Toronto Sun Editorial: We pay for McGuinty’s green blunders

Toronto Sun
Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter’s 33-page assessment of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s renewable energy initiatives, released last week as part of his annual report, is an infuriating read. Despite its low-key language, it describes a government that blundered into green energy generation without knowing what it was doing and made hugely expensive mistakes that will cost Ontarians billions of dollars for decades to come. Continue reading

National Post editorial board: McGuinty’s green energy disaster

National Post
We have long argued that the Ontario government’s headlong rush to convert Canada’s industrial heartland to “green” energy would turn out to be nothing but a colossal waste of money. Since most alternative energies remain commercially impractical (that’s why they’re still alternative and not mainstream), the blind rush by Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government to substitute wind, solar and bio energy for coal and oil was never likely to produce much new energy, just higher power rates for residential and industrial consumers. But even we underestimated the extent to which the Ontario Liberals’ 2009 Green Energy Act had failed in just over two-year’s time. Continue reading

Don’t understand hydro? Don’t worry. Just pay up.

by John Spears, Toronto Star
When Ontario’s auditor-general has trouble figuring out what’s on a hydro bill, what hope do the rest of us have? Jim McCarter has picked apart the entrails of Ontario’s electricity system and told us earlier this week that they don’t make a pretty picture. Or even an understandable one.  Read article

Hudak tells Liberals they were “giving the finger” to the Auditor General

The Canadian Press
The governing Liberals’ green energy policies are in the opposition’s crosshairs today following a critical report from Ontario’s auditor general. Watchdog Jim McCarter found that the government fast-tracked billions of dollars of wind and solar energy projects with little oversight, which will drive up electricity bills. Opposition Leader Tim Hudak says the government has created a gold rush in the green energy sector that’s ripping off families. Continue reading

Liberals’ green energy strategy blasted by auditor

Read Auditor Generals Report on the Renewable Energy Sector
Robert Benzie and Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Haste makes waste.  Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals’ fast tracking of green energy projects will cost electricity ratepayers more money in the long run, says Auditor General Jim McCarter. In his 460-page annual report to the Legislature released Monday, McCarter castigated policies that were a cornerstone of McGuinty’s re-election in the Oct. 6 vote, including Grit claims of 50,000 green jobs being created.

The auditor general found billions of dollars in solar and wind projects were approved without appropriate oversight, including and regulatory and planning procedures.  Read article