Don’t laugh too fast at hot air

Posted By DAVE DALE  North Bay Nugget

I say this knowing one thing for certain. In a decade or two, some very upset, sick and financial destitute people will be suing our Ontario backside off its foundation because they had no say on a fast-tracked proposal.

It’s not as amusing as it seems. Mayor Vic was “incensed” at council this week about provincial rules for green energy projects leaving municipalities out of the decision-making loop.

The Renewable Energy Act exempts wind, biomass, solar and various other types of juice generators from the Environmental Review Act process and related Planning Act stipulations.   Cities can’t hold up a project within their boundaries because it doesn’t make long-term planning sense. Continue reading

North Bay Councillor: Green Energy Act is Horribly Wrong

By Gord Young, North Bay Nugget

City politicians complained Monday about new environmental legislation which takes away from municipalities a say in where renewable energy projects are permitted.

I’m genuinely incensed,” said Mayor Vic Fedeli, referring to the loss of authority over planning approvals for renewable energy projects under the Green Energy Act. Continue reading