Nuttby Mountain turbines improperly installed

CBC News
There are problems with the foundations of at least five of the 22 wind turbines installed this past summer at Nova Scotia Power’s wind farm on Nuttby Mountain, north of Truro, CBC News has learned.

Three of the turbines are shut down for repairs because the 400-tonne concrete pads were improperly installed, Mark Savory, vice-president of technical and construction services for Nova Scotia Power, said Wednesday. Continue reading

Nova Scotia limits access to energy documents

By JUDY MYRDEN, Business Reporter,

The Dexter government is only releasing a small number of the 57 documents it received about the province’s plan to increase the amount of green energy generated here.

On Tuesday, the province released five of the submissions containing advice about the province’s draft renewable electricity regulations but only after The Chronicle Herald filed a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Continue reading

CBC “Land and Sea” looks at wind opposition in Nova Scotia

While the government is pushing wind power, not everyone is in favour of it. There’s concern about the whirring of the turbines. In some parts of the province people are pushing back, and in other parts, people are applauding.

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Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & the Whacky Wind

N.S. Premier Darrell Dexter

Canada East Telegraph Journal

Jane announced to her family, as she had every day that week, “Dinner will be some time between six and nine. It depends when the electricity will be available to run the stove. In the meantime, you can watch TV. I’m sure it will be on often enough that you can understand the program.”

Premier Darrell Dexter has said the province will strive to get 40 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. If their electricity came only from wind turbines, this is a scenario that they would face regularly.

Exaggeration? No. Continue reading