What powers do you speak of Mr. Stevens?

by Bill Hill, Mayor, Township of Melancthon, Orangeville Banner
Re: Response to Municipalities still have power, Letter to the Editor Dec. 13.
This is in response to Kristopher Stevens, executive director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. I would like to share with Kristopher and your readers a recent experience I had regarding this issue.   One of our ratepayers wrote a letter to council expressing concerns about the mega quarry and a new wind development that is planned and will have turbines by him. Continue reading

Melancthon council seeks cap on wind turbines

By Bill Tremblay, Orangeville Banner
“We can’t just keep putting these things up.” Bill Hill, mayor
How many turbines are too many for a municipality? That’s the question Melancthon council hopes the province will some day answer. The township’s council recently approved a resolution asking the province to set a limit to the number of industrial wind turbines within a municipality. “Somewhere, somehow, there has to be a system that says enough is enough,” Mayor Bill Hill said. “Hopefully, it opens a dialogue door.” Read article

Heartbreaking Story from Melancthon

Roger Oliviera spent an endless number of hours building his dream home in Melancthon. He just listed it with the real estate company a few weeks ago.

Melancthon reaches deal with turbine developer

By Richard Vivian, Orangeville Banner

Developers of a Melancthon wind project will give the municipality $28,000 annually for the next 20 years as part of an agreement all-but finalized by township council last month.

The contributions are part of a larger deal reached with International Power Canada (IPC), which intends to install seven 1.5 MW turbines in the township, as well as 11 in neighbouring Grey Highlands, known as the Plateau Wind Project.

Council’s deal covers a long list of issues including road access, hauling routes, tree preservation, turbine maintenance requirements, decommissioning and more. Continue reading

Wind turbine floodgates coming to Melancthon

Orangeville Citizen

The floodgates of wind turbine developers are coming to those communities who do not support the Arran-Elderslie bylaw.

Melanthon’s lawyer, Mr. Osyany, has advised Melancthon Council to not support the Arran-Elderslie bylaw.

A letter from him was read aloud at the last Melancthon council meeting. My husband suggested that our Council contact Arran-Elderslie, and Grey Highlands to find out why they and 20 other Municipalities do support the Arran-Elderslie bylaw; and how they are planning to defend their position. Continue reading

Wind Developer leaves Melancthon Council out of the loop

By WES KELLER Freelance Reporter

A 100-megawatt wind farm, co-owned by 401 Energy and Farm Owned Power (Melancthon) proposed for North Dufferin would be situated between 15 Sideroad in the south and the Melancthon- Osprey town line, on farms generally between the Fifth Line OS in the west and the Melancthon- Mulmur town line.

Maps provided to Melancthon council by Dillon Consulting show that as well, there would be a triangular area from about 20 Sideroad north to Osprey and west to County Road 2. Continue reading

Mayor of Melancthon Responds to Criticism

Expression of views okay, but need facts

Re: “information fell on deaf ears”

As a politician it is “part of the territory” to get criticized for decisions made (or not made). I accept that. I have no problem with people expressing their views.

I do prefer that they have the facts, however.

Melancthon Council handled phase one of the Melancthon wind project. As the first commercial wind farm in Ontario we were pioneers and we learned things through that process. Continue reading

Information fell on deaf ears in Melancthon

Orangeville Citizen

This had been brought to their attention in 2005 throughout 2006 that wind turbine setbacks were insufficient and there was a concern of reduced property values. This information fell on deaf ears and the turbine projects proceeded onward.

Mr. Edworthy of Transalta had a concern with the moratorium Melancthon council had issued to the Provincial government regarding turbine development. Mayor Fawcett commented people are worried about health concerns. Deputy Mayor Hill explained he was concerned with the possible reduction of property assessments around the turbines sub station. His concern was taxpayers may apply to get their tax assessment reduced and then the tax base for Melancthon would be reduced. Continue reading