Kruger’s Response to Sick Family: “As far as we are concerned, the file is closed.”

Jean Majeau, Kruger’s senior vice-president of communications

Jean Majeau, Kruger’s senior vice-president of communications

Chatham Daily News

A Blenheim woman claims her family is still suffering effects from a nearby wind farm.

Kruger Energy’s 44-turbine Port Alma project became operational last year.

Nikki Horton, who filed a complaint with the Montreal-based company, said the wind farm is impacting her family’s quality of life, with symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.

“We’re still ill. We’re still sleep deprived,” she said. “Our children are still experiencing problems.” Continue reading

Sleep Deprivation at the Port Alma Kruger Project


August 4th 3 am – No sleeping with this noise

It is 3am and there is no sleeping going on at this house! As I type, I am waiting on the line for the Spill Action Centre to enter my complaint so that I can get a confirmation number and my little one is crying for me to come and “snuggle him” because he is also awake from the turbine noise and complains to “turn off the fan”…when I went to bed tonight at 11:30, I could not believe how loud the “woosh, woosh” sound was even over the ceiling fan turning in the bedroom.  Tonight is one of the loudest we have heard in a while.  Continue reading