Letter shows Health Canada seeks meeting with CanWEA on study …why?

“Why would members of the Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study seek a meeting with CanWEA? Who is Health Canada trying to protect: the health of Canadians or the health of the wind industry?”

Kincardine acknowledges health problems reported by residents in wind developments

The Kincardine Independant
Kincardine council has passed a motion to officially acknowledge the health problems reported by residents who live with in wind energy developments in the municipality.

The motion, introduced by councillor Ron Coristine, also confirms that the municipality is willing to continue talks with wind energy developers, the provincial government, other local governments, health agencies and residents affected by wind turbines to “develop effective mitigation measures.”

Mayor Larry Kraemer expressed concern over the wording of the motion. “We certainly don’t have the expertise to acknowledge health-related problems,” he said. “It could open us up to legal repercussions, in my opinion.”

Coristine countered that it is time the municipality recognized what is happening in its municipality. “Whether I’m a doctor or not is irrelevant,” he said. “People are telling us they are suffering from this and we’re acknowledging that.”

Council voted in favour of the motion, with just Kraemer and councillor Ken Craig voting against it.

Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health: Nissenbaum, Aramini, Hanning

Ontario government forcing wind turbines

Guelph Mercury
If the governments of Canada and its provinces decline the use of medicines until fully being tested for health safety, then should the construction of further wind turbines be halted too. When permits are required to ignite a fire, construct a shed, or add on to farm buildings, then a permit should be required for these turbines.  Yet this provincial government sees fit to bully and push its agenda through, with total disregard for processes the community must abide by. Canadians must have the right to decline such projects where it directly affects their freedoms and land stewardship. Continue reading

First International Symposium – The Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects

First International Symposium

October 29-31, 2010,  Picton, Ontario, Canada  – Map
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Identical Symptoms, Protests in Australia

***MUST WATCH*** ABC News – Australia

It’s the biggest wind farm operating in Victoria and it’s putting the tiny town of Waubra on the map in ways the locals never predicted. It’s been dubbed the ‘Waubra Disease’, the health effects of living surrounded by wind turbines and it’s now becoming known around the world. As the State Government approves more wind farms, there are growing demands for serious investigation and for standards to be reviewed.

Nextera told by 400 at meeting to Leave Town!

The quality of the questions from ordinary people, their determination to gain back control over their own destiny and reinstitute democracy was very impressive.

DURHAM – It was an amazing meeting!  There were around 400 people in attendance.   The wind company was raked over the coals by everyone in the room! The speakers were great! The crowd was great!

Reporters and a few others were recording the proceedings from beginning to end.  One of the reporters had done a story beforehand to let people know about the meeting.   At least 7 municipalities, including Tiny township who said several more councils in Simcoe County would support a moratorium, and 3 counties were represented by one or more councilor and/or mayor.

Many of these people spoke in support of a moratorium on turbines and against the tyranny of the current provincial government, against the GEA, against the stripping of individual and municipal rights.    Continue reading

AOK First Nation opposes wind project on health grounds

Demands 2-2.5 km setback of turbines from reserve boundary

by Jim Moodie  Manitoulin Expositor

AUNDECK OMNI KANING-As Northland Power, with input from the Northeast Town, finalizes its plan for a 43-turbine wind farm at McLean’s Mountain, nearby Aundeck Omni Kaning (AOK) has made it known through a recent band council resolution (BCR) that the First Nation is firmly against the project.

A copy of the BCR, approved by AOK council on January 12, was distributed late last week to the mayor and council of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, along with a cover letter from AOK Chief Craig Abotossaway.

The leadership of AOK “feels that such a project is not supported by the appropriate information, such as health studies (and) setbacks, to base a sound decision with respect to the overall project,” writes Chief Abotossaway. “Therefore, the council of Aundeck Omni Kaning is vehemently opposed to any such project development.”

The resolution states that AOK “categorically opposes Northland Power’s wind-farm project proposal until such time as all encroachments of noise, low-frequency noise, health effects issues, and environmental concerns that will affect the health of our membership is (sic) addressed and to our satisfaction.”  Read entire article here.

Ripley Residents Still Not Able to Move Back into their Homes

Credit:  By Sara Bender, Lucknow Sentinel, Lucknow Sentinal

Some Huron-Kinloss Twp. residents want to make it clear that they are still concerned with wind turbine development in the municipality. 

Township resident David Colling attended the Jan. 11 council meeting and said he wanted to clear up any misconception about the wind turbine company burying the transmission lines. He said not all lines have been buried yet and families are not able to move back into their homes. 

“One family is still in a hotel, paid for by the wind turbine company; another has left the township and two other families have moved back to their homes but they are still experiencing health problems,” said Colling.  Continue reading

Japan: Sickness claims prompt study of wind turbines


An Asahi Shimbun survey, meanwhile, has found that residents have filed complaints to the state, local governments or operators over turbines at 30 locations (31 municipalities) in 18 prefectures. Some sites straddle two municipalities.

At the 30 locations where complaints have been filed, 90 percent concerned health problems. Residents say they suffer from insomnia, headaches, dizziness or buzzing in the ears. Continue reading

NAS issues stark warning on Public Health

The Noise Abatement Society (NAS) has today issued a stark warning that public health could suffer from low frequency noise and a possible hum.

The NAS is familiar with complaints about the health effects of onshore wind farms, and has seen a “significant” increase in recent years.

Locals near the wind farm at Bears Down in Cornwall, for example, say they have experienced headaches, migraines, nausea, dizziness, palpitations, tinnitus, sleep disorders, stress anxiety and depression. Continue reading

Media Release: The Society for Wind Vigilance

Download the Media Release
Download Analysis Conclusions and Executive Summary
Download the Complete Analysis

Wind Turbines Can Cause Adverse Health Effects: North American Wind Industry

Ontario The Society for Wind Vigilance (SWV) has released its analysis of the American and Canadian Wind Energy Association sponsored report on adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines. The SWV provides scientific and unbiased information on the adverse health effects of human exposure to industrial wind turbines through a volunteer-based advocacy group of health and other professionals. 

The recent report, ‘An Expert Panel Review 2009, Prepared for American Wind Energy Association and Canadian Wind Energy Association’ (A/CanWEA Panel Review) acknowledges that people are experiencing adverse physiological and psychological symptoms from exposure to industrial wind turbines. Continue reading

QMI News Agency: Dr. Colby’s “Weak Defense”

Study needed to measure effects of wind turbines

Dr. Colby, CanWEA-paid "Yes Man"

Colby’s statement to QMI Agency that “there’s no evidence to indicate that money should be wasted on such a study, which will never satisfy people anyway” is a weak defence.
Health issues are being reported by some individuals living near wind turbines.  Because the technology is relatively new to Ontario, the government needs to undertake a study now so that data can be gathered from the past two or three years in areas where the turbines have been in use.
To fully satisfy the public, the province should commission an independent study to find out if there are any health effects related to wind turbines.
Continue reading

Electrical Pollution & Wind Turbines

  Click “Read More” for Parts 2 & 3 Continue reading

The Family Physician as patient advocate

by Roy D Jeffery, MD, FCFP

I would like to suggest another important role for family physicians in the domain of public health. That is to advocate for the victims of environmental illness. Currently in Ontario and indeed in jurisdictions across Canada and abroad the public health system seems to be struggling to come up with a sensible response to the growing public health phenomena associated with industrial wind turbines (IWT). In the light of increasing numbers of victims in every jurisdiction of the province where IWT’s have been built in close proximity to human habitation, we would have expected a recognition from the public health authorities that more in depth surveillance and precautionary measures were appropriate.

  Continue reading

Province must take a closer look at concerns


Orangeville Banner

The Issue:
Industrial wind turbines

Our View:
Province must take a closer look at concerns

It’s hard to question the fact some people experience difficulties while living near industrial wind turbines.

A litany of health complaints — sleeplessness, nausea, headaches and anxiety, among other things — have been reported in Dufferin, elsewhere in Ontario and around the world. Continue reading

The actions of this government have turned the precautionary principle on its head

SPECIAL REPORT  By Richard Vivian  Orangeville Banner

Provincial plans to create a streamlined approval process for renewable energy projects have been met with a bevy of objections — from proponents, municipal leaders, and those who believe wind turbines negatively impact human health — and a court challenge.  Read entire article here

Two More Homes Abandoned in Turbine Town, Ontario

[Note:  The developer of this project is AIM Powergen whose CEO, Mike Crawley is also President of the Federal Liberal Party (Ontario)]

—Tracy Whitworth, Schoolteacher (11/5/09)

2004-10-17%20Clear%20creek%20sign-web%20pageClear Creek, Ontario.  Quiet, peaceful.  The sound of the lake; the overhead passing of migrating geese; tundra swans in the early spring.  Deer and wild turkeys.  Clear starry skies.  Silent except for the sounds of the crickets and bullfrogs.  The sight of a small country church across the way; the church I remember attending as a young girl with my Grandmother.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? That was my retreat of 11 years.  A place I called home, a place I loved, a place I miss. It was my heaven on earth. Continue reading

Guinea Pigs – by “Law”

On October 29, 2009, the following MPPs voted to not protect your health because the Ontario Liberal Party has now stripped your rights to complain.   

Aggelonitis, Sophia
Colle, Mike
McNeely, Phil
Sergio, Mario
Albanese, Laura
Dhillon, Vic
Moridi, Reza
Smith, Monique
Arthurs, Wayne
Dickson, Joe
Pendergast, Leeanna
Sousa, Charles
Balkissoon, Bas
Hoskins, Eric
Phillips, Gerry
Van Bommel, Maria
Berardinetti, Lorenzo
Jaczek, Helena
Rinaldi, Lou
Wilkinson, John
Bisson, Gilles
Kwinter, Monte
Ruprecht, Tony
Zimmer, David
Brown, Michael A.
Mangat, Amrit
Sandals, Liz

Murdoch to press ahead with turbine moratorium resolution despite ministry statement

1836_012Posted By Rob Gowan, Owen Sound Sun Times

Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health Arlene King doesn’t see any scientific evidence that links wind turbines with adverse health effects.

When contacted yesterday, Ministry of Health and Long- Term Care spokesperson David Jensen said it is King’s position that there is no link between the noise turbines make and adverse health effects people claim to be experiencing, such as severe headaches and joint and muscle aches. Continue reading

Dr. Arlene King…How can you just close your eyes to this?

To quote Ontario Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King, “with a review of existing scientific literature, a moratorium isn’t needed, suggesting Thursday’s debate is moot.”

The pain and suffering I have had to endure, I am still enduring, on account of these industrial wind turbines is now ‘moot’?  Not even worth arguing?  Continue reading

Dalton McGuinty’s green machine is crushing public rights

By LORRIE GOLDSTEIN, Associate Editor,  Toronto Sun

ripleyIt’s never pretty watching people’s rights getting trampled by a government caught up in the latest fad, but it’s happening across Ontario.

The victims are citizens living mainly in rural communities.

Their concerns about the possible adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines are being rolled over by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

We should all pay attention because our rights could be next. Continue reading

Lawsuit also being launched in Alberta

Trochu,_Alberta_LocationBy Brenda Kossowan   Red Deer Advocate

More names are being added to the list of people taking legal action to stop a wind farm from being built near their rural homes.

Earlier this year, farmers around Huxley and Trochu learned that FPLE Canadian Wind, an Ontario-based subsidiary of Nextera Energy Resources, is making plans for the Ghostpine Wind Farm in Kneehill County. Continue reading

Another Ontario Doctor calls for Moratorium Until Study is Done

In conclusion I must add that as a physician with thirty years in practice and eight years of medical study before that, I feel very strongly that a moratorium needs to be placed on the construction of industrial wind turbines in this province until these issues are crystal clear and the health of Ontarians is safeguarded.   ~ Norah Connell, M.D.

Continue reading

Grey Bruce Health Forum – Walkerton

Continue reading

Australian government to probe wind farm health hazards

ABC News

800px-Flag_of_Victoria_(Australia)_svgThe State Government will investigate the health concerns of Victorians who live near wind farms.

Last month, the Democratic Labor Party Member for Western Victorian, Peter Kavanagh, asked the Government to investigate whether workers near wind farms faced health hazards.

Some landholders near the Waubra wind farm, west of Ballarat, say a low frequency hum from the turbines is making them sick.

An investigation will now be conducted by WorkSafe, the Department of Human Services and the Environment Protection Authority. Continue reading

Owen Sound Sun Times: Good for Murdoch for raising his hand

Bill Murdoch, MPP

Bill Murdoch, MPP

Bill Murdoch has raised his hand at Queen’s Park. His message: “Hang on folks, let’s rethink this wind power business.”

Murdoch wants a moratorium on further big wind power development projects until provincial health and environmental authorities can attest to their safety, for people and for livestock.

This comes late in the game. The Green Energy Act is law. Regulations on wind turbine setbacks have been set. Wind energy companies are buying up rights in Grey- Bruce.

For this wave of big-money development to grind to a halt now will require a significant expression of political will.

Yet that is precisely what is required. Continue reading

Murdoch to seek moratorium on wind turbine projects


Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

That in the Opinion of this House, the Province of Ontario must impose a moratorium on all new wind turbine projects in Ontario until such time as the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Environment have stated that wind turbines do not have any adverse health effects on people who live near them.

THE OWEN SOUND SUN TIMES     Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch announced yesterday he will call for a provincewide moratorium on wind turbine projects later this month.

Murdoch said in a news release yesterday he will introduce a resolution, which he expects to be debated on Oct. 29, that calls on the province and its chief medical doctor to state whether or not wind turbines cause health problems for people who live near them. Continue reading

Health Concerns Dominate St. Marys Meeting

St. Marys, Ontario

St. Marys, Ontario

by Andrea Macko Journal Argus

Concerns over a proposed wind farm are blowing south of St. Marys.  Potential health affects of the alternative-energy wind turbine farm were front and centre at an independent public meeting held Sept. 30 at the Uniondale Fire Hall. The hall was filled to capacity, and some residents had to be turned away due to lack of standing room.

The meeting was organized by Stew Slater, who said that he “wanted to get the community together, to ask questions — as a community.” He explained that a meeting organized by Energy Farming Ontario (EFO) in July in St. Marys was too isolating, as conversations between residents and EFO representatives were one-on-one, rather than a group discussion. Continue reading