Average folks getting soaked by Feed-in-Tariff deals

By Bob Stewart, Kenora Miner and News

Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff program, assigned the acronyms FIT and MicroFIT, is under fire again in some quarters. This is nothing new.  The program, designed to encourage small-scale “green” source electrical production, has been under attack since the government revamped the price it was offering under 20-year contracts back in 2009. Continue reading

‘Micro’ part missing from this year-old energy program

By Connie Woodcock, Toronto Sun

In the sea of bad news washing over the Ontario government in the last week, one little event passed almost unnoticed — the first anniversary of the Feed In Tariff program which allows customers large and small to sell wind and solar-generated electricity back into the grid.

No surprise there. For most Ontarians, our interest in electricity this past 12 months has been focused on cost — smart meters, time-of-use billing, green energy taxes, HST and rate increases, all conspiring to give us ever-higher bills. There’s been a steady stream of price increases, too. Continue reading