Huron East expresses concern with ice throw, transmission line route

 By Susan Hundertmark, Mitchell Advocate
Concerns about industrial wind turbine setbacks, ice throw and the proposed route for the transmission line will be included in a letter from Huron East council to St. Columban Energy LP, council decided at its April 3 meeting.  Clerk-Administrator Brad Knight told councillors that a staff review of St. Columban Energy’s Construction Report and Design/Operations Report brought up concerns about turbines 9 and 10, whose road allowance setbacks were both less than 100 metres.  Read article

Huron East supports new push for wind moratorium

By Susan Hundertmark, Huron Expositor
Huron East is supporting a resolution from Arran-Elderslie again asking the premier of Ontario to declare a moratorium on the construction of industrial wind turbines until the concerns of rural communities are addressed. But, Huron East councillors have not agreed to walk out on the premier at the ROMA/OGRA conference on Feb. 26 if the moratorium is not announced before the conference begins. Read article

HEAT asks Huron East to stall St. Columban wind project

Hope to delay until after provincial election in October

By Susan Hundertmark, Mitchell Advocate

With the provincial election coming up in October, members of Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) are asking Huron East council to do what it can to stall progress on the St. Columban Wind Energy LP’s 15-turbine project, which recently received an offer for an Ontario Power Authority contract.

“There is no reason to rush negotiations. With an election coming up, there is every reason to stall,” said Gerry Ryan, HEAT member at Huron East’s July 19 meeting.  Read article

HEAT asks Huron East to respond to St. Columban wind project’s draft report

By Susan Hundertmark, Mitchell Advocate

Going through the draft project description report of the St. Columban wind project, Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) members outlined their specific concerns about the 15-turbine project to Huron East councillors at their June 7 meeting.

“We wanted to identify the critical concerns of the draft project and we wanted to remind council that we have 220 signatures of people adamantly opposed to the project,” said HEAT member Jeanne Melady. Continue reading

200 protesters turn out to oppose St. Columban wind farm

‘Rural Ontario is under threat,’ says Huron East Against Turbines

By Vanessa Brown, Huron Expositor     VIEW VIDEO HERE

About 200 people gathered in Seaforth last week to protest the St. Columban Wind Project as part of a larger message to the McGuinty government to stop pursuing industrial wind projects across rural Ontario without further investigation. Continue reading

Huron East Against Turbines Opposition Rally

Wind turbine setbacks still being debated by Huron East council

By Susan Hundertmark, Mitchell Advocate

While a 9-1 recorded vote decided to change Huron East’s wind turbine setback in its zoning bylaw from 350 metres to 550 metres at council’s May 3 meeting, members of Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) returned to council’s May 17 meeting to ask why their request to push the setback to 1,000 metres was not granted.

“It was my understanding that you’d look at a bylaw that would protect us. I don’t understand where the 550 metres came from,” said HEAT member Rob Tetu, who asked council to consider changing its zoning bylaw from the currently listed setback of 350 metres to 1,000 metres in the event that a provincial election could change governments and strike down the Green Energy Act. Continue reading

Huron East will vote on bylaw creating a 2 km setback for wind turbines

By Susan Hundertmark, Huron Expositor

Huron East council will vote on whether or not to give third reading to a bylaw modelled after a wind turbine development policy for Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh (ACW) at its next meeting on April 5.

In a recorded vote, councillors voted unanimously to present the bylaw, which includes a 2,000-metre setback for wind turbines from houses, at its next meeting for third reading. Continue reading

More than 80 gather at HEAT meeting in St. Columban

Community expresses continued support of efforts to stop local wind development

By Susan Hundertmark, Huron Expositor

More than 80 people filled the Knights of Columbus Hall in St. Columban last Thursday night to hear that Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) will not be giving up the fight against wind turbines in the St. Columban community.

“We are very grateful to for the commitment you folks have shown. We support you 100 per cent,” said one man in the audience to the applause of everyone. Continue reading

HEAT members ask Huron East to do more to protect their health from wind turbines

By Susan Hundertmark, Huron Expositor

Responding to a recently published map of a planned 15-turbine wind project north of St. Columban, members of Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) made an impassioned plea to councillors to do more to protect their health concerns at council’s March 8 meeting.

“All of us here are on that map and that’s probably not true of anyone else here. We are the receptors. For us, this is real,” said HEAT member Jeanne Melady. “Am I afraid for my health? Yes, I am. Other municipalities are passing bylaws they know will not stand but they want to say this matters.” Continue reading

Huron East cost recovery bylaw for wind turbines given first and second readings

By Susan Hundertmark, Seaforth Huron Expositor

A cost recovery bylaw aimed at “renewable energy generation facilities” was given first and second reading at Huron East council at its Sept. 21 meeting.

The bylaw, aimed at recouping expenses incurred by the municipality when it reviews applications to install facilities or created by damages to municipal infrastructure during construction, came from Huron East solicitor Greg Stewart with consultation from Kristi Ross, the lawyer representing Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT). Continue reading

Huron East urged to create legal agreements with wind turbine companies

By Susan Hundertmark, Seaforth Huron Expositor

At the urging of Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT), Huron East’s administrative committee is recommending that the municipality investigate ways to create legal agreements with wind turbine farms planned in Huron East.

Councillors sat in on a phone conference with HEAT’s lawyer Kristi Ross and her colleague Konstantine Stavrakos where several possible municipal bylaws were presented which, if adopted, could compensate Huron East for the costs associated with wind turbine projects and protect local ratepayers from the potential health effects. Continue reading

HEAT continues legal battle

Posted By SUSAN HUNDERTMARK QMI AGENCY Stratford Beacon Herald

After spending more than $60,000 in lawyer’s fees to fight proposed wind projects in the St. Columban area, Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) is hoping to collect more contributions from the community to continue the fight.

“We’ve had huge successes here staying ahead of the projects,” HEAT member Gerry Ryan told close to 40 local residents at the Knights of Columbus Hall in St. Columban last Thursday. Continue reading