Environmental Review Process Is One More Provincial Liberal Scandal

ERTManitoulin Island, December 10, 2012
The Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives Inc. (MCSEA) has pulled the plug on an appeal of a large wind project by Northland Power LP on Manitoulin Island. This action for the reasons below unfortunately now eliminates other parties, participants or presenters their say at the hearing had it moved forward. MCSEA wrote to the Environmental Review Tribunal stating notice of withdrawal of the appeal for the 20,000 acre Northland Power McLean’s Mountain wind project near Little Current to Honora Bay. MCSEA objects to the 24 industrial wind turbines placed in key natural habitat, wetlands and waterfowl nesting areas and environmentally sensitive areas that contain species at risk. Other wind farm impacts were included in our submission to the MOE. Continue reading

Manitoulin Island band wants wind projects delayed

By Ruth Farquhar, Sudbury Star
I was driving through M’Chigeeng the other day and wondered how long it will be before the two industrial wind turbines are up and running. Nothing much has happened since they were erected on the bluff. They don’t even have any lights on them. (I hope they aren’t on anyone’s flight path.) The big wind project on MacLean’s Mountain, near Little Current, is awaiting approval from the Ministry of the Environment. Two things have happened that may have impact on this and any upcoming projects for the Island.  Read article

Cowardly developer calls in the OPP in fear of elders

by Lionel Rudd, Sudbury Star  Re: “Elders Express Opposition to Wind Power Plan,” by Ruth Farqhuar

It appears that Northland Power will stop at nothing to get its way to build wind farms adjacent to habitation, people and wildlife. This in an area held in great reverence by the Ojibwe people of Manitoulin Island.

In its efforts to overcome some legitimate concerns and opposition, Northland Power resorted to intimidation by calling in the OPP to attend a public meeting, fearing that some elders from the Ojibwe Nation might cause some disturbance and, through their challenges, upset the meeting. Continue reading

Wind turbines don’t belong in pristine setting of Manitoulin


I am writing to protest the erection of any wind turbines on Manitoulin Island. Windmills on Manitoulin are an environmental sham. Less than 10 percent of the energy produced at the source makes it to your light bulbs. That means more than 90 percent is lost in conduction.

 If these windmills are to decrease the drain on our electrical grid they should be located close to where most of the energy is consumed, that is the Highway 401 corridor. These ugly, noisy industrial machines should be placed along Highways 400 and 401 where it is already ugly, noisy, and industrial. Continue reading

Wind critic resents being characterized as lacking green ethic

Manitoulin Expositor

Northland Power Inc. (NPI) is an entirely off-Island company looking to build an industrial wind farm in our community, solely for profit. They, along with the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) have been promoting the wind industry to Island residents using various means. Much of their propaganda has included very misleading information, and much of their activity in our community has been conducted very secretively. Continue reading