Kincardine group believe in need for wind turbine moratorium

By Garit Reid, Lucknow Sentinel

At the Aug. 20 Huron-Kinloss council meeting in Ripley the Canadian Federation of University Women of Kincardine (CFUW) spoke to council on the importance of a moratorium on any wind turbine developments in the area and Ontario as a whole.

CFUW Kincardine member Jackie Clements said that they weren’t opposed to green energy, but believe that further testing is required for wind turbines in order to assess the possibility of negative environmental, health, wildlife and economical issues concerning wind turbine projects.  Read article

Council sets rules for turbine permits

By Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times

Huron-Kinloss won’t issue building permits for new industrial wind energy projects unless developers adhere to the municipality’s wind energy policies.

“We’re trying to protect the residents. If (developers) are not adhering to our wind development policies council has taken the stance that we’re not issuing building permits,” clerk Sonya Watson said in an interview Friday. Continue reading

Huron-Kinloss Unanimously Passes Moratorium

Huron-Kinloss victims

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Passed February 22, 2011

7.3 Industrial Wind Turbines in Huron-Kinloss

WHEREAS, It is the primary function of all levels of government to function at all times with the Health, Safety and Well Being of their constituents as a high priority; and

WHEREAS, it is imperative for these reasons along with others, that all levels of government function with due diligence, the precautionary principal, and common sense when dealing with all issues; and Continue reading

Wind turbine development still a hot button issue in area

By Garit Reid, Lucknow Sentinel
The hot button issue of wind turbine development was the topic of discussion at the Jan. 11 Huron-Kinloss general committee meeting. Cheryl Murray and Wayne Couture, on behalf of Huron-Kinloss Against Lakeside Turbines (HALT), presented concerns and an appeal for support in their fight against wind turbine development. Continue reading

Cottagers Oppose Wind Turbines

Joni Baechler

Lake Huron cottagers from Goderich to Kincardine fear their famed sunsets and tourism-based economies will be overshadowed by energy companies looking to build wind turbines offshore.

By JONATHAN SHER, London Free Press

Residents are organizing to fight an enemy whose face and plans aren’t entirely clear: Bureaucrats at Queen’s Park say they’ve received 12 applications to build offshore wind farms, but won’t disclose which companies made the proposals, where exactly the turbines would be located or how big the operations might be.

The potential size of the operations is apparent in a 2008 report prepared by an energy company for the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), an agency tasked by the province with finding new sources of energy. Continue reading

Huron-Kinloss Council asked to help voice concerns about wind turbines

Posted By By Sara Bender, Lucknow Sentinel

Huron-Kinloss Twp. council is once again being asked to help voice public concerns to the provincial government regarding wind turbines.

Cheryl Murray, along with a group of residents, attended the township council meeting on June 7, expressing concerns with a wind turbine project in the municipality. Murray said she is part of a Central Grey Bruce committee.

She said International Power Inc. has planned a Bluewater/Ripley wind power project that could see 50, 2.5 megawatt wind turbines built in Huron-Kinloss. Murray said most of her neighbours were unaware of the project and she and her husband were surprised when they learned that their newly renovated, century-old farm house is in the middle of the project. Continue reading