Mapleton Council supports resolution to snub McGuinty at conference

by David Meyer, Wellington Advertiser
MAPLETON TWP.- If and when Premier Dalton McGuinty speaks at the ROMA conference in Toronto Feb. 26 to 29, he might find a sparse audience in the hall.  Mapleton councillors were unanimous on Feb. 14 in their support of a resolution from the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie to snub McGuinty in a very public way at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association event.  Read article

Mapleton Council to consider much higher permit fees for wind turbines

by David Meyer, Wellington Advertiser
Councillors here have shot down a proposal to double the building permit fees for wind turbines from $10 per $1,000 worth of construction to $20. That’s because some of them want to investigate the possibility of doubling those fees yet again. Deputy Chief Building Official David Kopp was asked by council to find out what other places are charging for building permits for wind turbines. He brought his report to council on June 14. Continue reading

Mapleton Councillor: ‘dirty electricity’ a concern with turbines

By Chris Daponte, The Wellington Advertiser

Coun­cillor Jim Curry says now is the time to measure local electrical frequencies to establish  baseline and help determine the possible impact of wind energy projects proposed in the area.

“It is imperative that the quality of electricity before wind turbines be guaranteed after wind turbines go into service [in] Mapleton or neighbouring municipalities,” Curry said in a recent report to council. Continue reading