Election results show urban-rural divide

by Andre Den Tandt, Owen Sound Sun Times
Now that the provincial election is behind us, the results offer some startling insights into the political landscape, both locally and provincially.  At first glance, the overall results may seem inconclusive, with the Liberal Party just one seat short of a majority. But look again and the results are nothing short of stunning: The Liberals were shut out in every single rural riding, every single one. Just as obviously, the Progressive Conservative party was shut out in all the major cities, as they were four years ago. That’s an urban-vs-rural divide such as has never been seen in Ontario, and it’s very bad news: large-city majorities can run roughshod over rural people and their interests without suffering any serious political consequences. Continue reading

Wilkinson doesn’t understand his own ministry’s regulations

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Stratford Beacon Herald
John Wilkinson’s political rhetoric about industrial wind turbines is disturbingly inaccurate in light of his own ministry’s regulations. For example, last week a memo written by a senior Ministry of Environment (MOE) field officer was released stating that wind turbines create a cyclical “swish swish swish” sound, and that a five-decibel penalty should be applied in order to prevent adverse effects to neighbours (i. e. reducing the allowable noise emissions by five decibels which would increase setback distances to homes).

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Nine Perth-Wellington constituents respond to Wilkinson’s “Protest or Participate” remark

(Wellington Advertiser Letters to the Editor)

Hang in there and carry on protesting
I want to reply to comments by the Minister of the Environment, John Wilkinson in the Aug. 12 issue of the Wellington Advertiser.  In that article, Wilkinson tells the wind turbine foes: protest or participate, he urges opponents of wind turbines to “participate in the process instead of protesting.”  May I remind the minister it was he and his government that shut us out of the process in the first place. Yes, we can attend the open houses, ask questions and voice concerns. Continue reading

Amaranth plea on wind turbines goes unanswered

By Dan Pelton, Orangeville Citizen
Amaranth council is still waiting for a reply to a letter it sent Environment Minister John Wilkinson in April that called for an end “to any further wind turbine projects until the negative impacts of the current wind farm are corrected.”  Read entire article here

Wilkinson not looking out for the people of this province

Stratford Beacon Herald

John Wilkinson’s Environment Ministry is aggressively forcing wind energy installations on rural Ontarians. I know he is well aware of the serious adverse health effects that have forced multiple families to abandon their homes and continue to cause suffering for many others who cannot leave.

I know he has received a package of overwhelming evidence of the harm these turbines are causing by emissions of loud cyclical noise and inaudible infrasound that is making people sick. I know his ministry has documented evidence submitted from professional engineers, medical doctors and huge numbers of formal complaints and statements from victims across the province describing their distress for a number of years now. And much of this before he even legislated his pitiful 550-metre setback, which will not protect the residents from harm. Continue reading

Wilkinson in denial, fails to address concerns


Wind turbines remain contentious issue

Overflow crowds forced an information session in Stratford hosted by the Perth County Council to be moved to a court room to ensure everyone had a seat.

There are more than 700 wind turbines across rural Ontario, and over the next couple of years another 360 projects, which could include many hundreds more turbines are in the works.

Tom Melady is a Dublin area resident, he says “I’m concerned about my health, I’m concerned about my neighbours’ health, I’m concerned about the community. The community is being split apart in this and it’s the worst thing for a rural community.” Continue reading

Wilkinson has picked his team

PLEASE ATTEND!  Meeting with the Minister of the Environment and staff. Thursday, Feb. 3 at 1 p.m. Perth County Council Chambers    

Stratford Beacon Herald

In the Dec. 17 article Turbines Under Attack it was stated that MPP John Wilkinson declined to attend a public meeting. The topic of the meeting was industrial wind farms. Wilkinson is quoted in your newspaper as saying, “A referee doesn’t lace up his skates with any member of a hockey team before a game,” he said. “We have to make decisions based on (a project’s) merits or lack thereof.” He was concerned that his attendance may suggest support for one side of the issue. Continue reading

Wellington residents want John Wilkinson to clarify statements

Minister of the Environment, John Wilkinson

Greg Layson, Guelph Mercury

GUELPH — Rural residents of Wellington County are demanding to know whether their municipal governments have the right to veto the development of wind farms.

Residents — and the opposition at Queen’s Park, as well — want provincial Environment Minister John Wilkinson to clarify statements he made on the record in May.

Five months ago, Wilkinson, who at the time was the Minister of Revenue, addressed Mapleton Township council. A resident asked him if there was anything the township could do to stop the proliferation of wind farms. Continue reading